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The principle of the mantrams may be applied to more familiar applications and manifestations of the creative power of the mind. It has been said, "Words are crystallized thoughts." And, the repetitions of certain suggestive words serves to strengthen, render positive and effective the thought or idea behind them. Thus, if you are employing creative thought in a certain direction, as for instance, in the process of visualization, you can strengthen the mental-picture by actually "saying" the thing that you are visualizing; the verbal expression serving to crystalize the visualization. It also serves to direct pranic energy to the latter, animating it. Thus, the philosophy of Emerson, "Brace yourself with affirmations."

Not only in the phase of visualization may the process of Creative Mind be intensified by means of proper affirmations or verbal statements, the same method may also be applied with benefit to the phase of projection in the same process. You will find, by actual experiment and practice, that there is a definite "projective" force added to thought, feeling, idea, or mental-picture by a strong verbal expression thereof. In this action, the effort and action of the will manifesting itself in expression tends to communicate itself to the propulsion or projection of the mental-form into the outer world. Especially in relationship between individuals may the element of affirmation or verbal statement be added with profit and efficiency. The action is twofold in making stronger the visualization and its subsequent projection, and also serving to carry the mental-message and will-determination to the recepient.

In occult treatises of magical processes, the magician is almost always presented as "saying" or making verbal statements of the creative acts that follow. Reference to the miraculous powers of the spoken word may also be found in the Holy Scriptures. As for example in Genesis, Jehovah is pictured as saying, "Let there be light!" And the Scriptures continues, "... and there was light!" Again, "God said, 'Let there be a firmament, in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters." And so it was accomplished, as it was verbalized.

In employing this principle of affirmation or verbal statement in relation to the performance of magic, keep in mind the statement of Swami Vivekananda in which he reminds his pupils that the highest form of mantra is that in which there is no utterance by the voice, but in which there is rather a "mental muttering" accompanied by a "tKinkingof the meaning." The vocal mantram is too apt to dissipate its power in mere sound. The subtle mentally-uttered mantram, on the other hand, conserves its power and energy, and employs it in the mental projection and psychic propulsion. In this handling, the words are converted into "bullets" of energy saturated by prana, instead of being "shot" of lifeless verbal material. Used thus, we have the true magic of words.

You have now learned of the magic power of words (affirmations). In the next chapter, I will show you Initiate Demonstrations in Personal Psychic Influencing using affirmations, as you learn the art of Maya.

Mama Ngina Kenyatta

A Hindu Kirtan the singfest of mantrams. To most it is but verbal mantra, but to some it develops into a psychic experience of deep meaning. Remember, the highest of mantrams is the mental mantram which is not uttered by the voice but is "mentally muttered."

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