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it face down on the table.

. _ fhp Wfv who hist selected the card: m by the way, I completely fom to m Addre* the L^ J H ^ ^ 77/ fe neediiiQ a kiss." Pregnant pau*

si to «to n* or to ftte ft* M of ca rtis." Another pause for ESiJ-//aiSw «»W '^^/'tfthese «nes and pauses ait

ZS lined and delivered, die reactions will be excellent (This is one of Vanni Boea's coi3S)utions.) Such lines as diese require great delicacy, taste and experience, since each performing situation is different. In many circumstances the lady will feel comfortable in Ling you a peck on die cheek I know Paul Daniels, that marvelous entertainer, would enjoy an old gag here, quickly turning Ills head and receiving the kiss on his lips, as only he can do it. If any of this doesn't suit your style, or if die situation doesn't allow a physical kiss, simply have die lady blow you a kiss and change the script accordingly. Blowing a kiss is acceptable, in even die most delicate circumstances.

T\im to the rest ofdie audience with a smile. "This is erne of my favorite imgicqffect&.uTm to the lady. "Oh, m% Pm not taking advantage of the situation. This is ivally necessaiyfor the success of the experiment. You know, you haw chosen the only cant in the de& that is wry, very shy Its a little bit like ma Itfc so shy, it blushed when it saw you giving me n kiss." Ribbon spread the deck face down from left to right to reveal one card with a red back in die center. Pause to let this first effect register.

Push! all die cards above the red-backed one to die right. With your left hand, gather die remainder of the spread and take the cards into dealing positioa Execute a double turnover

(Volume 7, page 130; Volume 2, page 331; or Volume 3t page 573), showing that die red-

backed card is apparently die lady's. The audience will take this as die climax of your efforts and show their appreciation.

Leave die selection lace up until die reaction lias subsided, and only then continue. If you were to turn die selection face down before the applause ended, some spectators might became confused about the exact identity of die red-backed card And since diis is tin» situation dial establishes the upcoming change, you would weaken the effeel considerably. It is never too early to think about the final effect.

TUm the double card face down on die deck Then take the top carel, the prepared Two of Sj>ades, and set it lace down to your right. Next, drop die canls yoi i hold onto die tabled pile, reuniting the deck As you pick up die restored deck and square it, use this justified actionto the&bte,OP ^ y°,lr riRhl l,and page 273). Set the deck in front of you on

The palmed card is now loaded onto the back of the ami case, and then is seemingly extracted from it, .tang Mario's caixHronvcase production (page 1108).

As you produce the card, you explain your actions with words along these lines' "But I km iv uvrvgotogto take the^D^uZ^J^inZ ^t™*00*;- '1* ^^ *»*. which I fJnmlJheiv Z

beginning as a prediction*

Set the card case, with its flap pointing up, to your right and place die card upright on the flap, as if on an easel. This image, which persists until the end, reinforces die fact that the card came from inside the case.

7/& amazing, isn't it? I am npeat it.\ jfyaii like. Tins time petfufps with yón "Mere you point to a gentleman in die audience. ^f course without the kiss, if you don't mind"

Take die deck and start a Hindu shuffle. If you feel the situation can bear it, you can briefly repeat the sequence of drawing packets from die bottom of Che deck and flashing the faces of different cards. After this, or in place of it, perform the 1 lindu shuffle forte Q'otume 1. page 158), forcing the T\vo ofSpadeg* wliich lies on die bottom of die deck That is. begin to do a regular Hindu Shuffle as you ask your male helper te» say stop. Show him die bottom card of the right hand's packet, dien take it out of the deck and hand it to him. using the same sequence of actions employed with the lady's earlier canL Place die deck aside, face down. (Tou have just performed the Hindu shuffle force, but notice how die sleight lias l>een carefully established from the beginning, and how tliis influences die psychological construction of die routine.)

'7liis and obviously mn't appear in the and ease, since it is already oenqri/d Bui ij I nib it against yourAce of Diamonds, its bark will cUso change to ml I se die fece-up Two of Spades with the blue back to scoop up die facedown card on die table. Quickly l<x>k ill its face and miscall it as die Ace of Diamonds Of corns* you must take (tire dun no one else catches a glini|>se of its real identity. Rub the faces of the cards against each other and then show die blue-hackedTwo of Spades—nothing lias happened "<>lh I know I made a mistake* InslrtuI "/ rubiana the hacks tufuinst aich olio ,, I ruh>*d tin fans 77//.s is why this card has also become a Two of Spades."

As you say this, turn die blue-backed T\vo of Spades Goce down and under the red-backed card, place it fanned to die left, so dial die kiss will not lx* seen when you now turn both cards face up as a unit, exposing two duplicate TVvos.

Final Note

Stop the applause before the dramatic tension can diminish and explain, "But do you b Uhu this card became mi in the. first place? Wdl, because of your kiss." Show the kS

the red-backed T\vo of Spades. °n

After the reactions have subsided, I like to sty' a few words to the lady who assisted me, and give lier die curd as a souvenir. If she lias a birthday (wiiich Ls the reason she was chosen in the first place!), I write die date of her birthday on die back of die card and sign it. I then give her the card, periiaj)s in a dainty envelope.

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