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We are going to enhance the progressive relaxation technique we used earlier We will change it just a little bit, and give you a more powerful script. Are you ready? Let's begin!

Every time you see (PAUSE), hold your silence around three seconds and then continue. The following induction script is what you say: Close your eyes and listen to my voice. (PAUSE)

I am going to give you suggestions that will assist you in relaxing deeply all night long. Tomorrow, when you awaken, you will feel full of energy (PAUSE)

In addition to feeling full of energy, you will find that you will be relaxed and in control all day long. Issues at work or in other areas of your life that bothered you will cease to bother you tomorrow. In place of the stress that had become a part of your life, you will find peaceful and relaxing feelings. Your memory and concentration will improve as you relax peacefully during the day. Day by day, in every way, you are feeling better and better. (PAUSE)

Each time that we practice these techniques, you will find you are going deeper and deeper and enjoying the hypnotic experience more and more. (PAUSE)

I am going to count slowly from five down to one. With every count I want you to take a long, slow deep breath. As you inhale, breathe in the refreshing air. (PAUSE)

As you exhale, push all of the tension of the day, out of your lungs and out of your body. (PAUSE)

You will feel good, you will feel fine, and you will feel perfectly relaxed. (PAUSE)

Even though I am giving the suggestions, you will be always in control. Your mind will be alive, alert and your body will be relaxing, totally, relaxing. (PAUSE)

Okay, five (PAUSE)

Four (PAUSE)

Three (PAUSE)

Relaxing more with each and every deep breath that you take (PAUSE) Two (PAUSE)

One, now you are totally relaxed. Your mind is alert and aware and concentrating on my voice. (PAUSE)

Continue breathing deeply and comfortably all night long. It feels so good to relax deeply this way. (PAUSE)

Now focus all of your attention on relaxing the muscles of your forehead. Picture the muscles of your forehead going limp, as if they were a group of loose rubber bands. (PAUSE)

If feels so good to relax these muscles. (PAUSE)

Keep breathing comfortably and think about relaxing the muscles of your face. (PAUSE)

Again, picture the muscles of your face letting go at your command. (PAUSE)

Relax your jaw muscles. Your lips may part and your jaw may drop a little in order to assist in relaxing the jaw muscles. (PAUSE)

Think about it happening, allow it to happen, and it will happen. (PAUSE)

Now your forehead is relaxed, your face is relaxed and your jaws are relaxed (PAUSE)

Continue breathing comfortably, pushing any tension out of your lungs as you exhale. (PAUSE)

Think about relaxing the muscles of your neck. As you relax the muscles of your neck you may begin to have an urge to swallow. (PAUSE)

Swallow when you need to and this will assist you in relaxing even deeper. (PAUSE) You are relaxing deeper and sounder then ever before. (PAUSE)

Now picture in your mind that you are relaxing the muscles in your chest. Picture all of those muscles going loose, limp and totally relaxed. (PAUSE)

You are breathing comfortably and relaxing deeply. (PAUSE)

Soon you will become very tired and will fall deeply asleep. You will sleep deeply, all night long. (PAUSE)

You will wake up tomorrow feeling wide, awake, alert and looking forward to a brand new day. (PAUSE)

Each and every deep breath that you take is sending you deep asleep. (PAUSE)

Each and every sound that you hear is sending you deeply asleep. (PAUSE)

Nothing will disturb you, just concentrate on the sound of my voice. (PAUSE)

Each and every time during these exercises that I suggest sleep or relaxation to you, your relaxation will grow deeper and sounder than ever before. (PAUSE)

You are relaxing soundly and perfectly. (PAUSE)

Now focus your attention on relaxing the muscles of your shoulders and your arms. (PAUSE)

Picture in your mind that your arms are limp dishrags. (PAUSE)

Allow your fingers and hands to lie relaxed on your bed. (PAUSE)

Feel the relaxation growing in your arms and hands. It feels so good to allow your body to relax this deeply. (PAUSE)

Now think about relaxing all the muscles of your stomach and your back. Picture the muscles as they let go at your command. (PAUSE)

Each and every deep breath that you take is allowing you to go deeper and deeper. (PAUSE)

Each and every sound that you hear is allowing you to go deeper and deeper. (PAUSE)

Nothing will disturb you, just listen to the sound of my voice. (PAUSE)

Each and every time I suggest sleep or relaxation to you during these nighttime exercises you will go deeper and sounder then ever before.

Now that your chest, arms, and stomach are relaxed, concentrate on relaxing all of muscles of your legs and feet. (PAUSE)

Picture your legs relaxing deeply. (PAUSE) Imagine your leg muscles as a group of large, loose rubber bands. Picture those rubber bands going loose, limp and relaxed at your command. (PAUSE)

Allow this wave of relaxation to go all the way down your legs to your feet. (PAUSE)

Feel your feet relaxing now. Allow all of the muscles in your feet a sense of deep, perfect, relaxation. (PAUSE) Picture all of those muscles going loose, limp and relaxed. (PAUSE)

Now from the top of your head to the tip of your toes your body is relaxing perfectly and soundly. You feel good in every way. You realize that you can relax like this on your own but it feels so good to have a partner assist you in the process. (PAUSE)

In a moment I am going to count from one to five. (PAUSE)

When I reach the count of five you will be able to awaken.

All right one (PAUSE)


Three (PAUSE) Get ready now.

Four are beginning to feel more alert.(PAUSE)

Five (PAUSE)

(Loudly) Wide a wake and alert , open your eyes and stretch. END OF EXERCISE

Your lesson is over. Use either induction over and over until it feels a part of you. Practice the tests or experiments you learned earlier on every person you can get to do it. You will gain more confidence as you experiment. Your hypnotic subject will be eager to feel the same feelings again. He/she may feel a deepening effect each time you hypnotize.

Please do not use hypnotic age-regression at this time. It takes a more detailed course to really get a good grasp on hypnotic age regression. I give full day and two-day workshops to allow people to learn age regression the proper way. The safety of your subject always must be the most important thing in your mind during these session.

Hypnosis is best when it is a cooperation between you, the hypnotist and your subject. Good luck and I wish you the best. Please read more books, listen to tapes and CD's and become the best hypnotist you can be.

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