The Obstacles To Yoga Concentration

1 Disease. If you are diseased you cannot practice Yoga efficiently, for it demands sound health and physical well being.

2 Apathy of Mind. You must be alert, active, energetic, and vigorous in your thought.

3 Doubt and Disbelief. You must have faith and decision of will. You must believe in your powers, and be able to make up your mind firmly.

4 Carelessness. This is for some initiates a great difficulty, as many study carelessly, and perform the exercises inaccurately and inattentively.

5 Laziness. A lazy man cannot be a true Yogi, for if one lacks the ambition and will to exert himself, how may he make the exertions required in Yoga?

6 Worldly-M indedness and Frivolity. How may the chaser-after-shadows grasp the reality?

7 Erroneous Ideas. Mistaken ideas and wrong thinking lead one from the right path.

8 Instability. The purpose, aim, and end of the Yogi must be stable, fixed, constant, persistent, preserving. The unpurposeful man can never be a Yogi.

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