Hurricane Watch

(Where Do We Go From Here?)

Now that you have mastered the change, you will find that it is more versatile than most others. The move can pass for a flourish where nothing happens (with all cards face down as explained below). Or, it can substitute for other moves. Below I will explain just a few of Harry's ideas. These are by no means a complete listing of some of the directions which Harry and others have pursued with the change. Remember that this change has been circulating through the underground for ten years. Up until now, it has been a well kept secret.

Borrowing on another of Harry's routines which was published in these pages (Making Your Bones, #27) produces another miracle. After four aces or four selections are lost in the pack, the magician holds the deck face down and asks which ace or which selection to reveal first. Whichever one is called, the magician brushes his hand across the top of the pack and the selection appears face up on top.

Simply control the four choices face up to positions second from the top through fifth from the top of the face down pack. (The aces or selections are reversed.) Pinky count one card and ask for the selection. Pinky count to the location of the chosen selection. Execute the change, revealing the card face up on top. Think about it. If the magician can cause any card called for to appear on top of the pack as this effect yields, he can do anything.

This can also be done with the pack face up by controlling the selections to positions second from the face through fifth from the face. (This also eliminates the reversal necessary in the previous method.)

There are many standard uses for color changes which will come to mind after you learn the change. Obviously, this can be used for most color changing deck routines. But, you can do it as a secret move too — a change where nothing changes. An example of this would be the ambitious card. You can tilt the ambitious card under the top two cards of the pack. You can cleanly show the top two and bottom two cards. Pinky count two cards, allowing the third to be stolen for the change.

In effect, you merely pass your hand over the deck and the ambitious card returns to the top. Apparently nothing occurs when you make the change since a face down card is covered with another face down card. However, when you turn the top card over, it is the ambitious card. If desired, it can be repeated face up. To do this, tilt the ambitious card into a position fourth from the top. Now you can show the top card and the second card cleanly. While displaying them, pinky count the next card. When you replace the top two cards, you will have a break under the top three. Steal out the fourth card and make the change. (Refer to my Upwardly Mobile #3 in issue #23, page 404 for another face up ambitious card which you may substitute this change for the one hand top palm for the climax.)

As a hidden move, the change can also be used as a substitute for the pass since it brings the card from the middle to the top. Harry has also used it to eliminate several other moves in an elevator routine.

I have fallen in love with the color change. It can be repeated more than most changes because the sequence is very disarming and there is literally nothing to see. You can vary it with the delay as shown in the Leipzig Opener. This also solves another problem I've been playing with for at least a dozen years. While I have another solution for this problem using a Mario sucker item, it leaves you dirty. Using this change, you can get the same effect, and finish clean. Actually, the problem was posed by Phillip Young so long ago that I doubt even he remembers it. (If he doesn't remember, then it was my problem. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)

The idea was to do a color change at chest level with your left hand holding the deck in dealing position, palm toward the spectators. The righthand, palm toward the magician, would pass over the face of the pack causing the card on the face of the pack to change.

Hold the deck face up in dealing position in your left hand in preparation for the Hurricane Change. Execute the move. As soon as your right hand deposits the stolen card on the face of the pack, both hands rotate in opposite directions while maintaining a light contact between the right hand and the face of the pack. The right hand rotates the palm toward the magician as the left hand rotates the palm away from the magician.

As this rotating action is performed, lift both hands up to chest level. Open your right fingers as you separate your hands. Your left hand moves to the left as your right hand moves to the right. Your right fingertips should gracefully brush over the face of the pack as it is exposed for the spectators.

If you enjoy the change as much as I, and feel that you want to get maximum use out of something this difficult to perfect, start going through your self-working tricks and figuring out where you can stick this in. That ought to brighten those babies up.

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