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In learning of Maya, you have learned of the threefold formula of Yogi psychic influence, viz., visualization, projection, and affirmation. You also know how to use it in relation to suggestion and hypnosis. This is the first state of training. When the initiate has mastered this stage, he is promoted to more advanced aspects of the subject, which is referred to as "silent psychic influence."

In this state of magical influencing, the formula of visualization, projection, and affirmation is applied in the same general way, but with an importanct major difference. In silent psychic influence the affirmation and the accompanying projection of the visualized thought are performed silently and inaudibly without the actual knowledge of the other person. It is this practice of Advanced Maya that the Hindu hypnotists have made a breakthrough from western methods as the hypnotic effects of suggestions are produced without the need for hypnosis; indeed, sometimes without the subject's awareness.

While this form of psychic influence is more difficult of performance than the verbalized affirmation techniques, and proficiency in its manifestation requires careful development by the initiate, once proficiency in advanced

maya is attained, you will find it far more effective than are the elementary forms of the phenomena. As you discovered that the "unspoken mantram" was the most powerful, the same rule applies to silent Maya.

In the phenomena of silent psychic influence, the chitta is aroused and the vrittis created on its surface, in the same way as in the elemental stages of the phenomena, but in this instance no audible words are used to serve as the pattern for the vrittis reproducing the thought and mental-image in the mind of the subject or subjects. Instead, what the Yogis term a "thought form present and active" is projected from the mind of the magician and sets up a mental pattern or mold in the mind of the recipient.

This "thought form" is created by thought in the akasha, and powerfully energized with prana manifests an intense degree of vibratory motion. Coming in contact with the chitta, or "mind stuff" of the other person or persons, it imposes upon it its distinct character and rate of psychic vibration, and thus sets up vritti waves in the chitta of the person, or, in other words, it reproduces in his mind the thought projected to him.

You will observe at once that this involves the principle that thought may be transmitted over space, just as speech and sight may be via radio waves. Western knowledge has been slow to recognize this principle which has long been regarded as a fundamental fact taught in oriental psychology. To the people of India, the fact that thought "travels" is no more strange or wonderful than the fact that light or heat travels in space.

This thought projection in silent psychic influence, however, is different from ordinary thought transference, as the latter usually requires a specific rapport between persons. In silent psychic influence there is no such attunement, and it is not mere thoughts which are projected but rather a "thought form" along a psychic path through space which is physically set up between the projector and the recipient. In this there is not merely a "wave" or energy charged with thought; instead there is an astral or etheric "form" charged with prana which travels unerroringly to its mark.

In the preformance of this manifestation, the magician "sees" in his mind that the pathway is established and "wills" that it be kept open for the passage of the thought-form. When the latter is created by visualization, it is projected by the will of the magician, after having charged with prana by means of thought and will. In this description of the modus operandi it sounds complicated, but it is really quite simple and easily performed once the "knack" has been acquired. I will give you full directions for the technique.

As this performance of advanced maya is important to the magician, I asked Sadhu Parimal Bandhu to expound further on the matter. He commented, "When we say that 'thoughts are things,' we are not merely using this phrase in a figurative sense; we are expressing a literal truth. We mean that thought is as much a 'thing' as is light, heat, electricity, or other forms of manifestations of nature. It is a tenuous thing yet decidedly real. And it has power, just as these others forces in nature, which I have mentioned, have power. When thought is sent forth with strength, it usually carries with it a certain amount of prana, which gives it additional power, often producting startling effects. The prana actually 'vitalizes' the thought in some cases, and makes of it almost a living force."

At the Temple of the Higher Magic, Delhi, India, these huge scientific I magical instruments are made of stone.

The effects of silent psychic influence may be produced upon persons with whom one is in immediate personal contact, and also upon persons who are at a distance. The principles employed are the same in both cases, and distance in space does not render the process more difficult. Indeed, those proficient in these methods hold that the impersonal manifesation of this power over distance is frequently easier to achieve than when the other person is in direct contact. In other words, one might say that "the invisible process" is frequently more effective than is "the visible process."

In the performance of silent psychic influence, the magician holds a clear and definite mental-picture of the person and what is desired to be accomplished by the setting up in one's own chitta, or "mind stuff," the exact pattern that is desired to occur in the chitta of the other persons. The Yogis more successful will be the manifestation. The process is explained as being accomplished by the setting up in one's own Chitta, or "mind stuff," the exact pattern that is desired to occur in the Chitta of the other persons. The Yogis instruct the initiate to "see," "feel," and "will" the desired response from the other person; the mental attitude being of absolute assurance in "knowing" that the silent commands will be followed without question. Performed in this manner, silent psychic influence is most effective.

