The mjjjiy nrthky Card Trick

Thisis a „to effect. There are, however, three reasons for my decision to include it in this book first, it uses an Interesting mathematical principle to control a aud to a sperifir posrtton a principle tliat can be adapted to bring the card to any desired spot in the deck So on top of a pretty effect you get. a useful tool

Second, it Is an effect to be done on the occasion of aspectalor's birthday, and it ishanl to gel more iiersonal tlian dus, a fact tliat everyone who performs for the public will appreciate.

Third, it has sentimental value for me, since it was inspired by a simple trick 1 read in one of my very first magic books. This inspiration goes l>ack about twenty-five years, proving how unpredictable are the rules that govern storage and retrieval of informs ion in the long-term memory. Actually it was the first English-language book I acquired 1 was fourteen.1" At tliat time I liarl liad less tlian a year of English at school and wrote a Gennan translation next to nearly every word longer than five letters. Tills should tell you how much I was obsessed widi card magic, Ijecause no teacher in die world could haw marie me do that. Such was my knowledge of English dten—and now Tm writing an entire book in that langiuige (with a little help from Stephen Minch, I might add)!

A card is fiwly selected by a spectator who is celel irating his birthday. Everyone sings "Happy Birthday" as the cards from die deck are dealt in rhytlim to die song—and die spectator's selection turns up on the last note!

Constmction, Management and Script

Anytime you discover someone in your audience who is celebrating liis or her btothilay, you can go into the ¡xuformance of the present effect without die least prejxiration. Let s assume it is Winfred's birthday. Explain to him diat you would like to | *eiiomi an exceptional feat of canl magic tliat you liave created especially to celebrale the day of his birth. Hand liim the deck and ask him to shuffle die cards thoroughly. Then take back die deck and remark tliat the cards arc now in a unique onler, due to his jxulicular mediod of si milling—as unique as the person you are pperforming this for.

Spread the cards in your hands and have Winfred select one. After he lias looked at it and shown it around to Ills friends, take the card back into die pack by again spreading the cards in your hands until you have pushed off exactly ten. Open die spread at die outer end only and have Winfred replace Ills card into the gap. tiius bringing it to the eleventh position from the top. You have probably recognized diis procedure. It is die crocodile tecJirdque (Volume 3; page 531).

You «m obviously use any other method of control that achieves the desired result, but the suggested procedure makes tiK, selection and replacement process coherent insofar as the card is selected from a spread iii the hands and is replaced in the same context. rR> arrive safely and efficiently at ten cards during Uie liand spread, I prefer fina to spread off the cards in pairs. Tliis reduces die counting to five units of two. (The illustration shows the action of the double push-off; Vol tunc 1, page 211. )

Dining tills by-play, pnniiig to Winlred how unique tusDinjiiii\v is. -------., . ^

shuffle (Volume 3, jwge («(3) as follows While holding the deck in left-hand dealing^«310

With your right liand nit off a little more tiian twelve cards; that Is, about a quarter of tfo pack Wea\i? these raids as a unit into die left liands larger portion You will be surprised' t how effortlessly the caids interweave. H

Push the jiackets togeUier for at least tliree-quarters of an inch and press down firmly widi your right index finger on die right liand's packet. Move your right liand inward, pulling die captured left-hand cards from the rest of die left liand's packet.

IW the interwoven packets on top of die remaining left-hand cards and .square die deck, perhaps using Uie waterfall flourish (Volume 1, page 111). This lias brought the spectators

, 1J,m from a,e L'lwei,tJl Potion from the top fx) to die twenty-first position (2x - 1,

^^ a ¡n-&ro). What a fine tiling since you will need precisely tnis positioning in tlie upcoming effect

S^^Sii8 a littJe *** for Winfred, in honor of his birthday. Hold the deck

(ank singh' fanS? * ^^and hit ^ beats of "Happy Bulliday" as you deal die *ngi> trom the top mto a facedown pile on the table: '

■<la!J-trhyou-liappy.t,i,ifHta^tmr-um-fivd-happy it suits tlie situation, you may ask the others in g en on the twenty-first l >eai, as you hold the twenty-first card

Fined Notes

1. You could introduce this effect with ¿ui old but quite suitable gag. Say to the spectators, "By the imy, do ytfu kfiOto why Uiese are called playing amis?" Whatever the answer, start to play a lit tie time by blowing t m the side of the ' deck, producing a harmonica melody. Tve seen this done with a gimmicked deck, glued together and hollowed out on one side to receive a miniature harmonica A more practical method is to just liave one card, such as a Joker, with the niini-lianrnonica stuck to its face near one edge.

If tlds gimmicked card Is on the Imh-tom of die deck, it Is easy to play, and afterward the Joker can Ik* placed in your pocket.

If you fiiKl dial the name of die \ »irthday celebrant lias more or fewer syllables tiian the t wo for which d le amis are set, you can easily use a double cut to ¡aid one card to the top or remove one (Volume /, pages 98 and iw respectively). Otherwise "stretch" (dear To-om) or "compress" (dear ( onsu-ela) the name, as Is often done in the real world race down in your right liand and ask, "What mis yofercon/, please?"As soon as he answers him the chosen card up as die magic*] surprise and hand it to Winfred "Hen is Uie Fou r of SjHides -happy birthday, Winfmir

It goes almost widiout saying thai you will write a Utile dedication on the face of the card, then dale and sign it, before presenting it to the celebrant; maybe in an elegant envelope containing your business card Better stffi^if date and sign the-card, and slip it into an envelope duil contains a birthday card with a few well-chusen wonls directed to the» person. Or if someone lias brought a Polaroid camera (maybe you?), have them take a photograph of you and Winfred, with liim I lolding his birthday card. This is so memoral >le, it s almost tasteless.

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