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This one of my favorite routines for ^ymen-and you Ml soon fi d out why ^ ^ Xt is he bnündüld of Ute great Chicago «uxlinar, A Leech, although i. has be^ S«riated with Chicago-based bar-magician FVank Everitart and was made popular by S Garcia in one of Iris wonderful books." lite plantations idea of using a lipstick ^ is. I believe a Many Mendoza idea kiter populanzed by Tbny Biirarelli> To this exquisit melange I lunv added ingredients by Edward Mario«' and Vanni Bossi.»' They say too many cooks spoil the broth but every wie has its exceptions. I like to tiunk this is one of them


The back of a freely selected canl changes color. It is then revealed tliat the performer placed a duplicate of this card in the card case as a prediction. The routine ends with an unexpected and humorous climax.

Materials m You will need two things: a deck of cards with blue backs and...

■ a T\vo of Spades from a red-backed deck On its face put a sticker showing a pair

of lips. These stickers can be found in many stalioneiy stores. Or you can ask your wife, girlfriend, lover, sister or grandmother to put on plenty of red lipstick and kiss the face of the T\vo of Spades. Spray a coat of art fixative over the lii>stick mark to prevent its smudging. The result should look like the one shown here. Note dial die lip mark is centered, which helps during the handling. You can use any <ant but Tve had Ix-st results with black Twos, Fours and Sixes, which liave a large white space at their centers.

Since you might lie giving diis kissed card away at die end of the performance, prv-

l>are several. If you decide to use Uiis routine professionally, as I do, vou am have the cards printed.

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