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Figure 3

Pull back on the right hand' s band which stretches the left hand's band and shows that the two are solidly intertwined. See figure 5. Note how the right thumb and forefinger come together as you pull the bands back while the left thumb stays apart from the left fingers.

As your hands come back together to relax the tension on the bands, the right thumb and forefinger separate again. Repeat this stretch and relax the movement a couple of times. The move for this is identical to the original move, only there is an extra band to contend with. As you pull back with your right hand, your right first and second fingers go inside the left hand's band as shown in figure 6. That is, the strand of the left hand's band which wraps around the left pinky is slid on up toward the right thumb crotch. The right first and second finger wrap around the other left strand as they pull back, finally ending in the position shown in figure 7. These two fingers continue back toward the left thumb, going inside the loop held by the right thumb. (Figure 7 is the same as figure 6, from a different point of view. This is the critical position, make sure you understand which strand s are where before proceeding.)

The Move. You are now going to do two things at on ce. Release the strand you have been clipping since the beginning be tween the right first and second fingers. As you do, this will suddenly create a great deal of slack in the previously taut band. To keep the band from flying off your right hand entirely, you must simultaneously separate your right first finger and thumb. The strand just released will slingshot around the left hand's strand it has been stretching.

Figure 6

is already on the near side of the left band, the sliding movement will prevent the spectators from seeing the penetration has already occurred. When ready for the fake penetration, stop the sliding motion and pull away from the left band sharply for about an inch.

Alternative Handling. Mark also allows a spectator to stretch a band out between his own hands as shown in figure 8. Mark then has both penetrations occur right under the nose of the spectator . The handling of the move is identical, making sure you send your right finger into the circle formed by the spectator's band as you are penetrating the strand closest the spectator. Otherwise, you will penetrate both strands of the spectator's band simultaneously.

The Trapdoor is published five times a year for $30 (USA) and $42.50 for overseas. Never before have so many received so much for so little and said "so what?". (It sounds like a bunch of so and so's to me.)

Remember our motto: "Less than 3 percent filler." In this issue, I cut back to 2 percent as a mid-year bonus. Of course, I reserve the right to add that extra percent to any future issue or to contribute it as the cover trick for someone else's magic magazine. I mean, let's not get carried away with this bonus thing. (You haven't missed anything with the absent filler. I was just going to say something about Mel Brooks & Annie Bancroft. It will keep.)

This space was intentionally left blank. (I'm saving it for a repeat of last issue's table of contents.)

The excess slack will be absorbed by this opening action. By slingshotting invisibly around the left strand, you will find at the conclusion of the move that the right band has apparentl y penetrated one of the two strands of the left band. That is, both strands of the right band are in the middle of the two strands of the left band. As soon as the first penetration has sunk in, you are ready to repeat the move on the single remaining strand.

Handling. Immediately after the penetration has occ urred, you need some time misdirection to cover the moment the penetration actually took place. For this, you should continue to rub the right hand's band on the strand just penetrated a few times. Slide it up and dow n the strand gracefully. While the right band

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