with the principle. Execute the glide (the rubber band handles the glide for you) as you remove the second card from the face. Have this card initialed on the back.

Direct the attention to the tabled puzzle. Rearrange it, causing the blue pencil to switch to a red. Wanting to maximize the effect, you interpret this as the red pencil having vanished and the blue pencil having appeared from nowhere. Turn over the signed card showing that it has changed to red. Take your bows.

Regurgitations. If you don't wish to rig up the Out To Lunch, you can obtain some golfing pencils which are available in red and blue. For the vanish of the blue pencil, you can use a pull or a sleight of hand cigarette vanish. For the appearance of the red pencil, start with it hidden in your left sleeve. When you lower the left hand apparently to take the blue pencil in your left hand, the left hand takes possession of the red pencil. (Or, use a blue pencil baloon pulled over a red pencil.)

Finally, if you don't wish to make this trick up yourself, you can order the package from Tom at 5217-G Cline Road, Kent, Ohio, 44240 for $4.50 postpaid.

The Trapdoor © 1992 by Steven L. Beam Published by: Trapdoor Productions 407 Carrington Drive Knightdale, NC 27545 USA Written and Illustrated by Steve Beam. Cover art work by Lisa Weedman.

You know it's going to be a bad day for magic when:

(1) You only hear two metallic clicks when performing the dove pan.

(2) Lance Burton is coming to see your new original dove act complete with scarf and lamp post.

(3) The birthday boy' s mother asks you to let him sit up front and to let him wear a jacket. Half way through the opening act you realize that he is not wearing a windbreaker... He is a windbreaker.

(4) You receive the deck back with two crimps in it.

(5) You are performing Wonderbar and you have to sneeze.

(6) You find out that you have purchased your computer's hard drive from the same vendor that the editor of The Trapdoor did.

(7) After holding the ring meeting at your house, you can' t locate your first edition of Scot' s Discovery of Witchcraft.

(8) You change your mind about performing magic professionally the month after the yellow pages are published — coinciding with your first invoice for your full page ad.

(9) You submit a trick to Apocalypse — and then find out it was good enough to publish in The Trapdoor.

(10) You can't perform half the material in Self-Working Card Tricks.

(11) You close the door on Jay Marshall's left hand — right before he is to introduce your act.

(12) The I.R.S. decides to audit the "deductible" expenditures you incurred for assistants for the last three years.

(13) You find that the person who negotiated you down to $35 for the show at the company banquet owns the company.

(14) After performing at the IBM convention, you find your name in the Broken Wand section of The Linking Ring — and you feel fine.

(15) You realize that everyone else gets their Genii on time.

(16) You order the seven volume Tarbell course from a used dealer at a steal. When it arrives, you are the only magician in your neighborhood with seven copies of volume 3.

(17) Someone turns on the light during your black art demonstration.

(18) You find that Tommy Edwards will be doing the driving to your next magic convention and you are the first performer.

(19) You find out that none of the other performers at the convention had to pay for their room; and they got more than a $5 discount on their registration.

(20) Half way through card warp you realize you are using a double backed card.

(21) You realize that you didn't check your mailing label and your subscription to The Trapdoor has expired.

While you may not be able to prevent all of the above spoilers, let's analyze the last one. It is worst of the bunch. And, it is preventable. Don't have a rotten day just because you forgot to renew your subscription. A simple check for $30 (USA) or $42.50 (overseas airmail) will bring you backinto the fold. And while you are at it, why not make it a really great day. Make your parents proud of you by scarfing up a complete file. That's right. This is something usually held back for the big boys, the magic collectors. But now, you have the opportunity to possess your very own complete set of The Trapdoor and have a great day in the process. Send your subscription check to:

The Trapdoor 407 Carrington Drive Knightdale, NC 27545

And, if you would like to find out the financial damage necessary to obtain a complete file, drop me a note along with a list of the years you need to complete your file.

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