The Faked Deck

Bro Hammans philosophy about using gimmicked cards can be summed up very stmply - do not takea oacket = pocket and proceed to do a trick with it. Unless the cards have unusual printing „

obviously do not come from a regular deck (such as "Five Kings Royal"), who do you think you're fooling? Only yourself. rZ| viNH

To add an air of naturalness to the introduction of gimmicked cards. Bro. Hamman began using some thing he calls "The Faked Deck" in the late fifties. It's a simple thought. He combines six tricks using gim-micked cards to make a fifty-one card deck.

The tricks are stacked on the deck, in this order, from the top down: 1) Four-tunate Choice. 2) Haldeuc-nation. 5) The Amorphous Aces. 4) Bro. Hammans Final Twist. 5) Wild all the Way. 6) Final Aces.

To do all of the tricks, simply bring out the deck, take the cards off the top. do the trick, and put them back into the deck afterward. Then proceed to the next trick. You could, of course, just do one or two of tiie tricks. Take the cards out of the deck as needed. (But treat the deck as a deck, not as packets.)

Bro. John frequently did tricks 4. 5. and 6 as a routine with which to open his performance. Half the deck is normal, and the other half is set for those tricks. After each trick is performed, the cards are placed to the bottom of the deck. When doing "Final Aces." the gaffed deck was put in the pocket on the left side of a piece of cardboard - a stacked deck was on the right side. After "Final Aces." the left hand, holding the packet, reaches into the left jacket pocket. It deposits the "Final Ace" packet on the left side of the cardboard and brings out the regular deck that's on the other side of the divider. You're free to proceed with whatever routine comes next.

ustafaLmtk^rTentati°n- y°U U find some creative w*ys ^ which to combine your favorite routine* 9 gimmicked cards into a "Faked Deck."

four-tunate choice the doubLend'icJi^te^u^nfH^ in 1972 this effect makes sublime use of the pntf** have blue backs. The spectator! ^ and Spades are shown on both ski*

r. have red backs. Fin*.., ? name an>' ^o of them.

The performer reveals that oni. 4 at changed into Vo red Kk?" that the Uvo -hich were not chosen are not r*>

This trick is so easy that anyone can perform it. You need two hi,, , ,

(hc jack of Diamonds. You also need two red-backed cards: both arelonnimf Tf the ,ack of and card shows the Four ot Spades and the Four of Clubs, the othersho^^^ double-en<lers (fig 1, 0ne Diamonds. Sh0VVS ,he F°ur of Hearts and the Four of

Set up blue t Up the cards in this order, from the top down: face-down blue lack far.

jack, face-up black Four(s). This packet would be on top of "The Faked Deck P ^e-down

To perform, lift or spread this four-card packet off the top of thp df»rw ^ decK aside. race down. Spread the pacXet

,„ ihe second posmon. and one black Four is face up in the fourth position. Name the Fouls whfch¿e showing.


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