The Knowledgeable Cards

1 could liave dubbed this routine "Hofidnsert Aces", since there seems evidence enough

,he eQf[ **** rwm üie fertfl* brain or Johann Nepomuk Hofidraer, who undoubtedly was one of die great geniuses of magic. The very first vereion of this eCTect 1 did was by the ingenious I^ny Jennings,« and then, for many yeare, 1 did Martin Nash's commercial rendering of the plot."

Today, after almost diirty years in magic, and fifteen as a full-time professional, 1 liavc rediscovered the beauty of simplicity. After several talks about this routine with my friend and mentor Juan Thmariz, whose influence is found in most of my work, I have come back to a very I >asic version of the plot. The audience's reactions are telling me I couldn't have made a better decision.

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