Sifln of Four

This Ls a magical production of the four Aces tlmt Is beatffiil and simple at, the same time It «in naturally be used as an opener for a more elaborate Ace routine, four excellent examples of which you will find in dip next chapier. r>r il can be used to close an ad. Let's fiist kx >k -u how it can become an attractive overture.

The first and only time I liave seen diis handling of ;in Ace production was by the tale, greal FYank Garcia, when he was die sole guest for one hour on David Susskindk televiaon talk-show in the late l!)70s. Obviously, no explanation was offered It is typical of his sui>eri> professional wcirk, which is direct in effect and uses simple means." To my knowledge this piece lias never before seen publication, and 1 would like to offer it here as a little Iril nite to a great magician and gentieman.

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