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Sav "The livid gambler now insisted that we play while the deck remained on the table to prevent m, from dealing from the bottom." Turn the Four of Spades face down and table it in front of the spectator -it s the first card in his hand. Lift the cards off the top of the deck one at a time, dealing them alternately to yourself and the spectator. As the third and fourth cards are dealt, watch them to check that the pencil doti>

in the outer right corner of each.

Your hand contains, irom the top down: Nine. King. Queen, card A (Fives and pencil dot outward) Ten His hand contains, t'rom the top down: three Aces, card B (Spades and pencil dot outward). Four of Spadc-

Sav, "The gambler couldn t resist cheating, and he switched his hand for a Spade Flush." Pick up the spectator's hand and flip it face up sideways, so the pencil-dotted end remains outward. Hold the packet with both hands and spread the face card to the right with your left thumb. Beneath the packet, your left fingers spread the lower three cards to the right so their edges protrude slightly from the front (fig.3). Thi>sub;ie handling gives edges to the glued-together cards. After you display the hand for a moment, square the cards and turn it face down sideways. Place it back on the table.

Pick up your hand and spread it as just described to show a full house, two Tens and three Fives. Square it. turn it face down sideways, and table it.

Grasp the outer end of the spectator's packet, turning it face up end over end as you place it into you: left hand (fig.4). Say. "The gambler didn 't like the fact that my full house beat his spade flush, so he cheated llt!Wi , h0nd again for two Fours and ^ree Sevens, 'a full house which beat my two Tens and W

ZLr^fiHV I!!' Pa'ket **you (alk" us'n9 the handling already taught so the cards beneath the gimmick are spread to the right as well. After a moment, square the packet and turn it tace down. Table it-

T ^ SteP °head °f him' so 1 ****** hand for four Deuces. " Pick your Wj show four Twos^md aTen^* 1 " " IUrned end *nd. and place it into your left hand. Spread <»

and a Ten using the same handling as before.

d^notheT7aglthat w* sh<>uld each have the opportunity to discard Pluck the top card off the iiZnd Card in ™ and drop them off to the side. * ^

off card now on top of Z^T " am°n0 spectator s cards, in the vacant position in 182 deCk and P,a<* it among your cards

Turn over (he spectator's cards from left to right. The first card will be the Four of Spades (dramatically it is better to get this indifferent card out of the way before turning over the Aces). Turn over the other carcN to reveal the Aces.

Turn over the cards in your hand to reveal the Nine through King of Spades and say. "He had the four Aces, but I had a push and beat him." Gather all the cards together and drop them on top of the deck. Pick up the deck and. during a convenient moment, "right" the reversed lower half. The two gimmicked cards, which were discarded during the final sequence, are not returned to the deck. Rather, they are simply lowered into the lap. or pocketed, when attention is elsewhere. The deck is clean and you can proceed as desired.

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