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Who says you can't make money from magic? I recently received a list from a book store in Columbia, SC which specializes in "out-of-print and collectible books." The list contains some good books — with some high prices. Wallace Lee's pamphlet Math Miracles is going for $75. The average price of the 84 books listed was over $81.

This is the same store I went into last year because I heard they had a nice collection of magic books. They wanted $65 for Amateur Magicians Handbook. I was short on time so I didn't get a chance to find out whether a magician had helped them price the books but I may go back this year. If I could sell my library at half what they are charging for theirs, I could retire a year earlier.

Welcome to 1992 a little early. Is that a crimp in your pack, or are you just glad to see The Trapdoor? The material is backing up a bit so I'm anxious to get as many issues out as quickly as possible. Enjoy some of the self-working material in this issue. Soon, you will be confronted with an issue which will take a lot of effort.

Many magicians gripe about having sweaty palms. Joe and Teresa Graedon from Chapel Hill, NC addressed this situation in a recent installment of their syndicated People's Pharmacy column. In response to a handshaking politician who had tried an antiperspirant on his palms (and wouldn't youjustloveto shake hands with him?) they suggested a prescription-only product. It's called Drysol AC and it contains aluminum chloride.

They also suggested an electric device that stops excessive sweating for up to six weeks. It's called the Drionic machine. It's expensive and you can order yours by calling 1-800-432-5362.

Side effects include a prickly sensation, redness, and scaling. I personally would prefer a little moisture to a handful of scales — but if the lighting is right, the scales might pass for glitter which you could sprinkle over your silk flowers in a stage act.

Speaking of collectible magic, I was in Boston back in September. Harry Levine, Joe Howard, and Wayne Livermore took us over to Ra,y Goulet's magic shop/museum before my lecture. Needless to say, we were almost late to the lecture. What a great place! Ray has done a wonderful job of assembling, restoring, and displaying a wide variety of magic and gambling apparatus.

I'm not sure whether Ray or I had more fun. He gladly demonstrates or tells you the story on any of the magic there. This really was one of the highlights of my trip. If you have an interest in old magic items and are going to be in the Boston area, I would encourage you to call Ray to request a tour.

My daughters, Casey and Michelle, and I were watching a circus on the Disney Channel. Rudy Coby and Ed Alonzo were the two acts which interested me the most, even though I've seen them both several times before. Ed performs a nice duck-to-girl illusion. He places this duck into a black box with a plexiglas front. As the lid is lifted off the top, the duck visibly changes into his assistant.

He places the duck into the box through a door on the side of the box. As soon as the duck was comfortably inside the box, Michelle's eyes wi-

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Prepare to Bleed


5arry Levine

5arry Levine

407 Carrington Drive Knightdale, NC 27545

Steve Beam

407 Carrington Drive Knightdale, NC 27545

Phone (919) 266-7900

February 29, 1992

Dear Subscribers,

Okay, some you are tired of self-working card tricks are you? You know who you are. Gripe, gripe, gripe. So you want something to work on, do you? Not enough moves, are there? Well, put this in your faro box and shuffle it.

I went through the back issues trying to find the trick which had generated the most hate mail from sleight of handsters. Was it Dan Garrett's one hand swivel card change? No, many gave up on that before they started. Was it one of Scott Robinson's coin routines? Possibly, but most went ahead and did them by substituting the Hang Pen Chien for Scott's beautiful Boss Toss.

Then it came to me! A mere three and a half years ago I assaulted subscribers with two issues in a row featuring Harry Levine's Helicopter Cut (#26) and Making Your Bones. The latter contained a face up visual Bottop change done using eitherthe second orthird card from the bottom. There was also a little griping about the inclusion of the Martin Lewis card production, Hofzinzertop change, and Harry's own Revolution Change within the same routine. Real men mastered both of them, cussing all the while at howthisguy Levine must be a lunatic.

That was perfect. I needed something similar for another issue. So I made the call. "Harry, make my day. I need the real work for these guys." Fortunately, Harry had been sitting on an incredibly difficult color change since 1982 along with a routine worth its weight in uncut fanning powder. He had previously saved this routine to destroy the brain cells of heavy duty card men at 4:00 a.m. This is what I wanted for the issue.

Unfortunately, he didn't want to part with it. So, when I saw him next in Boston, I dragged this stuff from him kicking and screaming. There's no telling what would have been in this issue if I hadn't outweighed Harry by at least fifty pounds.

Warning! Harry is a professional. Do not try this at home, without a net, or without adult supervision. The Trapdoor takes no responsibility for shattered marriages, lost limbs, blood stained carpets, or beaten egos.

The next time I publish a self-working trick, let it ride! And be forewarned. From now on when you see Harry's name on atrick, turn the page, or prepare to bleed...


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Fundamentals of Magick

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