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Activate The Self Healing Process Within You

This Activate the self-healing process within you has been authored by Carolyne Hansen. She is a long-term holistic health. In addition, she owns and operates an anytime fitness gym. The book is a course that contains several components for building and maintaining a superior health, this you can achieve by activating the untapped natural self-healing process in your body. It is about the simple lifestyle strategies that will help you to keep off aging and maintain a superior health status for a long time. This product shows you how to activate your innate healing power. The course program is presented to you as an e-book material in digital form as the primary source of information for the course. Downloadable on electronic device. This product is for all those who wish to boost their health levels and reduce or avoid the chances of being affected by life-threatening diseases. Furthermore, you do not require any special skill set to use this course program, all you have to do is follow the instruction manual highlighted in it and revamp your body's vital defense system. It is in summary the best information about your body that can change your health status for a very lifetime. Read more here...

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Highly Recommended

Of all books related to the topic, I love reading this e-book because of its well-planned flow of content. Even a beginner like me can easily gain huge amount of knowledge in a short period.

This book served its purpose to the maximum level. I am glad that I purchased it. If you are interested in this field, this is a must have.

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Imparting Pranic Energy To Others

The skilled magician is not only able to charge himself with pranic energy, but, as desired, is able to charge other persons with the power as well. The following two methods are effective in this regard, the first of these is as follows 2 Both yourself and the party to whom you are imparting pranic energy must practice rhythmic breathing in harmonious unison, observing the same rhythmic unit and breathing in time with each other you setting the time measure according to your own pulse beat. Either of these two methods of imparting pranic energy to others may be used, and are employed by the magicians in helping the other person use these psychic methods to gain physical improvement, circumstances, etc. In all such cases (which the magicians refer to as treatments by prana ), the thought of the desired improved condition is projected along with the flow of prana, by visualizing, feeling, and willing

How can I benefit the most from this book

I happen to be a workaholic, and sometimes to my detriment as I do not know when to slow down. If you are not a workaholic but willing to work hard and in the right direction then you will be successful. I sincerely desire that you become prosperous in all areas of your life. Please keep me informed of your success and the obstacles you overcome both financially and spiritually.

Healing By The Breath

In the pranic treatment by the use of the breath, the Yogi healer practices rhythmic breathing, and in his exhalations he breathes directly upon the affected and ailing parts, or upon the surface of the skin directly above such. In some cases, the healer exhales his rhythmic breath upon a piece of flannel or cloth which is then placed over or upon the affected and ailing region of the body. This method produces a sensation of warmth and a general soothing effect upon the patient. During the process the healer constantly visualizes, feels, and wills the flow of prana, together with the desired result. Healing by the pranic breath is a very old form of healing. It was practiced in India for thousands of years. In certain temples in India, the priests cure diseases by this method of breathing upon the patients and thousands of cases are carried to the temples each year, often fi om points hundreds of miles distant. As I have mentioned, psychic healing is one of the magics of India.

The Power Of Commitment

When I left my corporate job as an engineer in a major semiconductor company, I mentally, emotionally, and spiritually committed to living the lifestyle of my dreams by burning all of my bridges. All of my ties to the company and potential for getting a job back instantly vanished. Even if I went back begging for a job, no job would be available to me. Success becomes the only option. Just as I did, you can do the same with what you want. Decide what you want, commit to it, and systematically burn all bridges that might prevent you from getting exactly what you want.

The 8020 Rule Applies To This

In my book, How To Hypnotize Yourself Without Losing Your Mind, I stress the power of forgiveness. As you forgive others that have harmed you, the forgiveness energy is sent to that person or persons. As you wish the same success for the individual as you would for yourself, you are sending that healing energy right back to its source you.

Alternate Nostril Breathing

Alternate Nostril Breathing

In the Yoga teaching, emphasis is placed upon the importance of alternate nostril breathing that is in the using of first one nostril, and then the other, in the act of breathing, one nostril being shut off' by the pressure of the finger to its side while the other one performs its function. It is only when the oriental teaching concerning the two currents of pranic energy, the Ida and the Pingala, are understood that one begins to get an inkling of the reason for the practice of this method. Let us consider this principle for a few moments. I have shown you in the preceding chapter that the pingala, or right hand channel of the sushumna, carries the positive currents of pranic energy, and the ida, or left hand channel, carries the negative currents.

Cloud Busting Devices

Magicians and mentalists are not the only people who vanish clouds. There are many sincere believers who apparently vanish clouds using orgone energy. This is a very controversial subject and most skeptics say the clouds are vanishing because of the techniques we've described in this book. I'd be inclined to agree with that. Still I think the modern cloud buster needs to be aware of these techniques as many people will approach you and ask if you are using orgone energy to vanish the clouds. At least you will know what they are talking about. There are also many mentalists who claim they use the orgone technique. They claim that by using it, the clouds vanish quicker. They also say a person can choose any cloud and you can make it vanish using this so-called technique. Dr. Wilhelm Reich (who is credited with coining the term Cloud Busting) was the first to bring this into the limelight. Much is available on the internet regarding Dr. Reich and his orgone discoveries. Neil Slade is one...

