Exercise 6 An imaginary life

Y. "I now want your mind to wander and to think about all the different lives people have led. Today there are people all over the world in different lives. Some live in deserts, some in cities. Some are rich, others are poor. And in the past things were more different still. You might think of the ancient Egyptians or Druids, or even back to the stone age and before. After a while I would like you to pick on a particular time and place that seems of interest."

F. (After while.) "A stone age village."

Y. "Right. Now you will find that you can see that village as if you are living there. You will start out at some particular point. It might be in one of the huts; or in the undergrowth nearby. Just wait a minute and see which happens."

F. Pause. "I seem to be in a tree looking down on this village." Y. "What can you see?"

F. "There are a few huts, with smoke coming out of the roofs. It is dark. But I can just see by moonlight. I am waiting."

F. "For everyone to go to sleep. There is someone here I want to take. I must wait."

Y. "While you are waiting, tell me what you are wearing."

F. "Just some cloth around my waist. And I have a spear in my hand."

Y. "Are you waiting for a man or a woman?"

F. "My woman. I have come to take her back to my village."

And so on. Again there is no guarantee that you will get a story, but it is well worth exploring what people can do in this way with minimal preparation. You should find that with patience and enough friends you will find quite a few such stories. There are those who interpret them as cases of "past life regression", of course.

In the above you will have directed your friend to some past time, but not a particular one. When you find someone who is good at this sort of thing you can explore the extent to which you can get them to go to a time and place of your choice.

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