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sn the spectator thinks you are holding five cards in your right hand, and he has taken note of the founh one Actua^the card he is remembering is on top of the cards in your left hand, and you hold J^

cards in your right hand.

Your right hand drops the packet, face down, onto the face-down halfdeck directly in front of (he spec tator Ask the spectator to lift his half of the deck and shuffle it thoroughly. While he's busy youH do sonv dirty work.

Obtain a left pinky break beneath the top card of your half of the deck. With your left hand, cut off half the cards below the break and flip them face up. placing them on top. This is The Braue Reversal. Next, cut all the cards up to the break off the bottom and flip them face up. Replace them back on the bottom, obtain ing a left pinky break above them. This break is actually beneath the card the spectator is remembering, which is now reversed in the center of your face-up halfdeck.

Next, you'll glimpse the card. Simply move your left thumb beneath the halfdeck and flip it over, sideways until the cards are face down (fig. 1). The deck will step at the pinky break, enabling you to see the index of the spectator s face-up card at the inner right corner of the deck as shown. This is concealed from the audience by the back of your right hand.

2*jMk ^ SPeC,MOrPbCe "

,pjck up ^ ^ «* - <»<« ^ ^ ^10 z he will not find h^cS^i his loosing, turns it face up. and looks through it. Ofco«£

tbacMs a perfectT ' ^ eSC°ped t0 the <><^ »<"> " A note on the psychology at „„ w* Lt P!riect ,llusion - the spectator is von dropped all ^

"" not find his card Sav "i k l turns it face up. and looks tnrougu ... -

here. The Countback is a oerfecMn eSCi'pt>(i 10 th< other half." A note on the psychology at«

cards he saw onto his half of the deck" th ~ ¿h* spectator is absolutely certain that you dropped«« The elimination sequence in whi hh * Certain ,hat his "Houdini1 card is in his half of tla

Houdini card vanish fron, hLs halfThPinvolved does not require any physical activity to make » convinced he holds h,s own ctd ° th'nfl 'S pIayetl OUI mentally in the spectator's head because I*

To continue say 'Xcf'*

face-down cards out of thTbJl'T ¿Z?™ HoUdtnl before he scopes again. Push any one- ofj*« 154 A Me PU$hes an>' out of the face-down balance of his halfdeck.

¡1 face down. Tell him to turn all the other cards face ud anh , , guess you've caught Houdini." UP a"d ^ look for his card. He wil, not see it. Say. t

Say. 7 can tell you ve found Houdini because I can read the the back of the face-down card and name the selection you gCsed°i ** the """ you point to and say. "He's escaped agam. turn over the card. " The spectator Z m°ments a9° s"aP 'our fiZ ° , (Mnk he's caught over her," Ribbon spread the faclSZZll]lT\ in^ren c^Tay the Houdini card face up in the middle. n<U,deck that s been off to your right to repeal

Do not omit reading the back of the card at the end It convinc doubts, that his selection was really in his half of the deck. How else could Tou know what T ^ UngQTing

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