The okr is a Diakka

n_ nFHie lruiy uncontested past masters of magic. Mis influence can still Charlie ^ ^J^^^^^j^toitters of die older arid younger generations. The foUowfow «*1,1 of one of Charlie Millers lesser known card effect The orfi found in a tooslim opus that documents just a few masterpiece olhLs wonderful aW*

a J Davis was .he fust to define a diaklca as a mrsduevous or ev. spirit who delights in r l Lki0i sitters and medium. If you arent familiar with diakkas, I cannot do better ihTZiote Robert Panish from the introduction of the above-mentioned effect "If you dart know what a Diakka is, you should hunt up Th.esdell's SpirUvalism-Bottom Facts and leam all about him. He is a capricious spirit who causes things to go wrong in the stance room. Thus if a slate flap falls on the floor, it doesnt mean tiiat the medium was cheating, it is simply a manifestation of die Diakka" A supreme example of the behavior of these spirits is found in a stoiy of H. R Blavatsky, founder of die Theosophical Society. Early one morning. when die Madame didn't appear for breakfast at die usual hour, her French-Canadian l>alrones\ Madame Magnon, 011 failing to get a response1, entered her guest's liedroom to find Madame Blavatsky, then portly and forty-two years of age, lying flat on her liack in die lied, gagged and with her nightdress stitched firmly to the mattress. When the gag was removed, she exclaimed, "Oh, those wicked diakkas!"41 The sight mast liave had almost as much impact as the following routine.

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