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I first met Marty when we had side-by-side dealer booths at the 1991 Baltimore I.B.M. convention. He manufactures top quality magic props and you should be on his mailing list. (Martini's Magic, P.O. Box 189 Delta, Pennsylvania, 17314.) He's a great guy who kept a cooler full of soft drinks at the booth which he graciously shared during the convention. While this may not seem like much to those of you who have never manned (or "womanned") a booth during the busy season, it's difficult to get away when you are surrounded by potential customers. Add to that the fact that you are doing an awful lot of talking and the value of a few soft drinks increase exponentially.

Don't pass this by without at least filing it for future use. It may solve some problems for those of you who create your own magic as I will explain after the method. Also, refer to Fantasy Vacation I and II in this issue for another use for this.

Effect. The magician opens an envelope to show a prediction card face down inside. This is dropped on the table and another card is freely selected and signed by a spectator. After the spectator replaces the card in the pack, the magician tries to find it. (See presentational ideas in Regurgitations.) After failing miserably, he removes the prediction from the envelope. It is the signed selection and the envelope is otherwise empty.

The Work. The secret rests with a gimmick you can make up in less than a minute. Its exact makeup will depend upon the envelope you are using. Start with a letter sized envelope with a small flap. That is, you don't want a flap which folds down to the middle of the envelope proper. You would like it to overlap the envelope for only 20 to 25% of the envelope proper.

Take one of the jokers from the pack and cut off a quarter of it so that when the cut edge of the quarter card is inserted into the envelope, it will appear as though it is a whole card peeking out from the opening. (See figure 1.) This is your gimmick. Place this all the way in the envelope so that when slid halfway out, it will appear to be a whole card. Place the envelope on the table with the flap side up.

Introduce the envelope. Open the flap and slide the gimmick out as shown in figure 1. Tell the audience that this is your prediction. Slide the gimmick back in and carefully place the envelope back on the table. Be sure that the gimmick is kept at the far side of the opening so that if it were a whole card it could fit in the envelope as you are holding it.

Have a card selected from the pack and signed. Ask the spectator to replace the card in the middle of the pack. Control the selection to the top of the pack. Cut to and dramatically remove an indifferent card without disturbing the top card of the pack. State that this card will not only be the selection, but that it will match the card you placed in the envelope before the show.

As you refer to the envelope, pick it up and place it over the top of the pack. As you do, thumb the top card over about half an inch under cover of the envelope. Deposit the envelope and use your right hand to gesture to the tabled card. Immediately pick up the envelope, secretly taking with it the selection. Place the envelope on the table, overlapping the near table edge. (At least part of the card should overlap the table edge as well as the envelope.) Ask that the tabled card be turned over. It is not the selection. Try again by removing another card. Table this and ask that it be turned over. Failure again. Table the deck.

Pick up the envelope with the selection underneath. The fact that the card and envelope overlap the table edge makes it easier to pick up the card with the envelope. Take the envelope in your palm down left hand and open the flap so that once again you are in the position shown in figure 1. Slide the gimmick slightly out of the envelope as shown in figure 2.

You are now going to do two things simultaneously. Slide the gimmick and the selection free from the envelope with your right hand as your left hand flips the envelope over. The right hand Hits the selection up so that the face of the signed selection can be seen by all. See figure 3. The right thumb holds the gimmick against the back of the selection.

Use the envelope to brush against the card as if to say that these two objects are the only two objects necessary to do the trick. Drop the envelope to the table as you steal the gimmick into your fingerpalm. Drop the selection to the table as well for the finish.

Regurgitations. While playing with this, I thought you might wish to add another bit of humor to it. Note that this can be added to many signed card locations. Since the selection is signed, it wouldn't make sense to have problems locating it when you spread through the cards face up. All you would have to do is locate the signed card and remove it. However, this is exactly what you will do using this presentation. If you pre-signed several cards in the pack with a sloppy, illegible signature, you could remove them. When the spectators see you removing signed cards in an attempt to find the signed selection, they will catch on to what you are doing. Finally, in desperation, you may wish to ask them for a handwriting sample. You know, a driver's license, a personal check to the magician, something with a good sample. It has

Figure 3 - The gimmick is hidden by the _tard in the right hand.

nothing to do with the trick. I just had a sudden, uncontrollable urge to see what your handwriting looks like. After seeing the handwriting, Oh, I recognize that handwriting. It looks like the writing on the prediction card. Atthis, the magician removes the prediction and it is the signed selection.

As I mentioned earlier, this is be a utility move. Refer back to issue #41 and the trick called Signed Prophecy. By adding Marty's move, you can eliminate the palming in my trick and not lose any of the effect. Try it. It makes my effect practically self-working.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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