Developing And Unfolding The Dynamic Egoconsciousness

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The following are the instructions given by the magicians for arousing and unfolding within yourself the Dynamic Ego-Consciousness, which is THE GREAT "I AM!" You must learn to recognize, realize, find manifest the 'I' in yourself. The discovery and development of this Dynamic Ego-Consciousness; this conscious of your real self; this "I Am I" will lead to the discovery of a new world of power for you, the individual. It forms a most important phase in the entire structure of oriental wisdom. Master this development:

Employing the crystal ball, as you have learned to use it, proceed to concentrate for the Dynamic Ego-Consciousness. After a period of brief contemplation, in which you "throw the mind blank," you concentrate your attention and thought upon the idea that you are the master self or your selfhood—the center of power in your realm. Then visualize yourself symbolically as existing as an actual entity at the center of your mental realm. See and feel yourself as using all your mental faculties and powers—all these being the instruments with which you express the power and reality which is you! While holding this thought, make the following Mantram (affirmation) of egohood:

"I AM! I Am I! I am the center of power in my being. My body is an instrument of my expression and manifestation. Body and mind are mine to use; they belong to me, but they are not me. I AM over and above them. I am their master and they will do my bidding, for I Am asserting my dominion over them, for I Am the king on the throne of my mental and physical kingdom. All these subordinate elements are for my use, and they will obey my commands when I direct them with the full consciousness of my I AM. I Am I. I Am the Master Self. I Am the Overself!"

This mantram of affirmation, accompanied by the appropriate meditation of concentrated visualization, will arouse and awaken in you the sense of your existence as the Master Self—the unique and individual entity which is YOU which inhabits "your" body and uses "your" mind to express itself. Practice this method until you feel that you have reached the full consciousness of your Reality, your Power, and Dominion. You will never be in doubt when this stage is reached; the message from within will be unmistakable. You will experience confidence and power such as you have never had when you reach this realization of Egohood.

After you have perfected yourself in the conscious realization of inner power and dominion as the Overself, proceed to practice the following advanced method, viz,:

Use concentrated visualization, as previously instructed, directing your thought, attention, and visualization faculties to the creation of a mental-picture of idealization: see your Master Self, your Ego, your "I," the I AM as the center of your world of experience; all the rest of the world revolving around you, in a great circling swing, like a great wheel revolving around its hub.

As directions, this reads like a formula for arrogance and conceit, but the I AM as used by the magicians is something very different from personal egotism, for it is not your physical (personal) self which you are making the center of your reality, it is your master self, your real inner self (entirely independent of physical body and mind) which you are expressing in I AM. You are in truth such a center in creation . . . for remember, in all Creation there is but the one of you; you are absolutely unique and individual.

You must have this consciousness of your inner reality to be a magician.

The Oriental Sages state, "The Universe is infinite; it has its center everywhere, and its circumference nowhere; in its every point it may assert that position to be the center of all the rest."

See and feel yourself as that center; to bring it home to yourself in visualization, see yourself to be the Sun, and all the rest as planets revolving around yourself. And accompany this visualization with the following affirmation:

"I AM! I Am I! I AM A DYNAMIC CENTER OF POWER IN THE UNIVERSE. I Am a psychic center radiating in every direction to all the rest of the world. I Am the center of universal dynamic power. I work effects upon the plastic substance of the material world. I Am truly a master of magic. My visualizations become material realities. My mental-patterns gather around them material form and response. My ideals become real. I Am truly a master of magic. I Am a creative center of expression and manifestation. By my thought I express my creative energy in material form; I radiate my power. I attract to myself, by the great 'Law of Mental Attraction,' all that I need in order to express myself in my mental creations. And, by the same Law, I repel from myself all that is opposed to the realization of my ideals. I am the master of circumstances, and create conditions and environment. I do all of this by the Universal Dynamic Magical-Psychic Power of which I AM a center of force, strength, and activity."

This affirmation will establish you as a source of power. You will always be able to hold firmly your positive mental attitude and the power associated therewith, by the exercise of such visualization and affirmation, accompanied by the associated projection within yourself, all having as their ideal the assertion of the power of Egohood possessed by you as a unique individual in the Universe in recognition of your I AM stature.