The Power of Suggestion as It Works on Yourself

This is nothing but the theory on which Coue, the French druggist, based his slogan, Day by Day in Every Way I Am Getting Better and Better. You know what a sensation he caused everywhere. People flocked to see him. He was hailed as a healer. Thousands became mad devotees of the Coue fad. And why Because he was a psychologist.

Psychic Tree Slapping

Using a combination of Metal Fish Spatula's, Plastic Fly Swatter's, water spray, snoring music and Psychic healing It has been found by many that playing this half-hour tape of my snoring, recorded whilst transmitting my Psychic Healing energy through my dreams in the vicinity of the patient (trees and plants) often leads to amazing growth results.

Yogi Pranayama Practices

By means of arousing into activity the power of prana, the Yogis are able to direct the pranic energy, by the use of the will, into the various parts and organs of their bodies, thus strengthening them to a great degree. By similar methods, they are able to revitalize others and perform various forms of mental healing which is regarded as one of the magics of India. Also the pranic energy is used in various of psychic phenomena, such as telepathy, mental influence, etc. The Masters teach that all students of the magical power should add to their knowledge all methods of the arousing and projection of pranic force, in which the practice of rhythmic beathing plays an important part. I will now give you the very essence of this instruction.

The Living Battery Of Prana

The oriental magicians frequently sit in this attitude for sizable periods of time thus charging themselves with pranic energy in this closed-circuit exercise. They also employ these general principles for controlling emotions, removing unwanted ones and establishing desired ones. The method for this consists simply of practicing the rhythmic breathing exercise, with its proper Asana and characteristic 6-3-6 units of rhythm, during which process the magician visualizes, feels and wills himself to experience the opposite emotion to that which he desires to master.

Final Thoughts On Navels

The Human Navel, which prior to birth is connected to the umbilical cord inside the mother's womb, provides us with our life force before our eventual appearance into this world. Should you wish to push the idea of Navel Healing right to the edge then may I suggest that you read the book Faith Healers by James Randi which although intended by James to be an expose also happens to be the best how to manual on Psychic healing that I've ever read.

Reading Bridgepoker Cards

King of Clubs - If you are careful of nutrition, then you shall live a long life, a good life. You possess the talent for psychic healing. Ace of Hearts - To be happy you must be loved on three levels, three different levels. Spiritual -not religious - you are metaphysically inclined but also a bit of a skeptic, and you need to be loved spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Affirmations And Verbal Statements

Verbal Sunshine Graphics

The principle of the mantrams may be applied to more familiar applications and manifestations of the creative power of the mind. It has been said, Words are crystallized thoughts. And, the repetitions of certain suggestive words serves to strengthen, render positive and effective the thought or idea behind them. Thus, if you are employing creative thought in a certain direction, as for instance, in the process of visualization, you can strengthen the mental-picture by actually saying the thing that you are visualizing the verbal expression serving to crystalize the visualization. It also serves to direct pranic energy to the latter, animating it. Thus, the philosophy of Emerson, Brace yourself with affirmations.

The Real Facts On Making A Cloud Vanish

First it makes it look more realistic, and second, it stops people from asking you to do it again by pointing to a cloud you can't vanish right away. You can always say this has drained your energy and you can't do it again for at least 24 hours. This gets them on your side. Ever notice how David Blaine plays this for all it's worth in his major stunts He is always on the verge of collapse from all the energy lost. People love Blaine because of this. So make it look like this has drained your life force and that it will take time to recoup. People will believe what you did was for real because of these actions.

Handicapped Male or Female

I believe that Plato said know thyself, heal thyself. As a special person you have the ability of overcoming handicaps, overcoming obstacles, because if you stop and think that in your life you have overcome a lot of negativity, you have overcome a lot of obstacles, and it's just a question of overcoming as many obstacles as you can.


An unprepared pack of playing cards is handed out for shuffling. Taking back the pack, the mentalist explains the meaning of Pyramid Power as he deals six small piles of cards on the table in the shape of a triangle. The balance of the pack is discarded. The mentalist writes a prediction which is folded and placed aside. The cards that constitute each side of the triangle or pyramid are counted and shown to each contain 12 cards. Each card, the performer continues, represents one stone in the pyramid. The mentalist recounts how centuries ago, thieves robbed the tombs of the great Pharoahs. To illustrate, the performer removes three stones (cards) from the pyramid (triangle) and places them aside. To demonstrate the mysterious power of the pyramids the mentalist shifts several cards in the pyramid around and proceeds to count the cards that make up each side of the triangle. Believe it or not there are still 12 stones (cards) per side. Who knows what mysteries the shifting sands of the...

