Oriental Visualization and Projection

You have now learned how to develop your source of energy for the performance of magic. You have also learned how to concentrate the powers of the mind and associate mind with matter. You will now learn the next step in the magical arts—the power of visualization and through projection.

Common to all forms of magic is the custom of the magician to first form a mental picture of the thing or event he wishes to have become materialized into a physical reality. The process is known as visualization.

Visualization is employed in all phases of the real magic of India to an advanced degree, the power being used as Maya (which will be studied in this chapter and in further detail in subsequent chapters of this book) in which the visualization—of his feats—in the mind of the magician is projected as an image to appear as real to the minds of the spectators. This is a most startling form of oriental magic. It is the intermediate magic, and it is important that you become familiar with these principles as the means through which these processes may be manifested and demonstrated.

As explained in the Hindu teachings, maya is a manifestation of mind based upon principles which you have already studied, namely, (1) Akasha, the ethereal material principle; (2) Prana, the subtle principle of energy; (3) Creative Mind, the principle of creative idealization. The ancient teachings hold that the entire Universe is the product of the action and reaction, combination and correlation of these three basic principles of nature; above which abides the soul, which in the human being is represented by the ego, "I," or real self.

In the performance of this magic, the stronger the magician is able to create his visualizations in mind, the more powerful will be the effects produced in the physical world. Accordingly, the main training of the intermediate magicians is along this line of visualization and thought projection, in which training the crystal ball is universally employed for the development of the powers just as it is used in processes of Yoga Concentration.

Intensified imagination, coupled with intensive will, then, is seen to be the twin-instrument of the Hindu magic power of Maya, viz., the intensified imagination first creating the mental picture (or visualization), which the intensive will then holds in a firm state, and finally projects it in the desired direction. This projected mental-picture then materializing in one or both of the following two general ways:

1 It creates in the chitta of another, or other persons, a tiny reproduction of its own form, thus making the other person, or persons, think and see the things so visualized and projected.

2 It creates in the akasha, an astral or psychic picture which reproduces the original visualized mental image, and thus makes the latter seem to be real to the minds of other persons.

In the first of these forms of manifestation, the reproduction of the visualization in the chitta (or "mind stuff') of others persons is found the underlying explanation of what has been called "Oriental Hypnotism" or "Psychic Influencing." This is Maya with which you are familiar.

In the second of these forms of manifestion of magic, i.e., the reproduction of the visualization in the akasha will be found the explanation of many wonderful feats of the advanced Hindu magicians such as "The Fast Indian Rope Trick," the levitation of a human body, or whatever fanciful illusion the magician is able to imagine, in which large numbers of spectators seem actually to "see" certain happenings which have no real existence outside of the mind of the magician.

In many forms of magic, however, it should be remembered that there is really a combination of these two forms of manifestation performed simultaneously. The same effort of the magician's mind produces both forms and both effects, so there is really no need to attempt to dissect one from the other. In fact, instead of being two distinct forms, they may be stated more accurately1 as being "the major and minor phases," respectively, of the same fundamental and essential thing.

To emphasize the explanation of the process, the magician in projecting a powerful mental-picture to a number of persons, often, more or less unconsciously, also sets up an "astral picture" or "thought form" in the ethereal substance of the akasha, which then reflects itself upon the chitta or "mind stuff' of many other persons. In like manner, the magician in projecting a powerful "thought form" in the akasha, often, without any additional effort, also causes that "astral picture" to be reflected into the chitta of many other persons. The process is thus seen as one of constant action and reaction; a constant coordination, combination, and correlation between these two great general forms of manifestation.

All of the previously described instructions of the Yoga methods for the performance of magic, which you have studied, have as their chief end, in this regard, the cultivation, development, and training of The Power Of Visualization and Projection—those twin-elements of magic and psychic power. If you wish to attain a high degree of proficiency in performing the real magic, you must possess to a high degree the power of visualization and projection; and in order to possess these extraordinary talents of the mind, you must first have mastered the Yoga methods of mental control. As such, your aim is that of the Adept, the master magician.

However one does not need to become an Adept in order to begin the performance of mental magic. Even without perfection you can begin to manifest to a surprisingly high degree; although, of course, you will do well to develop and perfect yourself as your training advances. Indeed, you will unquestionably wish to do so as you will find your desire for greater power increasing in proportion to your successful manifestations of the magic/ psychic power in lesser degree. You need not wait for this, however; you may start in at once, and begin to manifest and demonstrate your increasing power as you proceed. You should be able to obtain some quite satisfactory results and effects even from the start, provided that you proceed properly and intelligently, with perseverance and persistency.

I shall now give you the oriental teaching concerning visualization and projection. Remember, what you are reading is as scientific data to the magician just as the reading of a text on mathematics would be to a western scientist. So study it in like manner, giving it your scholarly attention.

A Practial Guide To Self Hypnosis

A Practial Guide To Self Hypnosis

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