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We will now study the second element of mental magic, that of "projection." By projection is meant the propelling impulse of the will by means of which the visualized mental-picture is sent forth, discharged, or projected into the outer world from the mind of the magician. The projection may be toward the mind of some particular person; toward the "amalgamated mind" of a crowd, or masses of people; or toward the akasha, with the purpose of materializing upon its screen the psychic picture reproducing or representing the original visualization.

Projection is essentially a process of will; an act of will. A strong thought held in the mind always tends to be projected, but the trained magician does not depend alone on this inherent power of the will. Instead, he adds to this inherent power by deliberate effort and action of his will. This power to deliberately mentally project is complicated in explanation but surprisingly simple in operation. It might be said that it is easily performed once you have "the knack of it." And, this knack consists in simply and coolly making up your mind to project the thought, and then "willing to will" its projection. It is a mental act similar to that which you manifest when you "will" to take a step, to raise your

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hand, to strike a blow, or to perform any other kind of physical act; or when you "will" to fix and hold your attention upon anything.

In the mental act of psychic projection you "will" in such a way as might be likened to "pulling the trigger of the will" or releasing the "will's spring of action." The action is really a "release" or "letting go" of the confined, restrained, tense energy. The blow of the fist, the projected bullet from a rifle, the words which explode from your mouth spontaneously as the result of tensed thought—all these are illustrative of this released energy.

In projection following visualization you make the little "extra push" of the will, and thus "shoot out" the thought from your mind like a bullet from a rifle. Some magicians send it out in currents of force flowing from the eyes; others project it like the projection of a motion picture upon a screen. The more powerfully you can mentally sense the "seeing and feeling" of the out-going flow of the projection, the more effective will be the projection by the will.

The Yogis greatly strengthen the power of projection by deliberately energizing the thought with prana, and sending it forth in projection by adding the charge of prana to the will-effort. This process of energizing and charging with prana is purely a mental act, and requires simply (1) the realization that a supply of prana is available for the purpose, and (2) the thought or idea that the visualization is being energized by prana, and that the "will projection" is charged with prana. In other words, it may be said that the mere realization and thought of the process is sufficient to effect the energization and charging of pranic power.

The ability to use prana in this way may be cultivated by the practice of visualizing such action on the part of prana, and you can use special sessions in your visualization practices for this purpose. In such you are following the path of the magician in developing power; in such development exercises you create a familiar "mental path" over which the mind will travel during the times of actual thought projection. The process will in time become a habit of mind, a subconscious reaction and performance. In performing such exercises aimed at this objective, always "see" and "feel" the inflow of prana and its outflow in projection. In this way, ybu establish an automatic absorption and discharging of prana by the mind that results in a willed projection of power.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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