Kings through the table

s ■„ mnnir hut on occasion, has adapted a coin plot to a card trick. The earlier

Bro. Hamman does not do coin magic . Hflmmtin (1958). involved lapping

set up in advance- remove the Aces and Kings from a deck. Place the Ace of Hearts beneath your right thiah The King of Hearts goes inside the left breast pocket of either your shirt or jacket. Set up the remain-Ing six c^ds in this order, from face to rear: King of Diamonds. King of Clubs. King of Spades. Ace or Qui, Ace of Diamonds, and Ace of Spades. Turn the packet face down and drop it on top of the deck.

Since you are going to do a trick using four particular cards, you can go through the deck and openly set up the cards on top. Do it casually, before you mention the Kings, and the audience will not count the cauls with which you fiddle. Afterward, turn the deck face down in your left hand, held in dealing position. Again, before you mention any particulars, just push off the top six cards in a group and take them with your right hand. Place the deck aside, and lower the packet into dealing position.

Casually spread over the top three cards, so four backs are seen, then square them. The four lowermost cards remain squared as one. To show the four Kings, execute The Undercount as described in "Watch - If Like a Hawk.' The first card is taken from the bottom of the packet by your right hand and tilted upward*1

, Kl"9 Is seen' Your ri9ht hand descends and takes a second card off the packet s bottom onto the jtf hand dwcends T*' FlaSh the faCe toward the audience to display a black King. ^ your «J

time, your ^eri thumb descend ^ °f CardS f™ ™ hand beneath the cards it holds. At the ^ cards except ^e topone h^ T ^ puShed'°^r ">P card. Your right hand moves upward wUh ^ ^ face of the To colw ^ * V°Ur left ^umb. Your right hand flashes the second black»"^ left hand onto the face of J! i C°Um- y0Ur hand descends and takes the single card trom.

r ^ Packet> then flashes it to the audience so a second red King is seen.

nfnV'rf ™ tu^9 Your *t hand retakes the cards in

L„Vi,g l)- ^y. There's a palm UP and gestures to an imaginary hole in the tapt .ft;:

m • "d palm lown and openly transfer .he .op card of lhe tllr« •• ^

^handl^mhdown9 °f ?UbS on ,he face of the packet. Hold v°ur and hot tom h°^ry°Ur 'humb It faCe-down Packet lands on your outst*^ ,, mea<* Without pausUia " They should rem^n °P 'he pa^< and simultaneously draw M* ,,

Ublng, peel the next two Xrd ^mewhat aligned though it need not Ik« ^

Cardb 0if top of the packet one at a time, so they **

t0 (he right on top of the double card. Your right hand, with the remaining double card (in perfect alignment). gestures toward the soft spot, then goes beneath the table.

Leave the Kings of Diamonds and Spades resting on the chair between your legs. (For those keeping score, it's Magician 4, Spectators 0: with the exception of one of each, the Kings and Aces have been switched. Most of the dirty work is completed.) Your right hand moves forward, beneath the table, to where the soft spot lies. At the same time, your left fingers jiggle/square the cards in that hand. Once they're in dealing position, your left thumb moves onto the outer left corner. Your first finger is at the packet's outer end.

By maintaining pressure between your thumb and second finger, and pulling downward with your first finger, you'll be able to turn your left hand over while pivoting the packet so that it remains face down (fig.2). Lower the packet to the table on top of the soft spot, slipping your thumb beneath it. To give the appearance that the King of Clubs is rising to the top. press lightly upward with your thumb as you pull it out from beneath the cards. This pulls the lowermost card toward you and. as soon as it's able, let it flop face up on top of the others (fig.3).

Pick up the packet and hold it in dealing position. Do Bro. Hamman's Small-Packet Reverse Fan Display, here with no monkey business, as described in "Brother Hamman's Second Twist." The cards are reverse counted into a fan in your right hand while held at the outer right corners. Three face-down cards will be seen on top of the face-up King of Clubs. Square the packet and place it back into dealing position.

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