Likewise, possessed by you is your absolute immunity from all psychic assaults. In this regard, "hold the thought" and mental-picture of yourself as the master self—the dynamic "I." At the same time, confidentally make the following affirmation: "I AM! I Am I! I am a center of dynamic power. I am safe. I am secure. Nothing can harm me. I am a Master of conditions and circumstances. I am a center of Universal Power, and the All-Power is back of me and supporting me. I am the master of magic, and I assert my power over all circumstances. I Am I. I AM!"

The Yogis have condensed this affirmation in a one sentence rhythmic mantram as, "I AM I, I, I, I, MYSELF, I AM!" They semi-sing it along in a cadence of rhythm. Made postively and with inner understanding it will raise you to the position of poise and power; of mastery and dominion.

You now have the Yoga method of Akamkara ("The Assertion of the Ego") as taught in the ancient Sankhya philosophies of India. Rightly understood and applied it becomes a wonderful instrument of power and protection to the individual. Its mantrams all center around asserting the Real Self as "I AM" or "I AM I" or a rhythmic "I, I, I, I, I, I, I." Its tremendous vibrations, according to the oriental teachers, produce most miraculous results. This secret of the Mantram of Ahamkara is one of the great secrets of the Master Magicians.

There is a special mantram in Yoga which is designed for psychic self-protection. Remember, as always in using mantrams you must "hold the thought," for it is the inner mantram which is the most important; hold the thought of the truth of the statement and its inner meaning. Here is the Yoga mantram designed for individual protection, viz.:

"I assert and affirm my Individuality as a center of force, power, and will. I deny to anyone the power to affect me adversely, or contrary to my best interests. Nothing can adversely affect me. My mind and thoughts are my own, and I refuse admittance to them of all unwelcomed thought-influences. My desires are my own, and I refuse to have them influenced by outside psychic forces. My will is my own, and I charge it with full power to repel, throw off, and reject all undesirable influences from outside sources. I Am surrouned by an atmosphere of positive will and dynamic psychic power, which protects me absolutely. My inner power scatters into bits all thought-influences directed against me, no matter from what source they may proceed. I am the Master of my Being—I Am the Master Self. I rest secure on the foundation of my awakened Egohood and Individuality. I assert my 'I AM' against all attempts to influence or move me against my will. I am dynamic! I am a positive center of living will!"

In the performance of this mantram/affirmation, you will note how it has raised your mental vibrations to such an extent that you can actually feel that you are absolutely immune'and'protected from adverse psychic influences. The Yogis also teach "The Protective Aura" for this purpose, in which an occasional flash of visualization, projection, and affirmation they create a psychic atmosphere or protection about themselves. They refer to it as "a psychic barrier" which will defy, repel, and cast off any adverse thought-influences. The visualization is pictured in the mind as a protective aura surrounding one's self.

Occultists call the protective aura "The Ring Pass Not," and employ it to surround themselves with a "psychic ring" of projective Akashic Substance built up and maintained by the will and strongly charged with prana. It is said not only to repel unwanted influences, but to "shock" invaders.

The Yogis state that they charge the protective aura with a strong flow of prana by rhythmic breathing, and then project the current of prana to the pro tective aura by the combined effort of thought, will, and affirmation.

Swami Ramavedananda says on the subject, "From the castle wall which you have built around you, will rebound the arrow and spears which have been hurled against it. They will rebound and fly back to those who sent them, often taking lodgment in the bosom of the senders if they have been sent with the intent of wounding you. Or, like a great mirror, it will throw back into the eyes of the senders, blinding and dazzling them, the rays of psychic vibrations which they have directed for the purpose of harmful influence. But, know you, 0 Chela, that you yourself will not be the sender-back of these adverse forces. Be never as a black magician, and, lo, beware for the thrusting of evil, acting to and the reaction backward resulting from it, will attach to the Karma of the sender and attacker. The Great Law thus works, and attaches the results of actions where they rightfully belong."

The Yoga teachings hold that nature gives greater power to protective thought than to attacking thought. Only ignorance can make a person susceptible to adverse psychic influence. Knowledge is Protective Power in the realm of the psychic, and the mere positive affirmation, "I deny all power of influencing me adversely, to any and all minds and wills, or any and every person," when made from the position of Ahamkara, will be sufficient to defeat and deflect all adverse psychic influence.

