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Question: Why do we use pre-hypnosis?

Answer: We use pre-hypnosis to remind ourselves of the precise behavior we want to change. If we fall into natural sleep during the induction, we will still accomplish our goal. Our pre-hypnosis will act as the hypnotic prescription or prevailing thought.

Question: Why do we use an induction?

Answer: We use an induction to get our mind ready for change. The induction is a formal ceremony devised to send a signal to your subject's subconscious mind that we are ready for change.

Question: Why do I use deep breathing exercises?

Answer: You can use deep breathing to give your subject methods of relaxing you generally don't think about in the waking state. You also give your subject a method of getting feedback to your brain that the suggestions are taking effect.

Question: Why do I want to stimulate my subject's imagination?

Answer: You stimulate your subject's imagination because everything is possible in your imagination. Think about when you dream at night. You can fly, slay dragons or run faster than any human being. You can interact with people who have died several years before and you can be any age. Everything is possible in your imagination. Why not focus on all the possibilities?

Question: Why do I use a post-hypnotic suggestion?

Answer: You use a post-hypnotic suggestion as your main theme or reason for the session. Your subject carries out these suggestions after the hypnotic session is over. If his goal is to control your weight, then your post-hypnotic suggestion would involve words and ideas that will help him control weight. You may tell your subject to begin exercising or drinking water. If your goal of the session is to relax then your post-hypnotic suggestion will involve how you will feel relaxed after the induction session. You may suggest feeling the same degree of relaxation while you are working on a project after the session is finished.

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