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Yoga Cosmology is Astral Plane Magic. It is listed among the High Magics, and includes the extra sensory perception powers which are considered of vast importance to the magician. In the book, Religious Mysteries of the Orient, Ron Ormond and I touched on the subject of Hindu clairvoyance as Parimal Bandhu explained it to us. In this chapter and the next, I will cover this subject in depth in relation to our study of the real magic and mysticism of India.

Certain phases of Cosmology have direct relationship to an understanding of occult and magical phenomena in the Universe. It affirms the Yoga teaching that infinite space is filled with a subtle, ethereal substance known as Akasha which is more tenuous than the most tenuous matter we can possibly conceive, and can only be described by the terminology of "infinitely thin, rare, and light," as an ancient Hindu text informs us.

I have brought you acquaintanceship with this etheral substance before, which L will now cover in more detail in connection with Yoga Cosmology.

It is held that in the infinite substance of the akasha there exist what are called "The Akashic Records." These are records of past happenings and events which are imprinted on the ethereal substance of the akasha just as truly as the events of the present may be photographed on motion picture film. Indeed, the magicians say, these records may be reproduced for viewing in a manner closely resembling the showing of a motion picture.

As Sadhu Parimal Bandhu explained it, "Everything that has ever happened, every event, every occurrence, every action, is represented by a series of records on the substance of the Universal Akasha which pervades all space. On the planes of the Akashic Records there exist imperishable records of every happening that has ever occurred in the Universe. The Askashic Records represent the 'memory' of the universal substance, just as the records in the brain cells of a person can store away memories, or a computer can have its memory banks.

"As I have acclaimed, in the great memory banks of the Universe are registered and stored away these infinity of records of all that has gone before in history. He who by proper development of his powers is able to gain access to these records can read them like the pages of a book. Just as the modern motion picture film records and reproduces pictures of events which may be reshown in times when the original events are long since gone, so The Akashic Records register pictures, open to those who can gain access to them, which reproduce the sights of the things and actions which have long since passed away from the material scene."

The Yoga teaching on the matter of The Akashic Records is that the Infinite Akasha, filling all space, is permeated with the Infinite Universal Mind/Principle; where one is, the other must be for they are twin aspects of infinite reality. Consequently, there is an infinite memory in this Universal Mind/Principle, which is embodied in the Universal Akasha/Principle. Thus, according to Yoga teaching, the Cosmos is really seen as an "infinite brain," having its material substance and base, and its indwelling and immanent psychic or mental principle.

To express this principle in a direct manner, one might say that every event

Illusion Levitation
The Great American Illusionist, Lee Gräbel performing the classical "lévitation illusion This effect, which is based upon the real magic of India, has become afeature in the shows of leading magicians of the world.

or happening, every scene and action is perceived by the Universal Mind of the Cosmos, and is registered eternally in the universal ethereal substance, called the Akasha, where it forever abides in the condition of a "memory."

There is however an observation to be made here in regard to this explanation. The words "forever" and "eternal" are not here employed in the occidental sense of the terms, i.e., being of beginningless and endlessness. The Yoga teaching is that there has been and will be an infinite number of "eternities," each extending over countless years, then passing away. Then, after countless years of nonactivity, being succeeded by a new "eternity" in which new chains of worlds will come and go. At the end of each of these "eternities," the teaching state, The Akashic Records of the past "eternity" are wiped off the cosmic blackboard, as it were, and the cosmic memory fades away in the dreamless sleep of the Universal Mind/Principle, to be succeeded by a new cosmic memory upon the subsequent awakening. Each eternity being known as a Maja-Kalpa.

The oriental teaching, therefore, holds that in the cosmic memory of The Akashic Records are to be found the full, complete, clear and perfect records of the present Maja-Kalpa. These records are preserved in perfect condition, artd may be perceived and read by the magicians who have trained their extra sensory perceptive powers. Some of these Akashic Records may be sensed readily, even by the psychic powers of an initiate, while others are extremely difficult and must be probed by an Adept; between these two extremes are countless phases and degrees of records and the ability to ready them.

