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Chapter One Getting Started on Your Journey

Samantha and Cathy both graduated from college fifteen years ago. Samantha became a lawyer and Cathy worked as an engineer in the high technology field. They each have successful careers, fulfilling marriages, and are proud parents. They own their own homes and lead a happy life except for the fulfillment in their careers.

What Do You Want Money Or Character

A growing body of research on the economics of happiness proposes that material wealth is overrated. The problem we have found is that as (gross domestic product) has gone up, happiness doesn't go up with it, said David Blanchflower, a professor of economics at Dartmouth College.

Introduction Aldo Colombini

Scott creates magic that inspires enjoyment in the hearts and minds of the onlookers that share his performances. He is able to 'touch' people's hearts with a sense of wonder, happiness and humor. These routines have been worked on and refined over many years of presentations to the 'real' people (as in 'lay audience.') Try them out, every single one, and see for yourself which ones will fit your personality and way of performing. I am sure it will be most, if not all, found in his books.

The Magic of Language

Words and magic were in the beginning one and the same thing, and even today words retain much of their magical power. By words one of us can give another the greatest happiness or bring about utter despair by words the teacher imparts his knowledge to the student by words the orator sweeps his audience with him and determines its judgments and decisions. Words call forth emotions and are universally the means by which we influence our fellow-creatures.

Laughter is the best medicine Using Comedy to Enhance Magic

Amidst that backdrop, as a magician you have a wonderful opportunity to bring some happiness, relief, and laughter to your audience. Most people want to escape from their monotonous routine, to be taken off into a fantasy world where they can temporarily get relief from their daily worries.

How To Learn Body Language

Set aside at least fifteen minutes a day to study and read the gestures of other people, as well as acquiring a conscious awareness of your own gestures. A good reading ground is anywhere that people meet and interact. An airport is a particularly good place for observing the entire spectrum of human gestures, aspeople openly express eagerness, anger, sorrow, happiness, impatience and many other emotions through gestures. Social functions, business meetings and parties are also excellent. Having studied the art of body language, you can go to a party, sit alone in a corner all evening like a wallflower and have an exciting time just watching other people's body language rituals Television also offers an excellent way of learning nonverbal communication. Turn down the sound and try to understand what is happening by first watching the picture. By turning the sound up every five minutes, you will be able to check how accurate your non-verbal readings are and before long it will be...

Beware of Too Many Predictions

Inexperienced psychic readers will sometimes devote too much of their reading to predictions. They heap one prediction on top of another, possibly on the theory that, as the number goes up, their chances for being right become that much better. They predict future travel, future wealth, future relationships, and future happiness.

The Dantes Life Span Reading

You are sensitive, and will use your own judgment. However, you are susceptible to flattery and the influence of others. Your own judgment is invariably the best, as you have learned in the past, so learn to rely upon it. You have no outstanding abilities in any particular line, but are wonderfully adapted to most anything you make up your mind to succeed in. Your life line runs to 80. It doesn't show at any time you will have to appeal to anyone on account of ill health or sickness. Right now, you are not as full of vitality and energy as you appear. Very shortly (snap fingers) there will be a change in which you will find yourself to be more mentally alert. You will gain considerable from this change. You will even be happier - and more lucky. No accidents, no operations, but you will have treatments from an eye, ear or nose specialist before the year is out. Nothing serious, but will result in a distinct advantage to you. When you die, you'll just go to sleep and not wake up....

C The Evolution Sentiment Mental

This Sentiment is interested in the intellectual side of life and in those things which impart wisdom. It seeks understanding and better ways of doing things, paying attention to causes and effects, to result and consequences, in order to shape the environment of man so he can meet the greatest happiness of mind and body. This Sentiment is inspirational, imaginative, creative, reasoning, devotional and expansive in thought, craving for harmony, liberty and justice.

D The Individual Sentiment Combination

The Commercial Sentiment, being based on self-preservation, is naturally selfish. It thinks of self first -- it would rather receive than give. The Individual Sentiment gets its greatest pleasure in giving -- its happiness is in making others happy. The greatest masters of the ages were strongly developed in this Sentiment.

The Right One Defined

Something that's below your threshold for happiness. That's why I talked about comfortable wimps and uncomfortable, tough MEN earlier in this book it isn't easy to get a relationship set up the way it needs to be. You've got to suck it up and crash through all the bad feelings, knowing that someday it will all be worth it. Remember, the wimps will bail at the first sign of rough going and seek comfort. Men will not settle for anything less than what they feel they deserve. This is where you will earn your stripes in the war of love and romance.

