Final Notes

die relevant cards at every fourth position, no memory work is necessary for diis approach.

2. You can create a synergistic effect out of the final situation created by diis effect Gather the cards, placing the hearts on top of die deck in any on ler. False shuffle to retain the heart stock on top. In die course of die next effect do not use these cards, but find a reason to spread througjhthe deck widi the faces toward you. As you do tills, cull the diamonds below the spread, which separates the red cards from the black. And having a color-separated deck, without the least suspicion of your audience, allows you to perform miracles dial will baffle ever» insiders.

If you dorft feel like culling thirteen canis, simply reserve the setup of the tliirteen hearts while performing one or two effects tlxat don't disturb their grouping. Then go into such miracles as "The Mind Mirror";'0 Sain Schwartz's impossiblelooKing double<ard discovery, Thot Echo" { Volume 1% page 149); or any other trick requiring a setup of thirteen cards of a single suit A personal favorite is a version of MMoes Move a Card" effect*1 which 1 will briefly explain:

With the tliirteen heart cards in any order on top of the pack, execute a faro slough-off, then use a transfer cut to shift two indifferent canls from the bottom of the deck to the top. This m;ikes every other canl a heart, nmning from the tliird ami from the top through the twenty-seventh Do a false shuffle $nd false cut, retaining the top stock of twenty-seven cards.

Spread the cards face Up ill your liands. pretending to memorize their order. Then riblxm spread the deck face up and liave someone move a ami from the left sick1 of the Spread to the right side, while you look away. If he moves a heart, you can immediately name it If he moves an indifferent card, pretend difficulty ( which shouldn't be difficult here ) and haw the canl moved back to the left lialf, but not to its original lotion. The result will be two indifferent cards between two heart cards somewhere By an easy ftsl ting process you determine which Is the moved ainL

Offer to do the feat again: Replace the moved canl in it* original position, which you can n»prcsent as an additional effect, since you seem to divine this previous location. Or simply say notlung as you return the canl to its place. TVansfer the two top indifferent cards to the bottom and give the deck another faro shuffle, which places the hearts at every fourth |Motion. The spectator may now shift the position of any card, without the previous restricv tion of moving it from one half into the other. Tills should derail any solutions previously entertained, if a heart is moved, you can name the card immediately. Otherwise, you will find four indifferent amis between two hauls Keveal the moved canl thnwigh fishing

3. wThe 1 listoiy of flaying Cants" can be performed impromptu if you precede it with a trick that uses the tliirteen amis of one suit, sue h as Paul ( urry s "A Swindle of Sorts*/'1 Just remove the tliirteen heart amis, perfonn the effed and replace the cants as a I)loc k ii ito the » center of the deck, obtaining a break above them Bring them to tlie top with a sliuftle c ir a transfer cut and go into the required fair) shufttes.

4. Finally, I should mention the "Secret Setup" (page 1124), a strategy we owe to the e\-er-present master, Juan Dama-riz, whkil Is a clever way of arranging cards under the nc ofthespectators. With tills technique you can imperwp-tibly bring the thirteen heart airds in numerical order, to the top of the deck mJ\

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