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Sarcophagus inside the Taj Mahal. Incredible as it seems, the finely filigreed screen, looking like lacework, is marble. The other ornamentations are inlays of different kinds of marble and precious stones in white marble. Moslem art depends, to a great extent, on exquisite abstract ornamentation, since Moslem religous law forbids the representation of gods or human figures.

The Love Magic has its place between men and women, and also in relation to things which likewise carry these elements of polarity. Use the crystal ball as your focus of concentration for whatever your purpose may be, and along with your projection, direct also, the love-energy and sex-magnetism towards that which you desire, wish, crave, long for, and seek to have manifested in actuality in your own life, and induce in others.

Concentrate upon the ideals which you wish to become real; the hopes which you wish to become fact; the dreams which you wish to become true. Use your combined psychic influence of love attraction as follows: (1) to make yourself be or do what you wish to be or do; (2) to make happenings and events occur as you desire them to occur; (3) to make conditions and circumstances what you wish them to be; (4) to make your environment and surroundings as you want them; (5) to bring love into your life.

Also do unto others, in like manner, as you would have done unto yourself.

The Magic of Love produces a very personal kind of psychic influence. Perform always as A White Magician, keep your character noble, your goals lofty, and your purposes high. Make these principles of magic your "way of life," and greatness will be yours as a Master Magician.

The Kali Temple of Calcutta, India. The temple is dedicated to the magic goddess of time.

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