The Ellyn Drama Continues

Regardless, this is a girl who does not have much happiness in her life, and it would mean a lot to her for me to go out and see her. I'm conflicted as to what to do. I still hold a place in my heart for this girl, more from pity than anything else. Its sort-of the same situation I'm struggling with in the Power of the Dark Side post. I honestly don't know if I'm going to see her or not.

Lecture For Sale Of Horoscopes

Park benches of our cities are filled with men and women who have failed in life's race to success and happiness simply because they didn't follow some profession or line of work that they really were adapted to. A square peg never did, or will, fit a round hole. Astrology teaches that all mankind is divided into twelve and only twelve general glasses of people - the same as our year. However, the Zodiac is divided into twelve signs (or months) and each sign represents a different type of person. For instance, all people born between March 21st to April 19th, were born under the sign known as Aries. That tells me much about these people. Aries is the first and most favorable sign of the Zodiac and is symbolized by the Ram. I know people of this sign can marry people of only a few of the other signs and find happiness in marriage. I know the nature of their temperament and when compared to temperament of some of the other signs, they haven't a chance for happiness in marriage, or some...

Hints Tips And Wrinkles For Tie Crystal Gazing

Don't say, I see' if you are blindfolded, and wish to lead the audience to believe that you do not see. This is a contradiction and a theoretical error. When Crystal Gazing, pretend to see your answers in the crystal ball Don't be gazing at some pretty girl in front row and tell -that you see a vision meaning health and happiness. Look into the crystal and tell them what your best judgment dictates. Demand silence and a respective audience. Demand It

Magic And The Science Of Medicine

I have told you how Magic will develop your personality socially. The importance of personality in the social world is great because being well known and well liked means so much in your happiness. Think, however, of the tremendous significance of personality in business. You know that it's the man with personality who gets ahead every time.

Reading Bridgepoker Cards

Hearts (Cups) is the suit of love and romance, intuition, happiness, beauty, feelings and emotions. Ten of Hearts - Good luck, your future will be happier. You have untapped artistic potentials, unleash them. Queen of Hearts - Your desires will be fulfilled. You deserve happiness. When you are down, do not despair. Things will fall into place. King of Spades - You are just and fair. Many of your decisions are contingent upon others' happiness. Stop. Put yourself higher on the list. You deserve it. Two of Diamonds - I sense pregnancy, a child or a potential for happiness, a positive event you or someone close to you.

Why are psychic or cold readings done

The seeds that you plant in the mind of the other person are potentials. They may be positive potentials, the potential for travel, for better financial conditions, for happiness, for an improvement in the number and nature of relationships, or you may inadvertently plant negative potentials. Most people have had an experience in which a remark about not looking so good totally ruined the rest of the day for that individual. Research has documented the role of expectancies in physical health and illness. You are planting seeds

See also Eyebrowlower

Nose nostril flare (arousal). 2. Lips grin (happiness, affiliation, contentment) grimace (fear) lip-compression (anger, emotion, frustration) canine snarl (disgust) lip-pout (sadness, submission, uncertainty) lip-purse (disagree) sneer (contempt see below, Sneer). 3. Brows frown (anger, sadness, concentration) brow-raise (intensity). 4. Tongue tongue-show (dislike, disagree). 5. Eyelids flashbulb eyes (surprise) widened (excitement, surprise) narrowed (threat, disagreement) fast-blink (arousal) normal-blink (relaxed). 6. Eyes big pupils (arousal, fight-or-flight) small pupils (rest-and-digest) direct-gaze (affiliate, threaten) gaze cut-off (dislike, disagree) gaze-down (submission, deception) CLEMS (thought processing). (NOTE See individual entries elsewhere in The Nonverbal Dictionary.) RESEARCH REPORTS So closely is emotion tied to facial expression that it is hard to imagine one without the other. 1. The first major scientific study of facial...

Attributes of men who are the PRIZE

If they didn't, most soap operas would have been canceled long ago--men just don't watch these awful shows, unless they're gay. But by 'drama' I do not mean that women pride themselves on having all of the horrible things happen to them that happen in the soap operas. What l am saying is that women enjoy being around people--and especially men--who take them on an emotional roller coaster. This means being with a man who can both, make them feel an array of different emotions--sadness, happiness, excitement, etc.--and can, Iike a good roller coaster, be unpredictable and keep them in suspense.

