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Harry will probably kill me for the name and the patter which accompanies this. He put the patter on the videotape he sent me as a joke. (In other words, the blame is mine.) I was hassling him about the presentation for this. He doesn't expect it to be here in its entirety. But hey, you guys only have to read this stuff. I had to write it. I need to get back at him too, even if only in a small way.

Dai Vernon published his Picking Off The Pip in his Inner Secrets of Card Magic. (John Riggs told me that Vernon' s next book is More Further Inner Deeper Wetter Card Secrets — Coming soon to a magic shop near you.) In this, the center pip off a three of clubs is removed leaving a deuce. Ibidem #22 (page 522) had Ed Mario's Rub-away Spots in which the value of a card declined, pip by pip, until it was blank.

Since the concept is based on successive color changes, it was made for use with the Hurricane Change. Geoffrey Latta has elevated the removing of the pips to an artistic level with PointBlank from The New York Magic Symposium. Collection Four (1985). In that handling, he emphasizes the way in which the pips are removed.

Harry has capitalized on this, and the freedom that his change allows when performing successive changes. All you need to know is how to perform the Hurricane Change proficiently.

There is also a piece of finesse which I added to the original Picking Off The Pip which can be added to any pip-picking routine. (Reference Pip-Picker, Issue #2, page 40,1984.) This was also mentioned in the above Symposium Book. That is, cover the far index with your left thumb and the near pip with your left pinky as you are making the change. This eliminates the premature exposure of the change of one value for another by allowing them to see the index change.

When applying this idea to the Hurricane Change and the routine below, you should cover the indexes as soon as your right hand deposits the lower valued card on top of the card which is being changed. You will then pretend to remove one of the pips with the right hand while the indexes remain covered.

Routine. From the face of the pack, have the four, three, two, and ace of clubs followed by the rest of the deck. Hold the deck face up in the left hand in dealing position. Did you know that supposedly, there are 365pips on a deck of cards ? That's what these things are called. 'Pips.' That's the technical term.

And supposedly there's one for every day of the year. Every time I count them, I get a different number. Ifinally gave up so I' 11 just have to take their word for it. Can you imagine how long it would take to put each of these pips on at a time ? It would probably take forever to take them off one at a time...Luckily I get paid by the hour... so here we go.

If we have four pips and we take off one pip, that would leave three. Execute the Hurricane Change, changing the four to the three. The instant you deposit the three on top of the four, drag your right fingers diagonally back toward the right near corner as if dragging a pip off the face of the card. The change from the four to the three apparently occurs during this dragging action. Carry the imaginary pip you just dragged off the card over to your right and pretend to flick it into space.

Repeat the change, sliding out the deuce and depositing it on the face. As soon as you place it there, pretend to pluck off the center pip of what used to be the three. Pretend you still have some tacky residue on your fingers that you try to dust off your fingertips onto the mat as you mumble in disgust, Pip juice. The stuff never comes out. I have started wiping it on the black close-up mat with the line, This mat use to be white.

Repeat the change, changing the deuce to the ace. Using Latta's idea referenced above, use your right thumb and second finger to apparently slide the two pips into the center where you squeeze them into one. Do not rush this. This is a very convincing sequence which actually looks like the two are being squeezed into one. That would leave just the one pip.

Of course I know what you're thinking. I'm out 1-2-3 pips. That means I'd have to throw these cards out. And no matter how much I'm getting paid, playing cards don't go on trees. All right, well they do, but...Hell, I've got the pip juice residue, we might as well use it for something. Pretend to pick up some tacky residue from the mat and coat your fingertips with it. If I apply it evenly to the ace, the other three pips return.

At this, sprinkle the imaginary pip juice over the ace. Pinky count three cards and execute a shift, sending the ace, two, and three to the bottom of the pack. Follow this with a squeeze or riffle for the moment the magic is supposed to have taken place. This provides a visual change back to the four. You may now deal the four on to the table. The illusion is that everything happened to that card. I finish with, Why don't we welcome them back with a warm burst of spontaneous applause?

Regurgitations. For those of you who want a different ending, you might try using diamonds instead of clubs. Then, remove the final diamond and hand it to a spectator. It is a real imitation diamond. See Pip Picker in #2.

One final note. Keep in mind that Harry disavows anyknowledge of or responsibility for what occurs when an audience is subjected to the "improvised" patter above which was meant for the editor's wife only. (Sqq Leftovers.)_

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