NB You should NOT be trying to do anything with very unpleasant memories at this stage

F. (After a while.) "Right." Y. "And what is it?"

F. "I was a boy. I had just come home from school. I had scored a goal. I went to tell my father and he said, 'Buzz off son, I'm busy just now.'"

Y. "That will do. OK. Just recall that in detail, just as it happened. And just talk me through it" F. Repeats the scene in a little more detail.

Y. "I don't suppose that was what you would have liked to have happened?"

F. "No. I wanted him to praise me. He did at other times. I guess he was just busy."

Y. "So now you are going to run through that scene again. But this time just picture it the way it would have been if he had NOT been busy. If he had said something like, 'That's great, son. Tell me all about it.'"

F. "OK." then after a minute or two, "I've done that." Y. "How did that feel?" F. "A lot better."

Y. "Just play it through again for luck." And then, after your friend's eyes are open again Y. "Now how does that incident seem to you." F. "It seems OK now."

It is then worth waiting a week or so before asking your friend casually about the time he came home from school after scoring a goal, and see what he says about it. In some cases you will find that only the new and better version is remembered. In others both versions are recalled but the new feeling about it is the dominant one. Finally there are some people who will report only that they recall you trying to get them to change what happened but it has made no difference: they know what happened and it is still annoying. For a short article giving more detail of the therapeutic use of this technique click here.

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