Fidelity and seduction a new context Dont let women transform you into a beta

Remember your time is limited and if you give something good to her you must receive good things from her at least to the same degree. You love a happy life, comfort maybe you sacrifice yourself for your native Country or for Science for free, but if you sacrifice yourself for her, set a high price for the sacrifice

The Nice Guy Blues Explained

One of the major gripes of passive men is that great looking women always reject them for jerks who mistreat them. Despite the best efforts of these wonderful, passionless men to adore every girl they meet and raise them high up on a pedestal, the best women always seem to gravitate to this hated town jerk instead. Since Mr. Bad Ass Jerk fails to grasp the magnitude of his good fortune, he eventually ends up abusing his goddess. What a tragedy. Blind to the power of her own great beauty, of course, goddess runs around kissing his ass and taking all the crap he can dish out until he finally dumps her, beats her up or ends up on extended holiday at the local state prison. If only she could have opened her eyes and seen fit to choose Mr. Passive instead -- her world could have been a paradise of love and happiness. She just doesn't get it though. But don't worry we still love her - no, adore her - anyway. We're nice, after all.

The Power of the Dark Side mASF and Shredded Souls

In terms of PUA, I rate my success on my happiness at the time. If I'm doing shit with a girl and I'm happy, then I'm successful. If I'm involved with a girl and I'm miserable and paranoid and insecure, I am definitely not doing something right. So I think the trick is to create a reality that is so strong that your happiness exists regardless of who you're with, and you allow the girls you date to take part in that happiness. I base this on Zan's philosophy. Here's a guy who's 9 girlfriends and ex-wife just threw him a lingerie party for his 40th birthday, and they all know each other and do not get catty or jealous. How is this possible Simple. He never destroys that sense of beauty that is around him. That sense of happiness, that frame that he creates that sucks people in. Its always there, and it diffuses any negativity that exists around him.

So in short the approach that you are learning here gives you Flexibility it enables you to Personalise your approach

(Primary mode activate emotions of peace and relaxation.) The boat ride is now drifting under the branches of overhanging trees. (Pause.) And they are giving you a deep sense of inner peace. (Pause.) The trees and river together make you feel safe and cared for. (Pause.) Feelings of love of nature are growing deep within you. (Pause.) There is a growing peace. A growing happiness. (Pause.) The trees are murmuring of peace. (Pause.) You can feel the water washing away all stains, all pains. (Pause.) You can feel an inner peace, and inner joy. (Pause.) With every minute feelings of greater and greater inner goodness, peace, love and joy are filling you. (Pause.) You are reaching the Deep Centre of All good feelings.

How The Doctor Applies The Switch

You really want to know the truth If there are any DEATHS - or accidents, you would like to know about those too (Pause). You appear to me to be a very intelligent person - your future looms up before me quite clearly - indicating more happiness in the future than in the past -you are a woman that is very proud and high-minded - you are a person who likes to speak your own mind, then your heart is at ease. But people really don't understand you - they think you are odd, peculiar or skeptical - but if you care for anyone, you are sincere and there is nothing you wouldn't do fcr them. If you don't care for them, you don't want to have

Confident Decision Making

Without any goals, people are like ships without rudders. They float along in the sea. So often I meet people and I say, What do you want out of life What are you looking to do And they say, I want to be happy or I just want success or I just want to be rich . And I say, Great, what does happiness specifically mean to you What does success specifically mean to you What does a People need to get very clear, be very open, and honest with themselves about what these words mean for them. For some people being rich means making 100,000 a year. For others it might mean making five million dollars a year. And for others, it could be something different altogether. Everyone is an individual and unique. They need to define what they want and what specifically the meaning is of the following words happiness, security, freedom, love, success, riches. After they have defined what these words mean, they will know how close they are to getting those. And in defining these words, they should think...

Merry Christmas Happy Hunakkuh Awesome Kwanzaa

I've loved Christmas ever since I was a kid. It's not just about the preasents for me. I love the snow, the tree, the decorations, the green and red color coordinating, Santa Clause, fires in the fireplace, stockings, candy, friendship, family I love everything it stands for. The coming of Christ into the world, and with him, the hope for every man, woman, and child living or yet to live to enjoy peace and happiness forever. Whatever your beliefs may be, you have to admit, that's a good thing to strive for.


A pleasant or unpleasant mental state organized in the limbic system of the mammalian brain. 2. Specifically, feelings of agreement, anger, certainty, control, disagreement, disgust, disliking, embarrassment, fear, happiness, hate, interest, liking, love, sadness, shame, surprise, and uncertainty--as expressed nonverbally, apart from words. RESEARCH REPORTS Though our fingers, hands, and arms show feelings as well, the study of emotion has focused mainly on facial expressions. 1. In The Face of Emotion, Izard (1971 185) proposed nine major emotions interest, enjoyment, surprise, distress, disgust, anger, shame, fear, and contempt. 2. From research on the face, six basic emotions--surprise, happiness, fear, anger, disgust, and sadness--have been proposed (Ekman 1984). 3. Primary (i.e., innate) emotions, such as fear, depend on


We often see a high ranking politician standing behind a lectern with his arms tightly folded across his chest (defensive) and chin down (critical or hostile), while telling his audience how receptive and open he is to the ideas of young people. He may attempt to convince the audience of his warm, humane approach while giving short, sharp karate chops to the lectern. Sigmund Freud once noted that while a patient was verbally expressing happiness with her marriage, she was unconsciously slipping her wedding ring on and off her finger. Freud was aware of the significance of this unconscious gesture and was not surprised when marriage problems began to surface.

