The Magic of Love

The student may well ask what has the subject of love to do in a book on magic? Remarkably, love-attraction is an important element in the repertoire of the magician. To the Yogis, love is perceived as a great cosmic law of attraction and activity, and they observe its action as influence and power throughout all Nature. Even the very word, "love" is oriental in origin, being derived from the ancient Sanskirt term, "lubh," meaning craving. The magicians hold that something akin to "male and female elements" may be found in everything, and state that there is an attraction between all different things, inorganic as well as organic, which is really in the nature of love.

Even spoken of is what may be considered as "the love of atoms." This is not as fanciful as it might seem at first, as the modern science of physics is now recognizing that all matter is composed of minute particles which possess opposite qualities which strongly suggest the respective ideas of "masculine" and "feminine." These terms are even employed in the laboratory.

The magicians hold that Creative Mind is the masculine element in magic while the Akasha is the feminine; the mating of these two producing magic. They claim that in love is found the possibility of the highest and profoundest manifestation. The Yogis state that love in its original essence is clean and pure, and that impurity comes only as a perversion by man. It is said that the misuse of any magical power is impure or "evil," while the proper use of the same natural principle is essentially "good." It is held that "all things are given man for his use, but nothing for his misuse." and "Everything is good for man to use, but nothing is good enough to use man."

The Yogis, also, beautifully illustrate and symbolize the humble origin of love, and the glorious heights which it attains in its nobler forms, in their adage: "Love is like the lotus; it has its roots in the dark soil of the riverbed; its stalk and stem rest in the muddy waters of the stream; its leaves lie upon the bosom of the waters; but its flower lives in the clear, pure air, and faces the sun."

Without love, all of Nature's creative work would perish and would never be renewed. It is not only true that " 'Tis love that makes the world go 'round;" it is equally true that " 'Tis love that makes and remakes the world, and keeps it going." Scholars have had much to say about the universal living force, the "Will to Live;" but they might well have called it the "Will to Love," for without "loving" there would be no "living." The chief activity and manifestation of this Will to Live consists in sex-attraction and manifestation, through all of nature, high and low. Equal in force with self-preservation, as a basic law in nature, is the law of love, for living creatures commonly risk life in pursuit of their mates.

Emerson says, "The lover seeks in marriage his own priv.ate felicity and perfection, and no prospective end. But nature hides in his happiness her own end—the perpetiuity of the race. We are made alive and kept alive by the same means."

To understand the power of the love instinct in men and women, we must go back to the beginnings of the human race. Deep in the nature of every man and every woman, there are powerful forces of emotional order, great instinctive latent desires awaiting their time to manifest themselves. When they stir into activity, in response to the proper stimulus, they cause the eyes to brighten and the heart to throb. Their subtle aroma mounts to the brain of the man and woman, and they see strange sights, hear strange sounds, and dream strange dreams.

In the fact of Nature's "will to live," which is really her "will to love," is found the explanation of the tremendous force of love attraction. Here is to be found the great secret of life. Nature is back of the love instinct in every way; she wants the lovers to win.

Psychic love-influence is one of the most potent forms of psychic influence because Nature is backing the influence. In the "libido," as it is called by psychologists, is found the great unconscious realms of emotional energy in which abide the potent love-impulses. Our unconscious thoughts are infinitely more far-reaching than are those of our conscioifs mind in affecting our spontaneous behavior, as conscious mental process, (such as directed by thinking), are of comparatively recent origin in evolution. On the other hand, the unconscious processes which are manifested in instinctive action have a heritage since the very dawn of man.

Now in relation to the performance of magic, the effects of psychic influence is largely produced upon the unconscious or subconscious planes of the mind. When the psychic seed thus implanted in subconscious mental fields reach the blossoming stage, then their activities reach the conscious field of the mind. Many such subconscious seeds ready for sprouting lie planted in the mind. Supply the right conditions and they blossom quickly into the realm of consciousness, and proceed to bear fruit. The field of the mind of persons of both sexes is filled with material for an abundant growth in the "garden of love." And the conditions for producting this growth may be supplied from the physical plane, such as due to personal contacts, or they may arise from projected influence on the psychical (astral) plane, which is the realm of the magician.