The student may ask the question as to just where are these Akashic Records stored; just where are they to be sought? To answer that question, one must understand the oriental teaching about "planes of existence," as they are called. One must not jump to the conclusion that a "plane" is a place, as in Yoga instruction, a "plane" is a "rate, state, or condition of vibration" and not a "place" at all. Every point in space has many planes of existence manifesting upon it. To understand this, think in terms of light waves, heat waves, sound waves, radio waves, etc. which abide in the same point of space, without intefering with each other.

Now, the Yoga instruction continue that The Akashic Records abide and are stored upon that particular "plane" of cosmic activity which is known as The Astral Plane. The Astral Plane abides in all space; in fact it is one of the several particular planes in infinite space. So The Akashic Records are seen to be wherever there is akasha, and akasha is everywhere! The storehouse of The Akashic Records, therefore, is infinite. The seeker for these records accordingly does not have to travel to some particular place to read them; inrtead of seeking a "place," the record-seeker must take the necessary steps to pen-trate The Astral Plane. Once his psychic vision functions on that plane, the rest is merely a matter of detail for him.

Once on The Astral Plane, the initiate may still ask, to which place on that plane do I go to read the records ? One goes to no "place" because on The Astral Plane finite space and time are wiped out, inasmuch as thought travels from one point of space to another immediately on The Astral Plane, thus one is practically present in all space at the same moment. Thought, like gravitation on the physical plane, is omnipresent on The Astral Plane. Once the magician pierces the veil of The Astral Plane, he is, to all practical intents and purposes, present at every point on that plane at the same time. He may travel from one point of space to another in an instant; he may proceed from one point of time to another immediately.

The clairvoyant magician, on The Astral Plane, coming in contact with The Akashic Records, and learning how to "read" them, performs an apparently simple, but really quite a complicated psychic action. The Akashic Records of a particular scene or happening closely resemble the continuous film of a motion picture; you will recall the simile. Instead of the countless films being attached to each other in the form of a continuous length, the "films" of The Akashic Records are superimposed one over the other, like layers or strata. The thought of the clairvoyant travels instantaneously through these superimposed layers, and thus sees the whole scene reproduced like the picture on the screen, or rather, as it originally occurred in actual happening in past time, as the case may be.

The 20th Century electronic engineer will note how close this psychic process of scanning the layers of The Akashic Records is to a modern computer which scans its "memory discs" to locate its stored material.

The highly developed and thoroughly trained magician (clairvoyant) "sees" the process of an ancient event just as he would see the action of a play on the stage, or a motion picture on the screen. He is able to shift the scene at once, at will; for on The Astral Plane to think of anything is to bring it instantly before yourself. The magician though, has no power to alter the action of the event, for that is a true reproduction of an actual occurrence that once took place on the stage of the physical (material) plane. All that he can do in the way of control or change is to control the rate of speed at which the pictures of the drama pass before his gaze. He can make the "astral film" of The Akashic Records run fast or slow, or even make it hold immovable on any one scene for any desired length of time, in a manner remarkably similar to modern television camera technique.

The astral plane magic of reading The Akashic Records is truly wonderful magic, and the records furnish an endless source of knowledge for the adept clairvoyant. The great dramas of the past are spread before the magician. By a mere effort of thought and will, he is able to focus his psychic gaze upon any particular picture of the world's history that he may select.

As clairvoyance is an astral "plane phenomenon, all forms of clairvoyance can pursue The Akashic Records; each seer developing his favorite method. In the next chapter, I will instruct you in the Hindu technique of clairvoyance. We will now study further of the phenomena that lies within Yoga Cosmology, the Magic of the Astral Plane.

