fiT>m U,e b,u^»>acked deck to the bottom Place die T\vo of Spades °nt° 010 faCe °f ^ dGck «>ver it with an indifferent canJ, making the lt dnie bv t 7°?rani fr0n 1 ,he botta^ preparation Ls so simple, you <-an do it SbfthJS! Ule preparcd IWo tenia left pocket and adding it to the of the deck via a gamblers cop (VtJume.% page 707) or inilar technique.

Constovction, Management and Saipt,

Remove the deck from its case and place it lace down on the table. Place die closed can! case thumb notch upward and opening turned to a ten-o'clock jxisiiion

Ribbon spread the deck face up, then use the ribbon spread turnover to flip die cards face down mme I Page 183), taking aire not to flash the red back ( SoS^ £ die decktato leWxand deafcig position. WiUi a transfer eut QUtZ ï transfer (Volume .3, page 759) move the indifferent canl frem die botlomof the deck

Tb a woman spectator, say, "May I ask you to help me with the selection of a ami 111 shuffle the cants and you just say stop whenever you wish." Start a Hindu shuffle (Volume 7, jiage 155), but in die first shuffle action pull ofTa block of a few cards from the bottom, then continue the shuffle normally. 'We Will then take the ami that uxis brought to the bottom..."

Briefly show die bottom card of the right liand's packet. Continue the shuffle by again lirst taking off a few cards from die bottom as you look into the audience and say, "...this could l>c the King of Clubs..." Mere you show the bottom card of the right I land's packet and name it. Repeat diis procedure once or twice, each Ume naming the canl visible on the face of die right hands packet Always look up at die audience as you pull out carrls from die bottom, then look at die deck as you proceed to shuffle normally, taking them from the top. Tliis will considerably enliance the impending deceptioa

Let die last few cards from the right liand drop onto the shuffled deck and square die canls. Start another 1 lindu shuffle, pulling ofT the 1 »lock of cards from the bottom on the lirst shuffle action. As soon as die spectator calls stop, inteirupt the shuffle and show her die bottom card of the right liand's packet

Bring this ¡jacket again to a horizontal plane and use your left middle fingertip to slide forward die bottom card Then release this packet onto the left liand's cards, so that the selected canl is now trapped between the packets. Tlds enhances the impression dial die canl conies somewliere from the center of die deck Widi you riglit hand, take the card and give it to the spectator, asking her to remember it and to show it to all present— except you, of course. T\sm your head away as she is showing the caid aniund list's assume this card is die Ace <>f Diamonds h which ait- used in an honest manner, you have established the ,«tt,ni for Wth these nir use of the Hindu shuffle, which will shortly I* us«,] f

Ceding a beoam ¿ft nuyor modus opom.cii for our routine.

a key r.ut p ^ another Hindu shuffle. Alter shuffling off about hair

""' 11 is Ml» the prepared TWo of Spades-your key cant JZ

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