Like the inductive power of electricity, which is able to arouse by "induction" a similar state from one magnetic field to another, so the love vibration (via psychic influence) is capable of arousing by induction a similar rate of vibrations in the emotional nature and subconsciousness of another person of the opposite sex coming within the "field of emotional induction."

This "field of emotional induction" is called by the magician, love-energy. It is like a storage battery—a stored-up reservoir of love. Love-energy is like a bolt of lightning seeking instinctively for a point to "strike" and discharge its energy.

Bharat Natyam is an exquisite temple dance of Southern India. In times of antiquity, dancers were attached to temples, but today it is no longer a part of temple ritual. In this picture, the dancer is poised in the Nalraj pose. Natraj is revered as the king of dancers whose bronze statue in the foreground presents him dancing "the cosmic dance of the universe."

Bharat Natyam is an exquisite temple dance of Southern India. In times of antiquity, dancers were attached to temples, but today it is no longer a part of temple ritual. In this picture, the dancer is poised in the Nalraj pose. Natraj is revered as the king of dancers whose bronze statue in the foreground presents him dancing "the cosmic dance of the universe."

Now this objective upon which the love-energy may "strike" does not necessarily have to be a person of the opposite sex; it can be events, circumstances, conditions, etc. as well. The magicians most frequently employ it this way, providing, as it does, a tremendous battery of psychic power in nature. I will tell you methods for this application shortly, but, first, I will cover further phases of Love-Attraction for your understanding.

The love-energy is capable of "hypnotizing" the individual, in a sense. We commonly hear this expressed as "love is blind"—the object loved by the lover being seen through a mist of fantasy in highly idealized form. Also, it is very possible to be in love with love, which produces the same psychic blindness to reality. These also are factors made use of by the magician in the performance of magic.

In the ancient Atharva Veda is found a statement concerning this love with love factor. Translated, it is written:

"0 my children, be not self-deceived. What you think is the long-waited-for loved one is merely a puppet which you have dressed up in the fanciful garments of your ideal loved one. As the coiled-up rope, seen in the twilight, is mistaken for the serpent; as the trail of journeying ants is mistaken for the crack in the earth; so is this stranger mistaken for him or her whose picture abides in your heart. You see such a one, not as he or she really is, but as you have dreamed of your ideal loved one as being. You are not in love with this one or that one; you are in love with your ideal one. The one before you is as but a thought-form projected by you upon the Akasha, or a reflection of Maya."

In addition to the presence of these subtle but powerful special elements in the manifestation of love-attraction, there are also present other special elements of semi-physical character in nature which must be taken into consideration in the study of this subject. I allude to that peculiar form of attractive force in which the psychical and the physical seem to meet and blend—that attractive force which is known as Sexual Magnetism.

That there is present an active attractive force between individuals of opposite sexes, which seems to proceed along the lines of the universal Law of Polarity, there can be no doubt. The males and females of the same species are attracted toward each other in the psycho-physical way similar to that manifested in the attraction between positive and negatively charged particles of magnetized matter.

The Yogis have long recognized this subtle force of sex-magnetism. They claim that it is a form of prana colored with strong emotional vibrations; or, if you prefer, it is strong emotional currents charged with prana; in either case, it is a combination of emotion and prana. The Yogis pay great attention to this sex-magnetism, not only in relation to its basic purpose, but to tramsmute it into Ojas, or high form of mental/physical energy, to be used for other purposes such as brain stimulation, etc.

It is this transmuted sex-magnetism combined with the love-energy that is used in connection with magic, as an additk al source of power.

