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Kola Nut - A sacrament to simulate sexual energies and combat fatigue


Kola nut was an ingredient in Coca-Cola after cocaine became illegal. Today, even kola nut is not used in this "great American drink." It is, however, still consumed as a drink in Jamaica and Brazil, its primary attribute being a sexual stimulant similar to cocaine.

The powdered seeds are used extensively as a condiment by the natives of Africa, the West Indies, and Brazil. A small piece of seed is chewed before meals to promote digestion and to improve the flavor of anything eaten after it. The powder is also applied to cuts.


Kola nut contains 3% caffeine, as well as theobromine and kolanin (a glucoside). It also contains some tannin and starch. Caffeine stimulates all parts of the central nervous system, especially the cerebral cortex and medullary center. Kolanin is a source for carbohydrates, the "fuel" needed for the body's energy. This combination of theobromine and kolanin aids the combustion of fats and carbohydrates. It also reduces combustion of nitrogen and phosphorus in the body.

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Caffeine + Theobromine

Primary Effects

Stimulates and economizes muscular and nervous energies; considered a strong stimulant. Preparation

One tablespoon of kola nut powder in a cup of black coffee is the recommended method of ingestion. You might add some honey, since it is quite chalky. Another technique is to cap the powder in number 00 capsules, though the oils will not affect the stomach in the same manner. It is only used this way because of its chalklike taste.

Ritual Use

Most of the original concepts of sex magic were from the earlier Hindu traditions of Tantra. Tantrics believed sex contained an energy which could change the physical world. (The psychological implications are covered in Psilocybe Mushrooms, Ritual Use)

Psychosexual energy is the principal element behind contemporary western magic. It is the single, strongest emotion-alterant available that can be disciplined and it is the foundation of Tantra. A path to the use of this psychosexual power begins by recognizing and then overcoming restrictive sexual prejudices. The first place to start is by cultivating intense gonadal awareness through the conscious tightening of the pelvic region. This is accomplished through deliberate contraction and relaxation of the anal and urethral muscles.

Two suggested exercises in Sexual Occultism by John Mumford have been used in Tantric yoga for thousands of years in India and the Middle East. These particular exercises can be used as a ritual to heighten orgasms.

Exercise One: To control ejaculation and orgasm (Muladhara Bandha).

This exercise is a pelvic contraction lock that begins at the anal muscles and spreads forward to the genitals. The correct feeling of the anal lock is like the sensation you feel when you retain an enema or hold back the passage of stool from the bowel. The method:

• 1. Sit erect in a comfortable position, hands palm-up on thighs.

• 2. Focus attention on anal region. Begin with an awareness of the chair exerting pressure up against your behind. Pinpoint consciousness to anus.

• 3. Inhale one-half lungful of air, swallow, and hold breath.

• 4. Slowly contract the anus while holding breath. Continue to hold breath.

• 5. Women should spread the pelvic area forward from the anus until a distinct twitch is felt in the vaginal lips. Men should spread the pelvic region forward from the anus until a distinct pull is felt on the testicles.

• 6. Now release pelvic contraction totally. Inhale and then exhale fully.

• 7. Repeat ten times when first practicing this exercise. Gradually increase to fifty repetitions per exercise period.

The advantages of this exercise are as follows:

• 1. It tightens slack vaginal walls in women, and it reduces tendency for premature ejaculation in men.

• 2. It sends a blood flush to the urogenital system.

• 3. It tones anal muscles, which can prevent and even cure hemorrhoids and other anal disorders.

• 4. It awakens the Muladhara chakra.

Exercise Two: To increase erectile potency and clitoral sensitivity (Vajroli Mudra).

This exercise involves the urethral sphincter closure, with which you cut off the flow of urine in midstream while voiding. As a preliminary step to this exercise, drink several pints of water or beer on an empty stomach. In one hour empty the bladder. As you do, practice cutting off and restraining the urine flow at least a dozen times while the bladder drains. The method:

• 1. Sit erect in a comfortable position, hands palm-up on thighs.

