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Figure 5

You are going to cause a slide to appear in the apparently empty mount. To set up, prepare the mount as above. Open the flap. Insert the base into the envelope, allowing the flap to ride along outside the envelope. See figure 1. Keep the flap side of the envelope away from the audience when the flap is on the outside.

Bring the envelope from your left coat pocket in your curled left fingers. The hinge of the mount should be at the tips of the fingers. Use your right thumb to lever the envelope up and over so that the left thumb can go between the envelope and the flap. See figure 2. Use your left thumb to continue pivoting the envelope (containing the base) up the fingertips as shown in figure 3. The flap is fully extended now, being hidden by the base of your left fingers.

Because the envelope was pivoted around on the open edge, your right hand can now slide off the envelope by pulling it away from the left hand. Table the envelope. Refer to this as a clear slide as you bring your right hand up to the mount. Bring your right thumb around the back and the right forefinger around the front of the area where the slide is supposed to be. Pretend to pinch the non-existent slide between the thumb and finger and slide them up and down as if rubbing the slide. See figure 4.

Pick up the envelope and slide it back over the base. Now close the mount over onto the flap by pivoting the envelope over onto the left fingers. Regrasp the envelope with the flap with your right hand with thumb underneath and fingers on top so that you can bring the envelope up into the position shown in figure 5 (your view). The positions of the right first finger and thumb relative to the mount are important. Note that the hinged side of the mount is toward the right. Now quickly slide the envelope to the left with your left hand. The slide will magically appear. And, because of the position of your left thumb, you can push the "tooth" on the upper right side closed. This one tooth will lock the flap in the mount so that it will stay locked while you place the mount on the table (flap side down).

Patter. A lot of people think magicians get their secrets by going to a magic shop and buying a book. They don't any more. That's the old age. Thisisthe MTV generation and we get our secrets printed on slides — one secret at a time.

They come in these little envelopes and they come undeveloped. This is just a piece ofplastic that hasn't been developed. (Remove the envelope and stroke the imaginary slide.) The developer is built into the envelope that comes with it. (Re-sleeve the mount.)

All you do is place the slide in the developer and give it a second... (remove the envelope quickly) and the secret develops right before your eyes. If I hold it up to the lights (do so) I can read the secret.

Regurgitations. Playing with this, I discovered that you can also go for an instant visual production. Start in the position you are in immediately after removing the envelope. As you table the envelope with your right hand, sneak your left thumb between the fingers and the flap. With a slight up and down flourish, you can snap the flap closed onto the base. You will get an instantly developing slide. To clean up, snap one of the teeth closed.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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