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For my next effect, I would like to send a lucky volunteer on a trip around the world. I will need someone with a vivid imagination. The magician selects a volunteer from the audience, allowing the spectator to remain in her seat.

This will be a fantasy trip. If I had the money to send someone on a real trip, I would be soaking up the sun on the Beirut beaches even as we speak. Please close your eyes and keep them closed until the end of the effect. Pick a city, anywhere in the world thatyou would like to visit. I have a prediction in this envelope. I will leave this in plain view throughout the effect. Now for the trip.

The magician turns to the volunteer. Picture yourself leaving this auditorium, driving home and packing your bags. If you are leaving the country, don'tfor get to take your passport. Remember this is November, so you may need to pack that heavy coat. That of course depends upon whereyou are going. If you are going south of the equator, you may wish to take along some water which goes down the drain in a clockwise fashion. You don't want to take any chances with their counter-clockwise water. Now with your wardrobe and water in hand, you drive to the airport. You make a quick stop by the home of your favorite magician who is already packed for the trip. This dashing young sleight-of-handster will be your escort for the entire trip.

We, I mean you and the magician of your choice, arrive at the airport and go inside. You balk about buying my, I mean... the magician's... ticket until I, I mean he, reminds you that this trip would not be possible if it weren 't for me, I mean him. Finally, you purchase our tickets with your credit card and board the plane. The plane takes off for the city of your choice. It stops in Atlanta because, well, you have to fly into Atlanta on your way to everywhere.

Once again, you are airborne. You land at the airport in the country of your choice and disembark. You pick up your baggage. Because this is your fantasy, your baggage is there waiting for you at the baggage carousel. My luggage, on the other hand, is on the way to Zimbabwe because you're still a little upset that I tagged along. We will pause for a moment while you correct this little discrepancy in your fantasy.

The magician pauses for a few moments. We' re waiting thankyou. You now exit the airport and there is a limousine waiting to take you to the presidential suite at the hotel. When you arrive, check in and head for your room. Go ahead and tip the bellman a twenty. It's not like you have to pay for any of this. Hop in the shower, you want to be your best for the conclusion of this effect. As you are drying off, you notice an invitation on the chest. You open it and read it. It is an invitation to a ceremony in the hotel ballroom where the mayor of your chosen city will present you with the keys to the city.

You hurry because it is approaching 7:00 when the ceremony is scheduled to begin. When you arrive at the ballroom, you have a scenic view of the entire city. Sit in the guest of honor's chair and look out over the city. It's beautiful.

Now, we come back to the prediction. Please keep concentrating. Is there any way possible I could know in which city you are sitting?

The person answers in the negative. Please open your eyes and I will show you the prediction. Right now,you are sitting in...downtownRaleigh,NC. The -810

prediction is turned to the audience to show the name of the city where your magic show is taking place.

Well, what did you expect? That the fantasy would lastforever? I had to bring you back to reality some time. However, I did manage to save some souvenirs from the trip which you can pick up after the show. Fromyour vacation in tropical Tahiti, you receive an invoice for airline tickets for two, five nights in the local hotel, and two cab rides. There is also this bill for the time-share you purchased while you were there. You can take care of these after the show. Andyou also get to keep... all of this applause. Thank you.

Regurgitations. This is a variation of the old "No" prediction. This is where the magician asks if the spectator could know a word written on a piece of paper sealed inside an envelope. The spectator says "no." The magician opens the envelope and removes the prediction which is the word "no". Thankyou very much. This gives you an opportunity to get much more out of the journey elaborating on the concept.


You can convert the preceding gag into a legitimate trick in many ways (and without using a nail writer). My favorite is to change it to a variation of the McCombical prediction effect using index cards with locations of their choice on the cards.

Purchase a complete deck of blank playing cards. These are blank both on the face and the back. Using a permanent marker (I used a Sharpieâ„¢) write the names of 50 different cities on the one side of each of the cards. You can add some humor to these if you would like to include some of the local towns which have a reputation of not being much of a place to visit. I have added North and South Carolina towns Lizard Lick, Norway, Bamberg, Denmark, and Zebulon.

I also have "Paris" written in big letters on one, with the words "Island, SC" underneath it. Paris Island is a marine training base in South Carolina. I did the same thing with London County. London is in big letters, "County, NC" are in small letters. When displaying the cities later, I call out Paris, pause a second and follow it with the rest of the card. Use whatever cities are locally funny. If you can't think of any, write down Chicago, Tennessee with the state in small letters. (I don't know if there is a Chicago in Tennessee, but it doesn't really matter.)

On a giant blank (index or playing) card write the name of the city in which you are performing. On the back of this card, place the name of the city you will force. Let's assume you will force Paris, France. Place this Raleigh, NC / Paris, France card in an envelope.

On one of the remaining blank playing cards, write the city to be forced, Paris in this example. Place this card on the bottom of the pack and you are ready to perform.

Start by asking the volunteer to close her eyes and explaining that she is going to go on an imaginaiy journey to the city of her choice. Although you have no way of knowing which city she will choose, you show the prediction of "which city she will be in at the conclusion of this effect." Show the prediction card in the envelope showing Raleigh, NC on its face. Yes, this is my prediction of which city she will be in at the conclusion of this trick. This carefully worded statement will get the initial laugh from the audience, she won't see it. The audience thinks they are in on the conclusion of the trick.

Replace the prediction in the envelope. Your volunteer is free to open her eyes again. Introduce the pack of cards with all the different cities on the faces. (If the force card is a corner short, you can have the pack mixed by a spectator and returned. You can then cut the corner short to the bottom.)

Read off several of the funny ones, then some of the legitimate ones. Display the faces of the cards as you read the cities. Turn the cards face down. Approach your volunteer and classic force the bottom card, the card with Paris on its face. Now go through the patter given in the previous trick. Since they are "in on it," the audience thinks you are building up for a non-trick punch line. They will be anxious to see the spectator' s reaction after being led down the proverbial garden path.

When ready for the climax, ask her if there is any way you could know which city she is sitting in. When she answers in the negative, remove the prediction with the Raleigh, NC side showing. This will be greeted with a big laugh by the audience.

Now you move in for the kill. Just out of curiosity, while you were sitting here in Raleigh, what city did you choose for your vacation. She will call out Paris, France. I guess this trick would have been greeted with a lot more applause, maybe even a standing ovation, if I had predicted Paris, France. What do you think? Regardless of what she answers, Well, let's find out. At this, turn the prediction card over showing Paris and take your bows. That must have been some trip! Thanks for taking me along.

Regurgitations. If you like the patter and would like to adapt it to something else, note that you could use the same patter with a list of cities (or a globe) with John Riggs' Open Book Test on the cover of this issue. You would substitute this for the book part of the test. You don't have to force the city she chooses in this instance because you are using the one ahead principle. She will call out the city of her choice before you need to know it and write it down.

It almost goes without saying that you could actually gimmick the pack similar to the McCombical prediction trick. Or, you could use a different force to force the card. If you want to get away from playing cards altogether, Remember that you can use the rough / smooth principle with index cards by applying a dab of Chap Stick (the original hard stick) to the faces you wish to rough.

One final point. You could do this legitimately and without letting the audience in on anything. Simply use Martini's envelope prediction (taught elsewhere in this issue) for a method to predict the selection. The selection would be completely free and then controlled to the top of the pack. It is then loaded into the envelope almost automatically from the top of the pack.

When you are ready to remove the prediction from the envelope, I guess you wouldbe disappointed if the prediction in the envelope said that you are sitting in Raleigh, North Carolina. But you know, technically, that would be correct. Finish by removing the card showing the city the person chose.


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