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This chapter is basically an extension of the foregoing chapter. Here we will study in greater depth the mental controlling of circumstances and events.

As the Sages state, "That which you desire to become actualized on the physical plane must first be created in the mental plane." You have been instructed in how to exert this psychic influence over particular persons, and also how to "treat" general conditions and circumstances to psychically mold them as you wish them to be. I shall now give you the East Indian instructions of the magicians on how to influence events and happenings in order to have them occur—as you wish them to occur.

This type of performance is based upon the same rules of magic; the identical threefold Yogi method of visualization, projection and affirmation which you have learned so well. For, as I have told you, this method is universal to all magical handling of nature, and is designed to cover "all things desired" by the individual.

In the application of "the threefold method of mental magic" in the direction of controlling events, you really also apply it in the direction of influencing persons, conditions, and circumstances. You do this because events necessarily involve the actions of persons, and the creation of changes in conditions and circumstances. However, in specifically using the technique for this purpose, you concentrate upon "treating" the events, while bypassing special influencing of persons or conditions. Of course, as I mentioned, the control of events carries with it the control of certain persons and conditions, for the event is the happening; persons and conditions being simply the things to which changes happen in the event. As the magician instructs, "Control the happenings, and the rest are controlled by it."

An event is that which comes, arrives, or happens, due to the result of change. Every change is the result of causing forces, and every causing force implies the presence of some controlling power. Now, the dominant controlling power in psychic influence and mental magic is the creative power of your mind—and your mind is the instrument of you, yourself.

As you advance in your study of the real magic of India, you will learn more of your Master-Self at the center of your selfhood. For the present, I ask that you rest assured that in your selfhood is a Master-Self—YOU—which is capable of employing your creative mind power in the direction of effecting those changes in things which constitute events, thus giving you the psychic control of events.

In all magical "treatments" to control events, you proceed along the general lines of (1) Visualization, (2) Projection, and (3) Affirmation, and in the process clearly, definitely, and positively "see" what you want to happen. You must positively and firmly project this mental-picture into the akasha (and simultaneously into the chitta of all persons concerned with the happening) with full faith and determination that it will happen exactly as you so visualize it. Finally, you must affirm, in the same determined spirit, that your mental-picture will become materialized and actualized in the physical world.

In the performance of Yogi Mental Broadcasting, as you have learned, your visualization becomes reality chiefly through the operation of the Law of Mental Attraction. In the manifestation of the psychic control of events, you set into operation the principle of Creative Will power. These two are not separate magic energies, but rather are the two opposite poles of the same basic psychic power. The one pulls, the other pushes; the one draws, and other drives. Each is powerful and of equal effect, but each has its own particular field of work to which it is especially adapted.

An ancient Hindu teaching regards the drawing power of the mind as "feminine;" the driving power of the mind being regarded as masculine. Occults say on the point, "The two poles of mind, i.e., desire and will, both are operative in the manifestation of occult power. Desire and will are active psychic forces, and both act and react upon the desire and will forces of others. The strong desire of the occultist is able to arouse the will of another mind, and may set up similar desire elements. The combined "will-desire" constitutes a powerful psychic battery, each pole of which is operative and effective, the combined power serving to attract and lure, and also to drive and compel, at the same time. This psychic power is the essence of all mental influence, and of all forms of the control by mind of persons or things, of conditions or events."

The Yogis carry this idea to even greater lengths, and on to higher planes of existence. They hold that the "Creative Mental Energy of the Universe" has two aspects—the male and the female, and symbolize this conception in the consorts or wives of the respective Deities. Hindu sages state of this as being the masculine principle of nature and the feminine principle of nature. The masculine principle is conceived as being akin to absolute will, while the feminine principle is conceived as being akin to infinite desire.

These two poles of psychic power are strongly active in the magical controlling of events.

In all psychic "treatments" intended to bring about desired events and happenings, it will be found that the crystal ball is the most effective instrument to employ as the focal center of concentration and visualization, and is used as a definite point of projection and affirmation. The positive and definite mental-picture may be developed and evolved much better in this way than through any other method. The Hindu magicians found this so centuries ago, and it still remains as truth.

Here is how to use the crystal ball for the psychic controlling of events:

First, "throw the mind blank," and after securing the right psychic condition, proceed to visualize the desired event, or that which you wish to happen. Make the mental-picture as clear and definite as possible; in connection with events, it will be well if you impart motion to it, and thus see the visualization in your "mind's eye" as a motion picture scene.

Having secured the proper moving mental-picture, project this into the akasha, and thus into the chitta, or "mind stuff' of all persons connected with the happening. This is done by projecting your mental-picture into space, and it will be reflected into the chitta of the various individuals who are destined to play parts in your psychic drama. Also, proceed to affirm positively the expected happening, employing words of authority.