To Prepare

Hand the pack of playing cards to a spectator for shuffling. Taking them back, hold the cards face down and proceed to form the pyramid (triangle) as you patter about Pyramid Power. See the accompanying illustration. With the cards held in the left This is truly a unique demonstration of pyramid power. I hope that you enjoy performing it. Incidentally, the principle is based upon an ancient puzzle that was revitalized in the 40's by Syd Bergson.


Next we shall turn our attention to Navel Healing or as it is also called Belly Button Psychic Healing. Once again the Base Chakra which is in line with the Human Navel is used, except this time it is used for the purposes of powerful Spiritual Healing. One end of the Quartz Crystal is placed into their Navel and the other end held by the fingertips of your left hand and then your positive psychic healing energy is directed through your body, into the crystal and then into the Base Chakra energy point in order to promote rapid healing. The reason this works so successfully is akin to the beliefs of many other complementary medicines such as Acupuncture, within which the Chinese practitioners believe that all illnesses, diseases and mind body defects are caused by energy imbalances within the person's body. Therefore logic states that if we feed positive healing energy into the patients most powerful psychic energy point (The Base The use of the pointed Quartz crystal as a way to get...


This is the one thing everyone knows. If someone says they are a Virgo it means that the Sun was in the sign of Virgo when they were born. It only changes once a month but no-one can make up their mind when it is. Astrologers put the cusp (the day when it moves from one house to another) at anything between the 19th and 24th of each month. The sun sign really is important, strongly influencing the way you lead your life, but never admit this to anyone. Because everyone knows about it, it is best to belittle its importance in favour of Neptune or whatever your favourite planet is. Key word life force.


Massage is one of the single most important therapies used in healing. The visualization of chi, or life force, being manipulated is a valid method for moving healing energies through the body. This life force is thought to originate in the spine with its movement going either down the legs and out through the toes, or up the back and along the arms and then out through the fingers. In all techniques of massage that use visualization of chi there are some very basic rules

See also Cry Fear

We find animals spiritually, intellectually, and morally inferior to ourselves. Greek philosophers despised beasts for their lack of reason. Today's Christians deny animals a soul, yet portray the Holy Ghost as a winged member of the Columbidae family (i.e., as a dove). Hindus believe all creatures are divine, but see hoofed animals of the Bovidae family (i.e., sacred cattle) as more divine than others. Muslims picture all animals as being lower than humans. Buddhists think animals, as well as humans, are ultimately unreal.

Additional Insights

I can often sense a person's life force or energy level from their picture, handwriting, palm or by the mere touch of their hand. We all have the capacity for intuition to some extent. How we develop our natural abilities is up to us. There is nothing supernatural about what I do.

Have fun

The phenomena was first theorised, observed, and recorded well over 50 years ago by an Austrian scientist called Wilhelm Reich as part of his general theories and experiments into a form of radiation that he called orgone. He believed that orgone was present everywhere in the universe, and that orgone was in fact the life force present in all living things (similar to Chi in Chinese culture). He believed that orgone had a causal nature, that is its behaviour could be manipulated by observation and by willpower. Although this might sound disingenuous other mainstream scientists, most notably Schrodinger and his famous cat experiment, have proposed a similar causal nature to quantum mechanics - indeed quantum mechanics also predicts a causal effect on sub atomic particles when they are simply observed. Reich had originally worked with Sigmund Freud, the father of psychology, but his theories and discoveries carried him in a different direction and he concentrated all of his time and...

A new context

The contract may be broken at the first signs of lack of respect from the woman. You must not only think this you must say it. I structure all my relationships with women in this manner and with absolute honesty. Since when there has been this change in my life, I felt much better both physically and spiritually.

The Phenomena

This song was based on Wilhelm Reich and one of the orgone experiments he conducted using a cloudbusting machine that he had developed. Its barrel consisted of 6 metal tubes that were pointed at the cloud to be experimented with, and he is documented as demonstrating that when pointed at a cloud, 6 holes, shaped exactly as in the configuration of the barrel, would appear in the targeted cloud (a cloudbusting machine was recently used by the organiser of Glastonbury music festival to ensure good weather ).

Simon Says

The next chapter contains nine routines which require that the performer be seated. Actually, that's not completely true, because my two favorites - The Lemming Ace Exchange (which is based on a wonderful and little-known effect of Roy Walton) and Morley Budden's Pyramid Power - can be done standing. They do require a performing surface, however.

