Figure 2

Think of the two packets on your right as one broken packet. Think of the two packets on your left as one broken packet. Now you must reassemble the packets in such a way to set up for the final revelation. Drop the ace of spades face up in front of the person who selected it. Use the queen of spades in your right hand to scoop up the face up packet on your right closest to the spectator. This is the packet which was created by dealing from the packet which contained the queen. The queen goes under this packet. The right hand turns this packet face down and places in into the left hand. The queen is on top of the face down packet.

The right hand returns to the table to pick up the face down packet which is to your right and places this on top of the packet in your left hand. This combined packet is replaced face down on the table to the right.

To reassemble the left hand packets, place your left hand palm down on the face up packet. Pick this packet up and rotate your hand palm up which turns the packet face down. Pick up the remaining left hand packet (with the ace of clubs on the bottom) and drop it on top of the packet in the left hand. Replace the combined left packet face down on the table to the left of the packet already residing there.

State that you have found one person's card the easy way, with the packets face down. You will now try it the hard way — with the packets face up. Turn both packets face up and table them again. Ask the spectators who chose the ace of clubs and the queen of spades to call stop when they see their cards. Simultaneously deal through both packets face up. Both spectators will call stop at the same time. Their cards will be at the same position from the face of their respective packets. ■■■■■■■■

Semi-'Automatic Card Tricks

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