Final Notes

strange attribute. So I stailal to rvlleet Uienh Let me show you ichat I mean " Here you go into die routine. This excellent justification was used by the clever British magician Peter Kane in the context of a simple Wild Card plot/6

3. For those among my readership who do not agree with my reasoning in using die Flushtration count, and who would prefer to apply a different tecluiique to show four Jokers, I recommend die Hanii i urn tvvo-for-four count (Volume 2, page 320).

giving more than a brief descriptive 4. Last but not least I would like to men-

script. 1 do have a presentation dial suits me, but I fear it wouldn't make sense to most readers. 1 tlierefore diallenge you to try to find your own staging that lends meaning to the canis used and die situations created with them Let me just mention a possibility to justifV die fact thai Jokere are used, wiiich are kept in a wallet ai h I Introduced as a kind oPexter-naT [>n >p You might say something like this when taking the Jokers from their ^VMafewweetooooIn,,!^

Hul mvnUV I di**mVd they have a tion that this routine is imbued with Ascanian philosophy in its construction, psychology, management, handling arid technique. Tb keep the description n^a-sonable in length, rve refrained from mentioning each concept and principle explicitly. However, the careful reader will recognize die ideas of in-transit actions, conditioned naturablBSSi clarity of phases, wony-free handling and much mare, which are implicit in every moment of this routine. If you wish to review these concepts, see die theoiy section in Volume 2 (page 407).

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