Teenager Female

The lines in your palm (or your voice, or whatever) lead me to believe that you are going to live a very long life. It also indicates that by combining your life line with your heart line with your head line, or the way that you structure your words, or the way that you form your words in handwriting, that not only are you going to live a long life, but you are going to live a happy life.

Teenager Male

If you believe in yourself half as much as I believe in you, or half as much as your parents believe in you, that you'll be very successful as you go through life. I am sensing from your energy that you are going to live a long life, a happy life, and you're going to experience good health, and probably be financially solvent.

Magic and Guilt

So now we are beginning to nail down the cause of the problem. If the magician feels as though he is deceiving his audience and is afraid of being caught doing something unethical, he projects it. That inborn part of humanity that C. S. Lewis calls the natural law is at work. He feels guilty. If, however, the magician has his aim set to creating an artistic event of true wonder, something good and desirable, he simply won't have those feelings. If the magician wants only to create a mystery that will bring happiness, fun and excitement to his audience, he is doing something honorable and has nothing to hide. Because his heart is in the right place, he will not project deceit and he will never be caught. His magical routines will flow smoothly and his audiences will be thrilled and entertained.

Sensory empathy

It is all to do with the difference between merely stating something and actually feeling it - or at least pretending to do so convincingly. The psychic acts if she can feel the same things the client feels - the same sensory experiences and the same emotions. If she talks about the client being anxious or upset, she acts as if she can 'feel' the same sort of anxiety and emotional pain. If she talks about the client's recent happiness in connection with romance, she acts as if she 'feels' and 'experiences' some of that inner delight, happiness and joy.

S Female Married

You are sensitive with a great imagination, that you don't back down, that you have a very strong influence in what happens in your own life. So that if there is going to be happiness in your life, you're going to create that happiness, you're going to generate that happiness.

The Cold Reading

Glancing back into your life, I see you as a person who has suffered by a near tragedy or great loss. This was either experienced by you or someone very near to you. There have been moments of tears and sorrow -that dread feeling of frustration. As you grow older, you have become more balanced and are now determined to forge your path to greater happiness and contentment. While there are several disturbances of the heart - I am speaking of affairs of the heart and not illness - I do feel that love surrounds you, and eventually will make up for all you feel you have missed earlier in life. Everyone is entitled to certain amounts of happiness, and this, too, can be yours. To return to the present, the influence which now surrounds you is what psychologists term 'antagonistic influences', and causes you to feel blue, defeated and discouraged. This is because surrounding occult influences would harmonize your life and bring about your fondest desires. It would bring you an idealistic...

Supplemental Patter

Madame, you are well aware of the marital situation in your home. It is apparent that you are very much dissatisfied with conditions, and you don't know which way to turn. I am not going to advise you what to do, but I will say that with the passing of each day you are approaching a climax, which your better judgment will dictate the best and proper course for you to follow. Happiness is the birthright of everyone - and

The Ww

It appears unexpectedly from nowhere, and then disappears in the same fashion. You do not see it coming, however it can leave a tremendous impact on everything caught in it's path. It can generate many human emotions, such as happiness, when you are touched by a gentle summer breeze. Or fear, when it appears to be overpowering and out of control. Or wonder, when it makes snowflakes dance majestically through a moonlit night. Yes, the wind is magical.


Go to your highest meta-pleasure state and access it fully and completely. Step into it and be there now. Allow yourself to become fully aware of this transcendental meaning of pleasure (happiness) and imagine taking this perceptual state into some other everyday activities. Concept. We can develop and experience too much enjoyment about some things. Our neuro-semantics (the meanings incorporated into our neurology) can get out of balance. We can endow smoking, drinking, eating, etc., with so much meaning that we use those behaviors to trigger our happiness even when we have to pay the price in various forms of unhappiness, in the long run The following pattern represents the happiness pattern applied to over-used pleasures. To start this pattern, begin with a sensory-based primary state pleasure that you want to decrease so that it does not function in an overly pleasurable mode. This technology works with addictions, obsessions and compulsions around...