Parimal Bandu added, "When you experience a sudden and unaccountable impulse to do a certain thing which you believe adverse to your welfare, affirm: 'You do not belong to me or mine; go back to those who sent you; go back where you belong!' "

In concluding this book on the real magic of India, I will emphasize that in The Great "I AM" you have one of the profoundest secrets of oriental wisdom which is connected not only to the phase of psychic self-protection, but also with the manifestation of each and every form of magic which has been considered. It has deep significance, for in the Egohood you are not only made strong in protective-power, but also strong in expressive power.

The position of the magician taken under the Mantram of Ahamkara is the "post-powerful" known to occult teaching. It is the position of the master. From it you may manifest any of the mental and psychic powers with a wonderfully intensified effect. In the ancient writings of India related to magic, this mental position is referred to as "The Place of Power," for remember it is your real self, your inner self, your soul!

The venerable Hindu epic, "Mahabharata" tells its countless millions of readers down through the ages, that:

"There is an Everlasting Soul—the Eternal, Unimaginable Soul!

The weapon cannot pierce it through, nor waste it the consuming fire;

The liquid water melt it not, nor dries it up the parching wind.

Impenetrable and unburned; impermeable and undried;

Perpetual, even wandering, firm, indissoluble, permanent,

Invisible unspeakable dwells it forever the Real Self of Self!"

As I completed the writing of my notes for the preparation of this text in Calcutta, the Sadhu spoke to me, "I have given you the secrets of the practice of oriental magic as it is taught by the Masters. This is 'the hidden knowledge.' Now, indeed, does East meet West. Some will use this knowledge and achieve mastery while other will fail, depending upon the talents of the individual. Thus is as it has ever been in the Orient, and thus it will likewise be in the Occident. I can, however, give you the invaluable schedule of development as used by the successful magicians. The schedule is seven in number each phase of which should be mastered in ascending order before proceeding on to the next. This is of such importance that I box it specially."

1. Study and learn well the principles of Yoga as used in magic.

2. Master Pranayama a. Learn how to effectively use rhythmic breathing.

b. Increase your pranic energy, and learn how to tap the infinite supply.

c. Use your psychic nervous system. Awaken the kundalini, and cause it to mount the sushumna channel and activate the seven major chakras, aiming your goal at the ultimate "flowering of the thousand petalled lotus." Such is the heart of magical power. Such will bring illumination to your entire being.

3. In the light of your illumination, now develop your powers of concentration, mind control, and use of Creative Mind Principles.

4. In the light of your illumination, now develop your powers of visualization, projection, and affirmation, using the methods in which you have been instructed.

5. Turn your awakened powers inward upon yourself in the practice of Yama. Develop your being toward superiority in everyway, and, remember, turn Yama upon the development of the kundalini powers.

6. Having cultivated, thus, your basic powers learn how to apply them in the performance of the various forms of magic and mysticism in actual demonstration. Practice maya, psychic influencing, mental broadcasting, the control of circumstances and events, etc., and finally work towards the high magic of Creative Mind with its accompanying powers of Astral Plane (ESP) phenomena.

7. Recognize your individuality, and the mastery and invunerability of your selfhood.

"This schedule of development, as used by the successful magicians, brings each phase of development interrelated upon each phase and squares the ratio of your progress in the mastery of the finer forces of Nature. It is the method of training employed by the most elect. It will make magic in time become as a way of life unto you, and as such becomes 'second nature' to your being will you then truly be a magician.

"The truths I have given you and the knowledge therefrom will ever stand eternal. One last word I would admonish: use these powers wisely and in worthy purpose. Do not prostitute the magical powers for selfish uses, and remember there is 'a boomerang law' to the practice of magic, as evil attracts evil, so if employed as black arts the effects of evil come unto the magician. Conversely good attracts good; be a white magician and in like manner all good will befall you. Such is the law of magic."

Sadhu Parimal Bandu left for the Himalayas. Ron Ormond and I returned to America. With me was this manuscript which made possible bringing you The Mysticism and Magic of India.

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