One Poor Lion

Such multiple transposition effects can easily become muddled to an audience when performed without a lucid and interesting presentation. Mr. Elmsley employs an amusing story, which he developed from a cartoon he ran across in an 1875 issue of Punch The cartoon depicted an adult relating a spiritually uplifting legend to a group of children. The caption read, There was one poor tiger that hadn't got a Christian, Bowing to popular mythology, Mr. Elmsley transformed the tigers into lions for his tale, which he carefully constructed to clarify for the audience the action of the multiple transposition, all in an entertaining fashion. The illusion created is so persuasive, you will probably fool yourself if you follow these instructions with cards in hand.


Brunette Lady

The Mentalist makes clear that each one of the participants will have to pass on the deck some of their vital energy, as it would be done before a typical Tarots reading. In order to do so it will be sufficient that each of the four participants will give a complete cut to the deck. That action will allow the transfer of some subtle energy from their hands onto the deck and, in addition, it will further randomize the mixed condition of the deck. Next, each one of the participants will take 5 or 6 cards for themselves.

Pyramid Hat Power

Read a book on Pyramid Power and you will discover that in experiments it has been discovered that an apple placed under a Pyramid shaped wire frame lasted significantly longer than an identical apple placed nearby before rotting. It is also believed that Pyramids draw Natural psychic & healing energy from the Universe around them and amplify the intensity of this for the good of all the Pyramid contains. I therefore realised that it would be a good idea to make Pyramid shaped hats which people could wear when they were ill, the Pyramid would draw the universes Psychic healing energy to it and it would then be passed through the pyramid and into the person wearing the hat to help them recover

Pranazing Water

While we are dealing with the subject of prana healing methods, I will give you a more careful coverage of this form of real magic practiced in India. Yogi methods of psychic healing is applied in three general ways, viz., (1) by the use of the eye (2) by the use of the breath (3) by the use of the hands.

Healing By The Hands

Hands The Balls

Pranic healing by the use of the hands is unquestionably the most commonly found form of healing of this kind, both in India and other lands. It is known in many countries as the laying on of hands. Chapter four of the second volume of this trilogy, Religious Mysteries of the Orient is devoted to this subject. Sometimes a rotary pass is found stimulating and helpful the hands being rotated in front of the body of the patient, in the direction of moving the hands of a clock. Sometimes a boring movement of the extended forefinger is employed to increase the flow of blood to an area in need of cleansing. Letting the palms rest on the affected surface for a time also produces a healing effect many Yogi healers employ this method almost exclusively. Others gently stroke the body with the extended fingers the stroking always being in an outward and downward direction. Another variation form is the vibration method, in which The Yoga teaching holds that all forms of mental or psychic healing...

Being The Breeze

There are people posing as legitimate cloud busters. Whether or not they are legitimate is open to discussion. The frame and theory these people work within is based on orgone energy. These men and women are sometimes also heavily associated with spoon and metal bending. You don't want to be a con artist with this material because if you persuade people to pursue your gifts as a healer with your skills as a magician, there are serious legalities involved. That's without mentioning the negative karma I feel you'd receive. At the end of day make sure it's not hard to sleep. Advice is cheap, that's why we give it away. Take it from my experience as a therapist and entertainer and just don't do it. One of my most memorable demonstrations of cloud melting was when I and a group of hypnotists and Reiki practitioners were at Bear Lake when the clouds shrouded the sun. I and a group of hypnotist students were away on an advanced training. In this event, the advanced students of hypnosis and...

Wrapping it up

For a history and ideas for presentation, the reader could look at the works of Wilhelm Reich and orgone energy, Neil Slade, Richard Bach (Illusions), Gary Sinclaire and others , including Majna P. who first taught me spoon bending and cloud busting. I will never be the same.

Tree Hugging

Tree Hugging is tapping into a Trees natural healing energy to help us humans achieve inner peace, calmness and relaxation, it is also rumoured that it can help heal many health complaints. By doing this they absorb the healing energy of NATURE from the tree, and obviously its best to do this with a totally healthy tree which has been treated itself with Tree Slapping.

S Female Married

I would sense that you have always had a very deep sensitivity to the needs of other people. You have very strong enabling qualities within you. From your energy you would fall into the category of a natural born healer. You are basically a natural psychic type individual. You know we have two different types of healers and two different types of psychics. One is the learned type that takes classes and courses and reads many, many books on metaphysics. And it is sort of like the Tarot card reader who needs the deck of cards to read. And without the deck of cards she is unable to read. The second type is a natural reader, or a natural healer. I feel that you fall into the latter, so that your aura or your energy level would be green, meaning that you would do well in any form of medicine, either traditional or non-traditional. Anything homeopathic and anything holistic. You are destined on some level to be some form of healer. Because you will be a natural born healer, you probably...

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