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As I start this column, I just returned from the Winter Carnival of Magic in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I go to this convention almost every year but 1983 was the last time I lectured/performed there. You can tell what an impression I made by the way they rushed me back.

One of the reasons I enjoy this convention so much is that it attracts friends of mine from all over the southeast. This is the only time during the year that I get to see many of them. Some of these are friends who I have "shown" a few practical jokes. In an effort to marshall the resulting feelings, several of them banded together in what can best be described as a mean hearted attempt at revenge. (Okay, maybe this is a point of view held only by me.)

It seems that John Riggs, Scott Robinson, Mike Beam, Greg Lang, and several others planted items throughout my props which, for lack of a better phrase, would encourage magicians to practice safe magic. These little rubber items (removed from their packages) were placed in locations which were designed to create the most impact when I unwittingly revealed them during the course of the lecture.

One was in the bedpan, another was in the bank bag where I keep the props loaded for Cashpack (#14). During the course of the lecture, I was tossing the bedpan all around when one of these items fell from the pan and landed on the floor. Only the front row saw the unexpected production. I saw something fall, but I didn' t recognize it. It was much smaller than the ones I'm familiar with. I then proceeded with the lecture, unaware of what I had said that was so funny that kept the group of my friends laughing between bits.

As if that wasn't enough (in my opinion, it was)

they loaded the front row of the lecture audience with red/blue double backed cards. The idea was that when I had a card selected, the selector would switch the card for the double backer, making sure the color matched the deck I was using. Then I would proceed with the trick, climaxing by asking the name of the selected card. I would then turn over the double backer and it would surprise me and ruin the lecture for the 500 people present. (Okay, maybe it wou Id surprise the 500 people, and ruin the lecture for me.)

To set up for the gag, they visited Haines House of Cards prior to the lecture and bought all the cards they needed. Then they solicited the help of the spectators in the front row. All this required split second timing since the spectators had to be there and I had to be elsewhere while they were being corrupted.

Somewhere up in that great convention in the sky, there is a magician who looks out for poor little magicians who would never think of pulling a prank on their fellow magicians — particularly in front of 500other magicians. Luckily he was on vacation. The other magician in the sky who looks out for poor little magicians who might think of pulling a prank on their fellow magicians was on duty.

When it came time for the one card I needed to have chosen during the lecture, I happened to approach the one person in the front row who had left for the restroom duringthe spectator contamination process. By the time he returned, they were already introducing me and it was too late to corrupt him.

Once again another attempt to drag our hero (okay, Dawn' s hero) down was foiled by my incredibly perceptive and insightful spectator selection process. (I think I see a book in process somewhere in that last sentence.)

It has been my custom to run pictures of the magicians featured in the one man issues of the magazine (John Riggs, Tom Gagnon, Harvey Rosenthal, and now Harry Levine.) I didn't run the picture of Harry in the last issue because he was too busy making my life a living hell to send the picture I requested. Finally the picture arrived, just in time to be the day after I sent the issue to the printer. Below you will find the missing picture, only slightly edited for publication

Leftovers is continued on page 777.


Written, Edited 6l

Copyrighted ^

by Steven L-Beara


Being the astute reader that you are, you have already noticed my affinity for color changes. Yugi has designed one that is not only unique but convincing. The change takes place in the middle of a flourish when the card to be changed is on the top of a packet which is being spun between the two hands. Since the card appears isolated during the spin, there is apparently no way you could get at the card, much less change it for another.

The Work. Start by controlling the selection to the bottom face up. I use Woody Landers' Finger Flinger Reversal from #9. (I have used it for the last sixteen years and I'm too old to change now.) Hold the deck face down in the left hand in dealing position. Buckle the bottom (chosen) card so that your right thumb can pick up a thumb break as it takes possession of the pack from above.

The pack is held between the thumb at the near end and the right second and third fingers at the far right corner. This is different from the usual grip. The outer right corner is cradled between these two fingers and held close to the second knuckle. This means that these two fingers hang over the edge of the pack more than they usually would with the standard Hamman grip.

Use your right forefinger to kick or swing cut the top two thirds of the pack into the palm up left hand as shown in figure 1. Now, use your left thumb to pull cards one at a time from the top of the right hand packet to the top of the left hand packet. Do this for five or six cards as if looking for one that appeals to you. Finally, flip the last card taken face up onto the top of the left hand's packet. Ask if this is the selection while your left hand squares the packet.

As soon as the packet is square, insert your left little finger into the inner right corner of the pack and

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Fundamentals of Magick

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