Simply Tarot

A stack of ten Tarot Cards are shown and the history of the cards briefly discussed. A prediction is shown in a wallet. The participant is asked to name aloud any number between one and ten. The numerological significance of the number is discussed, and then the participant is asked to deal off that number of cards onto the table. The card they deal down to matches the prediction in the wallet, which is, of course, a joyous card that predicts much happiness in the near future


The performer brings up a married couple and introduces a 'Lover's Voodoo Doll'. This special voodoo doll is covered with words attributes, goals and events that everyone wants (or doesn't want, as the case may be) and happen to all of us. Things like ecstasy, find gold, stop smoking, happiness, impotence, find keys, lose weight, marriage, win at track, flat tire, etc. Also introduced are five small pins with different colored heads on them. A sealed envelope on the table completes the set up. Red pin - happiness Red pin - This is what this person wants most in the kitchen (in this case, happiness)

Psychic baiting

Well, one thing I can see is that both you and your husband are in for a difficult time of transition, but it will be well worth it in the end. I can see plenty of happiness in your new role, and I can also see that it will open up many new horizons for you. The key is to see the challenges as opportunities, which is what they are.

The reading

The presence in this first house of Neptune, associated with deep-seated wisdom and a tempered approach to life's turbulence, augurs well for you. Though your life may pass through many phases, and love present its thorns as well as its roses, you have enough deep-seated faith in yourself to see you through and achieve the happiness and love which is your birthright, and for which you have more than average capacity. Know that this is so, and enjoy the consequences Yours is one of the most sensual signs of all, and few can extract more enduring happiness, romance, passion and companionship from a well-founded relationship than the Virgo female.

Tests never end

In the meantime you have fun with other women if you want to, or devote yourself to your favorite hobbies. It depends on you. Your message is My value is superior to yours and to that of other men. I have an interesting and happy life. Come share it with me if you want to.


Thinking you're too ugly to approach a girl may just keep you from meeting someone who is actually attracted to you But your critique of your looks served to shame you out of an opportunity for happiness. You sought to avoid rejection by rejecting yourself before the girl had an opportunity to. You just made the process quicker and in some ways, more painful

Back On The Road

We went shopping together and afterwards we started seeing each other on a regular basis. One thing led to another and we became romantically involved, in fact we even sneaked off to Barbados where we fell madly in love I was so happy whilst I was there and the MS, although prevalent, didn't seem to matter. Marianne and I just got on with things and accepted the obstacles MS presented. Marianne felt a little guilty because she was lying to her children of her whereabouts. She had told everybody that she was in Greece with a work colleague. To be honest, I would like to think people would have understood that she was doing something for her own happiness.

Mental state

If I am irritated, I cause irritation. If I am happy, I cause happiness. Chances are that talking with him your mental state will become happy and relaxed. When you are in that state you telegraph to others happiness and relaxation and you are seductive

The Four Sentiments

This Sentiment is interested in the intellectual side of life and in those things which impart wisdom. It seeks understanding and better ways of doing things, paying attention to causes and effects, to result and consequences, in order to shape the environment of man so he can meet the greatest happiness of mind and body. This Sentiment is inspirational, imaginative, creative, reasoning, devotional and expansive in thought, craving for harmony, liberty and justice. The Commercial Sentiment, being based on self-preservation, is naturally selfish. It thinks of self first -- it would rather receive than give. The Individual Sentiment gets its greatest pleasure in giving -- its happiness is in making others happy. The greatest masters of the ages were strongly developed in this Sentiment.

The Man in the Glass

Although it is popularly said that money can't bl y happiness, many people still live their lives as if they believed the opposite. Being rich and successful has little to do with overall contentment. We are happiest when we feel in charge of our own lives, have high self-esteem. enjoy a close network of friends and family and believe we are doing well, rather than being incompetent or ineffective.

Zygomatic Smile

A true smile of happiness, gladness, or joy. 2. An expression in which the corners Feedback smile. Smiling itself produces a weak feeling of happiness. The facial feedback hypothesis proposes that . . . involuntary facial movements provide sufficient peripheral information to drive emotional experience (Bernstein et al. 2000). According to Davis and Palladino (2000), . . . feedback from facial expression e.g., smiling or frowning affects emotional expression and behavior. In one study, e.g., participants were instructed to hold a pencil in their mouths, either between their lips or between their teeth. The latter, who were able to smile, rated cartoons funnier than did the former, who could not smile (Davis and Palladino 2000). Smiley face. The yellow smiley face, a popular graphic symbol designed by commercial artist Harvey Ball in the early 1960s, has become a universal sign of happiness. Its color is associated with the