The class of clairvoyant phenomena which deals with the probing of events destined to come to pass in future time is unique. There can be no Askashic Records of future events, for these have not as yet happened, and so cannot have been recorded. The Yoga teaching on this matter is based upon the two following facts, viz., (1) the existence of a Universal Mind/Principle, and (2) the existence of the Law of Cause and Effect. The Hindu Sages hold that in the Universal Mind there is present the power to see clearly the particular effects

Various forms of popular magic in India. Upper photo shows magic on the streets of Calcutta during the famous Shiva Festival, while lower photograph shows magic inside on the stage of the Empire Theater during a presentation of the Hindu illusion "Stretching a Girl."

due to following existing causes, and, in this way, to see the future effect as part of the present cause. In other words, it may be said of the perception of future events that to the Universal Mind/Principle there is the perception of "coming events casting their shadows before" combined with the power to see clearly the nature of existing causes and the character of the effect which are certain to arise therefrom. Probed by clairvoyance these can be perceived.

As an illustration, consider the situation where a man is gazing through a microscope and sees "coming" certain happenings which would be entirely beyond the observation of the microscopic creatures to which the "happenings" are bound to occur. If a man had the ability to know and perceive with certainty the presence of all the existing causes in the world, it would be possible for him to predict the effects which were bound to follow in due time. Following this conclusion through, we have an understanding of the operation of future-time clairvoyance.

On The Astral Plane of the akasha, also, are found the astral colors, the auras, the thought-forms, and similar semi-physical manifestation of thought. To the clairvoyant vision of the magician who is properly developed, these astral phenomena are as plainly discernible as are the physical phenomena perceived on the physical plane. All such phenomena are entirely the results of the manifiestation of higher rates of vibration of Nature's Finer Forces, and are absolutely natural in character.

There remains one other important phase of Yoga Cosmology to be discussed, which is present-time-distant psychic perception. Here the element of time is not involved, as in the case of other forms of clairvoyance which have been described. The action is in the present time, but the element of space is involved. In this form of clairvoyance, the magician is able to sense events occurring at some distant point in space. Here the ordinary limitation of space are wiped out by the ESP powers.


The Yoga teaching are quite explicit concerning this, and affirm that every material thing has it astral counterpart. This is true of everything from the tiniest particle of material substance on to any place, scene, or changes underway in the physical world. The clairvoyant's psychic perceptive powers, proceeding on The Astral Plane, does not see the actual physical things and the movements thereof, but rather the astral counterpart of such things and movements. It is as though The Astral Plane were a gigantic mirror in which is reflected everything that occurs in the physical world in the most minute detail. This being so, it is seen that any mind capable of functioning on the astral plane is able to discern this "reflected" astral image of each and everything occurring on the physical plane.

As you have been instructed, remember, space is wiped out on The Astral Plane. To clairvoyant thought it is but necessary to "think" of a distant place in order to "be there" on the astral plane, and to perceive the "associated astral images" of that place and scene immediately, as though the observer were actually present in physical form at that location. Thus, while the body of the magician remains in its original position on the physical plane, his thought on the astral plane is able to project itself to any desired point in space; and, once there, he is able to see astrally, by means of the astral senses (which I shall describe in the next chapter), all the events occurring at that place or scene.

In some forms and phases of clairvoyance there appear to be manifested the ability of magnifying or diminishing the size of the pictures of the things perceived. Skilled psychic claim to be able to perceive minute forms such as one would see through a microscope. Likewise, they have been able to reduce the size of vision of far-off scenes so that a very large area is included in the picture.

When you grasp the basic principles of astral perception which lie within the Cosmology of Yoga, you will be able to appreciate the "Seven Powers of the Yogis" which are stated in the ancient Hindu teaching, as follows:

"The Yogi acquires seven astral powers resulting from the proper application of Samyamam (1) the power of psychically seeing into the form of minute matter; (2) the power of unlimited reach; (3) the power of knowing of the past; (4) the power of perceiving what is yet to occur; (5) the power of great will; (6) the power of influencing physical things; (7) the power of astrally going anywhere at will.

Such are the powers related to Astral Plane phenomena which are of the High Magic. They are powers of the Master Magicians.

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