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The magicians also practice a technique of charging water with prana, the water in turn being drunk by persons in need of a higher charging of prana within themselves. The method is particularly used in the treatment of ill persons.

In this Yogi practice, the glass or cup of water is held in the left hand, letting the bottom of same rest, in the hollowed palm of that hand. Rhythmic breathing is then performed as has been instructed. The right hand is then held over the glass or cup in the process of this breathing; gather the fingertips together over the water, then shake them gently toward the water as if one were trying to throw from the fingertips little drops of water that had gathered on them. After a few moments of this "shaking," open the right hand and pass the palm slowly around the top of the glass or cup, about six inches above it. Perform this pass above the glass in a circular motion seven times. Through all of this process of pranazing the water, "visualize," "feel," and "will" the flow of prana into the water.

The Hindu magicians state that when pranazied water is drunk by the individual in need of it, such will aid in charging the person with the needful prana.

While we are dealing with the subject of prana healing methods, I will give you a more careful coverage of this form of real magic practiced in India. Yogi methods of psychic healing is applied in three general ways, viz., (1) by the use of the eye; (2) by the use of the breath; (3) by the use of the hands.

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