First Maya Experiment

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This test is called "the first stage" by the Hindus. Being classified as a "posture sway experiment" it is also known to western psychologists, and demonstrated as a test in suggestion.

The test is performed by first telling the subject, now standing before you, that when he hears your words telling him to fall forward, he must then "think of falling forward," and will actually find himself slowly swaying forward, and finally falling complete forward into your arms. You promise to catch him. You may then either have him close his eyes, or else keep them open, and gaze steadily into your eyes; some subjects do better with eyes closed, while others respond best with their eyes open and fixed on yours.

Then, say to him, "Now keep your attention fixed on me, and let my thought flow into you. You are feeling an inclination to fall forward . . . fall forward . . . fall forward! Let yourself go and respond. I will catch you as you fall forward. Now you are coming . . . you are falling forward toward me, slowly. Now you are commencing to sway forward faster over towards me. Sway, sway, SWAY over towards me. Fall forwards NOW!"

As you give these affirmations (suggestions), make passes with your hands drawing from each side of his head towards yourself, as if actually drawing him to you. Throw yourself into the "drawing procedure." It increases the power of the suggestions. In a few moments, the subject will sway and fall forward, as you have willed that he should. Also, during the entire experiment visualize the subject as "falling forward," and project the thought to him of his "falling forward."

In this first experiment in elementary Maya, you will note, you are manifesting the entire process of the oriental magicians—the three phases of creative Yoga: visualization, projection and affirmation. Transplant the actors to India, furnish the necessary costumes and native audience, and you would have here a typical exhibition of the elementary methods of the Hindu wonder workers.

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