The Colorchanging Deck

y^^lT'lT* TfT 1 )*meA f*rfomed ftom the creative genius ofDai Vemon cemunly couldn't go wrong in uigingyou to soek it on,. " A few vei Sc

I purd^ed an extent book written by Juan Tamariz and his dose Wend, the laie Dr

Ramon Varela, and the colorclianging deck routine described there, using just a single gim-

irucked fairl to achieve a nuütitude of miraculous color changes, became my fevorite piece in this genre, and I performed it for many years* 1 then dropped it when I entered the phase of "complex magic" that one probably has to go through before returning, yeans later to the direct, classic effects of one's roots. One of these effects is the color-changing deck, which lias now been in my professional repertoire for many years. Here it is. embellished with many details gained from ixasonal experience, but still based on the ingenious contributions of Dai Vernon, .Juan Tamariz and Ramón Varela, along with Paul Cuny and Oscar Weigle, the first to use a double-backed card within this context.™

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