Constmction Management mid Saipt

Shuffle die auxls and ribbon spread them face up from lefl to right, so dial the indices are facing you. Tliis makes it easier for you to look for die four Aces and slide them out of the spread, leaving them face up on the table. The order of the suits doesn't matter. (Alternatively; you may prefer to perform diis routine after an effect dial lias finished with the production of ti íe four Aces.) As you arrange the can Is as shown in die illustration, introduce the effect along die following lines:

„^S can - o»« you utter this last line, look at someone you judge

ZljZoJ'^r Sly what you mean-along with the res, of the will bo intriPlwl iU

audience, we hope. ^ confirm Uiat dien? are just the four Aces and

Hand the Aces to a ^ ;u)K)Mg The immanent tr^sfonnation *»

tiuU there is nothing andInotexv ^ ^ ^ tJiat n0 special cards are being used bo quite amazing so ttlsgooa to .- ' ^ |Q involvP the audience; especially if

Besides, handing out c^sa®^ CiOUing hinl to do something will help him feel more you haw a spectator who isa ^ ^ ^^

comfortable with you an ^ ^ bu( ft ra]1 ^ ^ one he likes. Spread die

Explain that his secret will beacan i ^ ^ { don<t recommend that you have die cairl deck and have the »edWor nw v ^ ^ flnish> (o make it reappear somewhere.

signed, as diLs would create the temp ^^ ^ ^ ,ravsfonnatloni which

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