The Layout

Sav "tl - •• hafp vou will do two consecutive Slip

Cuts v S alS0 a theater where the Marx Br0therS PeTf°T fh ItliD of the thumb, lifts about two-

■hirck Ur/Kjht hand grasPs the deck lightly from above and w Uitne np ^^ ^ moves off to the left ! the cards at the inner end. Your left hand, cradling the lower w packet in line

Zhy0Ur «humb dragging the top card off the deck and onto the packet (1)0.51.

n your left shoulder.

, rhP Hpck and the Slip Cut is repeated, your right thumb letting another third of your left hand returns to the'deck.maf ]eft hand These are removed with your left thumb the deck (i.e.. half the remaining cardsMrop^^ ^ ^ & few inches to the right of the first packer «HilS taWes the cards its holding farthest to right in the row. The deck has now been cut fntothree approximately equal piles, a Jack on top of each.

indicate the spaces between the tabled piles and say. "These are the aisles in the theater, and this is the JnTZ h is ^e the Marx Brothers wait." At the end of the sentence gesture toward the packet off to

Se righTSso explain that the area on your side of the three packets is the stage.

A card is now selected from each of the three portions of the deck as you say. "The Marx Brothers need three spectators to join them on stage. The stage is a bit small, so well use three cards to represent the spectators " If you have three spectators available, use one for each pile. If there s only one person watching he will have to choose all three cards. Do this by asking the spectator to cut the packet at some random spot, and indicate what you mean by lifting a portion of the pile farthest to the left. When he lifts some cards, you slide out the top card of the lower portion and drag it toward you on the table. Tell him to replace the cut-off cards back onto the same pile. Repeat this with the two remaining piles so the layout now appears as in figure 6. The packet off to the right consists of three Aces and the Jack of Hearts on the face. There is a Jack on top of each portion of the deck.

Pick up the four-card packet which has been off to the right and spread it between your hands, face down, as you say. Let me tell you something about Groucho. Harpo. Chico. and KarL.whafs that? You re right, its rZZ ZlH hreL'er d,d mUCh S0 letS leaue him over in the win9s " Accompany that patter by squaring the 'S04 by ,he ,une you mention ■" ^e cards are flush and you can Hash the Jack of Hearts on the

" l vo^rtTh?nrRCOTKS y°U'if °nC d0es' simP'y continue), turn the packet face down and place he^kofHeirK^ T WUh y°Ur nght fin9"s and slide out the bottom card Drop that card, of the ro UP °m0 ,hC ,able 3 feW inches 10 the "9ht of the portion of the deck at the right end

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