Conversely, if the mental-image is weak in the magician's chitta, its effects will be weak in the chitta of the recipient. Now here is an important point to keep in mind, the operation of silent psychic influence is much like the process of electrical induction. What occurs in one field is transferred to the other, and in this regard it is important that you know exactly what you want before you can cause the other person to carry out that which you desire. To this end, before you attempt silent psychic influencing, you must create in your own mind a positive ideal which you wish to have reproduced in the mind of the other person or persons.

The first law then of influencing others by the silent psychic method is to have the whole thing clearly "mapped out" in your own mind: know clearly, definitely, and postively exactly what you want him to do, say, or think; just when he is to do this; just how he is to do it. Your psychic process in silent influencing is much like a stage director who moves the actors about the stage in accordance to the script which he has studied in advance.

I can effectively bring the process home to you best by removing it completely, for the moment, from the realm of magic and taking it into the field of practical, everyday business relationships. In this field, the power can be used to bring remarkable success.

In relation to business, think first in terms of the interview that is going to occur when you meet the person or prospect for whatever the purpose may be. In advance, go over in your imagination and "see the interview" exactly as you wish it to occur, with the person you are contacting as responding precisely as you wish him to. Mental-picture the interview situation and project it towards the person you are to meet. Accordingly, get the whole proceeding mapped out, charted, pictured—visualized—in your mind before the time of the interview.

This is literally lifting a page from the scroll of the successful Hindu

Not far distant from the Temple of Meenakshi in Madurai is this three-hundred-square-mile sanctuary for India's wildlife. It is built around an artificial lake. Here on these plains of Thekkady and Periyar may frequently be seen the wild elephants of India.

Located in Madurai some 489 kilometers from Madras in Southern India, the Menakshi Temple with its massive gopurams (towers) depicting hundreds of figures of Hindu dieties, is one of the most important centers of East I ndian pilgrimages. A highlight of the temple is its hall of a thousand pillars, and worshippers bathe in "The Golden Lily" tank before entering the temple, which is dedicated to Menakshi, the spouse of Lord Shiva.

magician who mentally "presets" his show of maya in advance of its performance.

Let us follow on now to what may be called a psychic "preparatory treatment" of the mind of the other person jn relation to a business interview. In this, you visualize exactly how you wish it to occur; you will prepare the soil of the mind of the other person for the thought-seeds which you will sow into it when you meet him. Or, to express it another way, you create a "mental path" over which his thoughts and will may easily travel at the time of the interview. Many of the most successful business men have picked up this ancient oriental secret and have adopted it for western uses.

I spoke of the matter with a salesman of national prominence. He tells of using this secret, "I list fifteen names of possible prospects, that is persons who are interested in my product and are able to pay the price. Then I mentally make a sale to each person in the privacy of my room before I start out for personal calls."

"How does it work out?" I asked.

"About ninety percent in successful sales," he said. The salesman continued, "The secret seems to be this: you concentrate definitely on prospects, and then on individuals. You put in a few minutes each day picturing just what you want to take place, and then go out and hustle to accomplish that purpose. For example, if there is a difficult customer you desire to subdue, you create a mental-picture of yourself subduing him. You hold that picture steadily in your mind for ten minutes or so. A good time to focus your mind on major desires is while you are in the act of going to sleep, or while you are just waking in the morning. I find the best way to practice the procedure is to get off by myself, clear away from all noise and distractions, sit down and relax my mind completely, and then concentrate on the thing desired."

As a hypnotist, the thought crossed my mind as to how closely related this man's procedure was to the practice of autohypnosis. Maya may well be the power behind that phenomena. I wondered what some of the solemn Sages I had met would think of this westernizing of their methods. But "laws are laws," and operate whenever and wherever they may be applied.

If you have any special points you wish to present, it is well to present them in this mental rehearsal. Mentally visualize your client and talk to him mentally just as if he were actually physically present and the interview was real. Indeed, occultists claim that such an interview is "real" to a far greater extent than most people comprehend.

Having so prepared "the psychic path" in advance, proceed on to the actual interview, at which time this preparatory work will greatly increase the power of the silent psychic influencing at the in-person meeting.

Those experienced with the technique say it is best to think in terms of impulsion rather than compulsion over the other person. Compulsion is a force from without, while impulsion is a force from within. Compulsion might make an enemy of him; impulsion could make a friend of an enemy.

The method is simple. You do not try to compel the other person to do as you desire, rather you lodge the thought in his mind that he wishes to do as you desire. Or, one might say that the idea is to hold your thought on and for him, rather than to hold your thought over him. In this regard, when you wish to mentally influence the other person do not think in terms such as "You will do such and such." Rather concentrate your thought in the first person as if you were thinking for him, such as, "All right, I will do it at once." "Yes, I will make the purchase," etc.