The magicians state in connection with these, instructions that it is well (prior to the commencing of the "treatment of events"), to charge one's being with prana via rhythmic breathing which will tend to give you an efficient control of the prana which you may then use to energize your projected thought-forms; you will finally reach the stage of development in which you can literally "feel" and "see" the projected thought-forms vibrating with the pranic energy which you have imparted to them. Also, if one has mastered Pranayama, and can arouse the Kundalini, or "serpent fire," it puts tremendous additional psychic power into the operation of "the threefold formula of the Yogi."

That you will readily be able to put these directions for the psychic controlling of events into operation, I will cite a case using such which will serve as an object lesson in the practice.

This case is of a well known editor and publisher of a magazine; now a very successful business woman whose work is known in many countries. She affirms that she owes her success to this technique.

She was of limited means, unknown to the public, and lacked training and experience in writing, editing, and publishing. But she had energy, and above all faith. Also she had acquired a knowledge of the principles and application of "the power of thought," which we have learned to call mental-magic.

She conceived the idea that she would like to edit and publish a magazine, and the more she thought about it, the more she wanted it. Finally, she reached the stage in which she felt that she just had to have a magazine of her very own publication. She didn't know how she was going to get it, but she felt if the principles of "thought power," she believed in, were true, they would work out this thing satisfactorily for her. If they couldn't or wouldn't then they were no good to her.

Like the poet, she said: "I care not just how fair she be, if she remains not fair to me." And she was right in this! Things are "good" only when they are good for something!

In that spirit, this woman started to work to materialize, objectify, and actualize that magazine. She began, naturally, with visualization, projection, and affirmation. She got so that she actually "saw" that magazine as a physical reality long before it became such. It seemed as real to her as her own home. In this strong conviction she had really created a most potent thought-form in the akasha, and had energized it with prana unconsciously. I say unconsciously

Sadhu Parimal Bandhu among devotees in India. (Photo reprinted with permission from

RELIGIOUS MYSTERIES OF THE ORIENT pub. A. S. Barnes and Company, Inc. 1975)

because her knowledge of the psychic process did not encompass the full knowledge of the matter that you have acquired in your studies.

And she dedicated herself to that magazine, day and night, unceasingly. She believed in it as she affirmed the fact of her own existence. In reality, she actually thought and affirmed that magazine into objective existence.

She had no money, she had no credit, she had no experience, she had no practical knowledge of editing or publishing. What she had was a vision. She had faith and an idea that was bound to become real. She had a hope that was determined to become a fact. She had a dream which was destined to become true. She had a burning desire for that magazine, and driving will-power to apply to its realization.

The "miracles" began to happen. Someone guaranteed her first printing bills. She got up the material for the magazine and sent out sample copies to names furnished her by friends. She got enough subscriptions to pay for the first issue, and to guarantee the payment for the second. This was but the beginning. From month to month, from year to year, she thought and affirmed that little magazine into a greater one; and then into a still greater; and so on and on. The magazine is now an international one with a vast reader coverage and magnificent advertising clientage. She has accumulated money, attained fame, and demonstrated success.

That is one woman's story who applied the principles of mental-magic and success became hers. Whatever your objectives, as the Sages express it, "Go ye and do likewise."

In passing, I might add that the very book you are reading (also The Secret World of Witchcraft and Religious Mysteries of the Orient) came into being in precisely the same manner. When Ron Ormond and I planned our journey into the Orient to search out the mysteries we had nouhe slightest idea as to how we

The Qutab Minar (The Tower of Love), Delhi, India. This graceful fluted tower of red sandstone, intricately carved and standing 234feet in height, is known as "The Seventh Wonder of India." It was designed by the last Hindu emperor, Maharaha Prithvi Raj Chauhan, for his wife that she might climb to the top each day and see the Sacred River, Jumna. After a passing of eight centuries, visitors can still climb its steps safely. (Courtesy Government of India Tourist Office)

were going to accomplish our purpose. But we knew we had to make the journey to seek and find the hidden knowledge of eastern adepts and bring that knowledge back to our western culture. We dreamed about it, talked about it, thought about it day and night. Finally the journey into the unknown became a reality during which avenues were opened to us that had been closed for ages to occidentals. The knowledge became ours. It is true magic.

I could cite many outstanding examples of the successful use of this way of the magicians of India to psychically control events, but they would serve little further purpose. Rather let me suggest that you put these laws of magic into operation for yourself. You now have the "know how," so get to work and demonstrate the things for yourself. Say, "I can, I will, I dare, I do!" Then do it!, making yourself living proof of the ancient Yogi amphorism:

Make in your chitta the vritti-picture of that which you wish to come to pass. Repeat frequently the mantram of its coming to pass. Project into the akasha that picture, energized by prana, and crystalized by the mantram. Do these things, and that which you wish to come to pass will verily come to pass. Such is the law.

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