Speaking of sex-magnetism, Swami Viveknanda says, "The Yogis affirm that part of the human energy which is expressed as sex-energy easily becomes

The magic of the dance in India. Dancing is an art from in India that echoes the temple sculptures. The above photo shows a lovely Kathak dancer in a characteristic pose. Kathak is a form of north Indian dancing made popular in the Muslim courts. Kathak dancers can duplicate with the aid of anklets with bells (as shown here) the most intricate rhythms on the drum. The photo below presents a pose from the Rani Kama, an Orissi dance from Eastern India.

changed into Ojas; the Yogi pays particular attention to that center, and tries to take up this sexual energy and convert it into Ojas, and Ojas is as food for the Kundalini, the Serpent Power."

It will be seen in love-attraction there is held to be two active and powerful elements, viz.: (1) the element of Sex Magnetism, in which there is radiated from one individual to another of the opposite sex a subtle magnetic-type energy akin to physical magnetism, and tending to set up by induction in the other person a similar rate and character of vibration. Further, this sex-magnetism may be transmuted into Ojas, which as food for the Kundalini intensifies the psychic powers. (2) the element of love-energy can be directly manifested in psychic influence, and provides the magician with additional power in his control over the finer forces in Nature.

Continuing, the element of sex-magnetism in love-attraction is found to be a special form of the Kundalini principle. The Yogis hold that the subtle energy of "The Serpert Power" is closely connected with the creative energies, the sex energies of the body. This being the case, it follows that rhythmic breathing, (according to the Yoga Methods), accompanied by concentration upon the Muladhara Chakra, or Psychic Lotus, located at the base of the spine, at the lower end of the Sushumna Channel, will tend to arouse and render active the Kundalini there abiding in a dormant state.

In connection with such rhythmic breathing and concentration upon the Kundalini Center in the Muladhara, the Yogis alternate sittings for the purpose of concentrating upon the higher aspects of love. In this practice, the Yogis employ the crystal ball as a focal center of concentration, and "hold the thought" of love in its higher phases, i.e., in its affectional phases, rather than in its purely physical phases.

Following the symbolism of the Hindu allegory, you should "hold the thought" of the Lotus Flower of Love rising in the clean, pure air, and facing the sun rather than of the dark material soil of the riverbed in which the roots of the Lotus are embedded. The Yogis find no need to stir up this rootsoil, nor the roots themselves as they are innately powerful. Instead, concentrate, as do the Yogis, upon the higher expression of the beautiful Lotus Flower of Love, for that is the part of your love-nature which requires the greatest development. As such the master magicians search, for to acquire the highest power the love within must possess an inner fineness. Think of this as a burning Sun of Love within your soul, which though unseen by the physical eye is yet powerfully present to the "inner eye" of others. The pure blending of the elements of psychic influence and sex-magnetism in oriental love-attraction brings greatness to the magician.

The manifesting and expressing of The Magic of Love, as used by the magician, is a special form of application of the combined principles of visualization, projection, and affirmation which is universal to "magic formula." By combining this with the power of Sex Magnetism, a most powerful form of psychic influence or mental-magic is produced. According to Yoga teachings, the love-energy adds power to magic, and the "love objective" provides an astral "lightning rod" which attracts unerringly the psychic projection of the magician. Such is the Magic of Love.

The Great Taj Mahal (The Temple of Love), Agra, India. This renowned shrine was built in 1629 by the Hindu emperor, Shah Jahan, in memory of his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal. This huge structure of while marble resting on red sandstone is literally a jewel, and took22,000Artisans and craftsmen seventeen years to construct. Marble was brought from one part of India, red sandstone from another, and semi-precious stones from all over Asia. Inlay work with jasper, agate, lapis lazuli, carnelian and bloodstone was done so skillfully that neither the sense of touch nor even a magnifying glass can detect breaks between two stones. It was designed to surpass anything the world had ever seen before or ever would see again in monumental beauty.

The Chakra Checklist

The Chakra Checklist

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