And during the interview, as you talk to him, visualize your ideas strongly in your mind and well charged with prana (by thinking and willing it to be so), and then project the mental-image in the impulsion handling. Here in business, you are using precisely the same methods that you have learned for the performing of experiments in maya.

In the practical using of silent psychic influence, there is no need to stare into the eyes of the other man, nor to adopt a domineering manner. Instead, be calm, well poised, with an air of self-confidence, and speak with a tone of respect for the other man with a demeanor indicating politeness.

Your strength and power is of the inner realm, and remember the unspoken word is the most powerful—when you learn how to use it. "The Voice of the Silence" is the soundless sound prevailing over all loud sounding speech. It has been written by the Sages, the silence is the workshop of the master magician; in it the great work is done; the rest is the mere materialization of that which already has been accomplished.

The second phase of silent psychic influencing is in working with persons at a distance. This phenomena is no stranger to the West, as various kinds of "absent treatments" are well known. Practitioners of such often claim better results over a distance than when the treatment is given in person. Practitioners usually use the term "treat" in connection with an illness; I use the term in the more general sense of influence, in this text.

To "treat" a distant person psychologically, you simply project to him the previously visualized mental-picture of thought, well charged with prana, just as if he were actually seated or standing before you in person. The better you can sense the actual psychic presence of the other person, the more firmly established will be the psychic channel developed between you, and the greater the results of the psychic influence.

Psychic channel development may be achieved in several ways, in which you cause the distant person to be psychically present, i.e., producing a strong psychic awareness of the presence of the other person whose physical body is far removed in space. I might illustrate it by comparing such with the sight of a far away person seen through a powerful telescope; here the far distant person becomes "present" to your perception, to all intents and purposes. So, in the procedure of distant silent psychic influence, the distant person is brought psychically into your presence, and is placed in "psychic contact" with yourself.

In "distant treatments" you must use your visualizing faculties to such an extent that you can picture the other person as being before you—in person. The Hindu magicians use the crystal ball for this purpose. You can use it in the same manner to visualize him in the crystal. That is, you do not actually have to "see" him as you would a person in the physical body; you have merely to clearly "imagine" (image) him in this way. A modus operandi which will assist you in establishing this psychic channel is to make use of what the Yogis call "The Astral Tube" in the process.

The Astral Tube is a device frequently employed by the real magicians of India. It consists of forming a tube-like "cleared path" psychically created in the akasa, enabling a free and ready passage of the projected thought-form and/or mental-picture to the mind of the other person. The Astral Tube is created by the thought and will along lines with which you are now familiar, viz., the thought creating the idea pattern of The Astral Tube by visualization, and the will forces it through space in the direction of the other person. Of course, the action of the will draws upon the prana, and presses it into service in the process.

The Astral Tube is psychically projected from the starting point of the crystal ball. You "see" and "will" its starting point there in the crystal, being sure to create a strong, positive, definite starting-point. Then, you must "see" and "will" the gradual projection, and elongation of the tube—something like a vaporous tube, or miniature tunnel, closely resembling the long extension tube of a telescope. This elongated tube is "seen" and "willed" as extending out until its end is lost in far-distant space. Then, when you experience that peculiar, subtle psychic "click" telling you that it has reached its destination, you must visualize the other person at the far end of the tube; then gradually draw back this picture to yourself until it seems to be in your actual presence. The Astral Tube is a secret of the East Indian magicians for concentrating and focusing their projections in silent psychic influence.

The successful establishment of "psychic channel rapport" with the distant person, either with or without The Astral Tube, results in a peculiar feeling of nearness to the other individual. As you practice, you will come to recognize the experience. Distance interposes no obstacles to the production of this rapport condition; it may be established halfway around the world just as rapidly as with a person only a few miles distant.

Time and space are wiped out on the psychic plane, the magicians tell us.

After you begin experimenting, you will soon learn to recognize the peculiar "feeling" denoting that the psychic channel has been established. Practice repeatedly until you master this psychic skill of establishing this unique type of rapport, as it is essential to your influencing persons at a distance. Also, master the art of visualization in the crystal ball, as you have been instructed. With these two abilities under your control, you can effectively influence over vast distances; once the rapport is established, proceed exactly as if the individual you are working toward were with you in person. Finally, remember that in all cases of psychic influence, there must be an application of "The Threefold Yogi Formula," i.e., Visualization, Projection, and Affirmation! This formula is universal, and covers each and every case in all forms of psychic influence. It opens the doors of magic.

The Society of American Magician s "A mbassador ofMagic," Benjamin J. Kleinman and his wife in front of the Royal Palace of the Maharaja of Mysore, India.

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