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Greetings from the high atop the Trapdoor International skyscraper in downtown Knightdale, the magic capitol of the world, and gateway to Zebulon, NC.

Last week I was flipping through back issues and found an opening line I didn' t complete in the Leftovers section of #32, page 578. The line should be delivered as you produce the deck of cards and should have read: "These are very expensive cards. You can tell by the suits they are wearing."

An alternate line would be to refer to the card case as the "club house." You need a suit to get in. And then there are the times when it might be better just to leave bad enough alone.

Speaking of opening lines, a few years ago I was spending the weekend at Paul Sorrentino's house in Blacksburg, Virginia. We went to the store for something and I found a deck of Stud playing cards. The back design is terrible and the feel of the cards isn't much better. But the card case clearly has the phrase "Stud Playing Cards." I threw the cards away and placed a regular deck in the case. When I'm performing a few tricks, I introduce the cards. Just like clothes tell a lot about the man who wears them, it has been said that you can tell a lot about a magician by the cards he uses. It's not necessary to say anything else, just make sure they can see the case (and the word "Stud") as you remove the cards.

Occassionally I will do a follow up line, S houldn' t there be an apostophe and an "s" right there. As I deliver this line, I point to the end of the word "stud." Of course the implication is that I'm the stud and these are my playing cards.

(I follow this with, "As you can see, it's a standard deck of... 58 playing cards.")

"Walgreen" is printed on the bottom of the ace of spades so I assume that's where you would find the cards. There aren't any other references to who might make them. If you find them elsewhere, let me know. I would like a few more cases and we don't have a Walgreens around here.

I j u st returned from the Stewart James Gettogether in Courtright, Ontario (Canada). I met Tommy Edwards, Jay Marshall, and Stephen Minch at the Detroit airport and we carpooled into Courtright. While this is normally an hour long trip, Tommy wanted to take the scenic route. (Calgary, Alberta is really nice this time of year.) If the shortest distance between the Detroit airport and Courtright is represented by the letter I, Tommy wanted to demonstrate his mastery of the alphabet by showing us the letter Z.

Driving there and on the return trip, Tommy and Jay traded stories about the "old days." This, in itself was as adventurous as the part of the drive which took us through Baja, Mexico. These stories would make a wonderful book. I wish someone would take up the chore.

Alan Slaight invited me to lecture at the Gettogether. He prefaced this with such statements as "It's the Fechter' s of the North." (Honesty was the first casualty of our conversation.) He also failed to mention that the average age of the attendants (and I'm quoting some of the attendants here) is 150. Finally, the last part of his pitch said there would be some young, hot, new cardslingers with hot hands there showing their stuff. To appreciate this, you have to develop a mental picture of a hot handed 120 year old cardslinger.

When one of the performers was having a tough time with the audience, Jay Marshall remarked,' 'Know your audience. Try rehearsing your act at an old folks home."

The only reason I mention the above is that Alan at first was bragging about how he got me there with the above sales pitches. Later, I think his conscience kicked in and he was apologetic. There was no need to be. I got the last laugh. I had a wonderful time. The older magicians are a great resource which is often

Leftovers is continued on page 796


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Fundamentals of Magick

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