• 2. Focus attention on urethral sphincter. This is below the clitoris for women and at the base of the penis in men.

• 3. Inhale one-half lungful of air, swallow, and hold breath.

• 4. Contract the urethral orifice exactly as if cutting off the urine flow. At the same time, pull up on the lower abdomen, as if attempting to suck your genitals into the pelvis. Relax contraction and repeat as many times as possible while holding your breath. Allow sexual excitement to occur.

• 5. Cease contractions, relax abdomen, inhale, and then exhale fully.

A woman may check to see whether she is performing the exercise correctly by inserting one or two fingers into the vagina during the exercise. If performed correctly, contractions should cause the vagina to close on the fingers.

A man may perform the exercise naked in front of the mirror and watch to see whether the head of the penis twitches or elevates slightly with each contraction.

The advantages of this exercise are as follows:

• 1. It increases clitoral sensitivity in women and erectile potency in men.

• 2. It sends a blood flush to the urogenital system.

• 3. It tones the urethral sphincter, curing urinary stress incontinence.

• 4. It awakens the Svadhisthana chakra.

Muladhara Bandha should be followed by Vajroli Mudra daily, starting with ten of each. You should add five of each per day each week until you are doing sixty of each per day.

These exercises develop pelvic thrust ability in males and pelvic gripping power in the females. This enhances sensitivity and control in both sexes during intercourse.

Note of Caution: Excessive use of caffeine over long periods can be debilitating to the sexual function. It may also cause nervousness, insomnia, and habituation.

Kola nut is classified as a nerve stimulant and true aphrodisiac. It can also be used to curb the appetite.

2 - Depressants


Lobelia Herb Magic
Lobelia - A sacrament used in smoking rituals

• Family: Lobeliaceae (or Campanulaceae family).

• Botanical Name: Lobelia inflata.

• Synonyms: Indian tobacco, gagroot, vomitroot, and bladderpod.

• Geographical Location: All parts of the United States.

• Habitat: Fields, woods, and meadows.

• Botanical Description: Lobelia is an annual, indigenous to North America, found in pastures and cultivated fields. The erect, angular stem grows from 6 inches to 3 feet tall and is hairy with a milky sap. The leaves are thin and light green in an ovoid shape, hairy with blunt sawlike teeth on the edge. Numerous small blue flowers growing in spinelike pods are arranged in succession at the top of the stem. The fruit is a two-celled oval capsule containing numerous small brown seeds.


In North America, lobelia found its way into medicine in 1785. Cutler, in his account of herbs, states that when the leaves were chewed, they "produced giddiness and pain of the head, with trembling agitation." The Penobscot of eastern North America used it as a tobacco in the early nineteenth century. A similar species was smoked by the Mapuche of Chile for the narcotic effect. They called the weed tuba or tobaca del diablo.


Active alkaloids are lobeline, lobelanidine, and norlobelanidine. Although these constituents are not known to have hallucinogenic effects, d-lobeline is a carotid body stimulant.


Lobeline Sulfate (Nikoban)

Primary Effects

When very small quantities are added to a cigarette and smoked, the effect is a mild marijuana-like euphoria. It acts simultaneously as a stimulant and relaxant. Lesser amounts tend to act as a stimulant, larger amounts as a depressant. It alters the mental state.


Only a pinch should be added to steeping tea, preferably peppermint and chamomile. By itself, it is very harsh.

The social practice of setting a pipe for guests is fairly common, even today. The purpose is a sort of security where everyone sits and centers as a group. The sacrament has varied from generation to generation. Within the Native American tradition, the pipe bowl is always nearest the center of the circle, being passed from right to left. The host always loads the first bowl.

For an excellent smoking blend with lobelia in it, see the recipe for Yuba Gold on page 9.

Note ofCaution: Even normal amounts of lobelia may cause nausea, vomiting, and circulatory disturbances.

Lobelia is considered to be one of the best herbal expectorants as well as a powerful emetic.

Ritual Use

A sflcramenl for healing the nerves

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