cream rises to the top

The most notable solution to the fades of the Karl Fulves' "Progressive Triumph " card problem here^ ^ and later on p. 145 of

»1? plot was Derek Dingle's routine of the same "^pU^ fap^ch. Bro. Hamman's version takes ^'Complete Works of Derek Dingle, which utilized a «»^shuffle appro P'*e mostly in the hands and moves off in its own unique direction.

u ipci( The magician tries to locate them, are chosen by different spectators and m^in the deck.^ ^ ^ ^ face-up c^ds, 27 ** face up and face down. Instead, he finds he four packe(S and one ispla^

d0?Ck ^ese -e removed and placed aside The dec«dMd ed ,o the top. and they are P,ac

P Ace. One by one the Aces migrate from the bottom ^


prepare by reversing «he four Aces on «he bottom of a face-down deck.

To s. vrt say "Some people think that the deck Is a creamery We re going to have a couple of f0nb chosen by churn,ny up the deck." Bro. John s Rolling Control is used to force/control the selections Spr,, over abenu a third of the deck and nip it face up. back onto «he cards in your left hand. Spread pas, ,h, face-up cards, somewhere among the backs, and flip over all the cards on top of the deck Spread the cards into your rkjht hand as already described in "Blind Chance." taking them in a group at the center of right long sides, thumb above and fingers beneath. Push over all the face-up cards and the first face-down card Your right hand lifts them and flashes the underside of the packet toward the first spectator - ho told to remember that card.

Drop the right-hand cards 011 top of the deck. Do one rolling cut. spreading Into the face-down cards lifting them, and flipping everything over back onto the deck. Repeat a second lime.

Spread over all the face-up cards, and two face-down cards, into your right hand (The uppermost facedown card is the first selection.) Take that packet and flash its underside «0 the second spectator, askino him to remember the card he sees. Then, drop it back on top of the deck.

Do one rolling cut. spreading Into the face-down cards, lifting «hem. and flipping everything over back onto the deck. Repeat a second time.

Spread over all the face-up cards, and three face-down cards, into your right hand (The first two face down cards are selections one and two.) Take that packet and flash its underside to the third spectator asking her to remember the card she sees. Then, drop it back on top of «he deck.

Do one rolling cut. spreading into the face-down cards, lifting them, and flipping everything overbad onto «he deck. Repeat a second time.

Spread over all the face-up cards, and four face-down cards, into your righ« hand. (The firs« three face-down cards are selections one. two. and three.) Take that packet and flash its face to the fourth spectator asking h.m to remember the card he sees. Then, drop it back on top of the deck.

(Je uo on toiT™ UP 0'K'e m°re " U,°k at ,ht> inn" e"d of the deck and guess how many cards then' * face-down halves hi I ,hinflS 80 th< <»«* * divided into approximately egual fece-upa

£? thu^ sfaCe-UP CardS fr°m ^ >™ * "Tn :

left palm 4 oZZ*™^ — -a, number of cards on fa^up upper*half are thTselections ihT"' "P ~ " The four cards at the bono« of selections. The reversed Aces should still be on the bottom of the deck ie' top. The'fo Uo wing'vjuriaUon of ^'m u 11 a neo u s 1 maneuver the Aces «0 the middle and «h^ -k a, ,he spot "Tnumph" is u* ^

To show to left pinky break ^^ ir°m ,h* ori«inal 'Trtuni> h back^

forth against the inner end ** dcck meel your r.ght thum often-overlooked tip from Expert (Ldr«^^"5"'1"9 m0,'°n WlU causo thc na,ural *

192 1 i rinhi hand lifts about half of the cards above the break in Zi e howinc, a back. A face shows on top of the U Z! IT™™ T flash unr' t'cauls on the deck. In »he same motion, take over the breach In, "T ? ^ °Ver and S^the lower qu.ter of the deck. Turn r right hand^T St ^^f'S

Tfaco will show. A back w 11 how on top of the left-hand cards. Turn your right hand over an 1 X

the cards onto those in your let. hand. This tune, your right hand lifts all the cards above the b eak and jurns over - a back shows on both halves (fig. I). Ct K ana

Turn both hands over at the same time, your right hand moving a bit more quickly than your left (fig 2)

Guide the right-hand cards beneath the left-hand cards as shown. This brings the four reversed Aces to the t0P of the face-up deck. The selections are at the rear. During all of this you should be pattering about fu-e-up and face-down cards, and how mixed up the deck is.

Table the deck and square it. then cut at the center and complete it. Turn the deck face^do.n and do wide ribbon spread as you say. " .and there are your cards - ^^^^T^Tm you spectators will reply negatively. Put the deck into dealmg P^^^^^^ ^le ttons) in line with the reach the Aces. Outjog them, then spread over the next up. Say. Let* get upper half of the deck. Your left hand flips the remainder of the dcCK tic these devils out of here."

w . ^nrn the face-up lower half. Once Move your left thumb onto the Aces and strip them out so they fall onto the

»hat s done, your right hand tables the upper, face-down. half.

half (the Aces and one indifferent card Your left thumb pushes off the five cards on the face of the lower n fhem QVer _ youll be at ^e back). To do this, just spread the cards a little with your thumb > ^ watching (hat closely, ^our able to clearly see and count the proper number, but the spectators « ^ ^^ fo push the cardi>

"9ht hand takes the packet at the center of its right long side, enaot g . ^are. Hip the face-up cards in your left hand face down.

. - if, everything out of your left hand

■*>P the face-up Ace packet on top of the cards in your^ up and place it back into your left ahnd ^op i, on top of the tabled half of the deck. Pick the whole

J0Ur rtflht hand lifts off the face-up five-card packet in Biddle n ly five cards because of the natural break beneath them. ^^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^

P<*» «he Aces onto the deck one at a time with your left thumb, flipp«« ^

„ , AI the end you will be left holding a double card in your right hand. wh,h remaining In your right hand At the end yo ^ ^ Ace M yf)U ,urn „ over H

nipped race down onto the deck, (.an

,, ..r rarHs onto the table in a horizontal row from left to right, and ret*»,,, immediately deal the top ^J**™ The facc.d0wn card at the extreme left Is an indifferent i ^ suits you ve |ust Spoken In rt • one of the Aces remains on top of the deck.

we«« m the ton.'' The next sequence is repeated four times n«**.

Say. "IH show you how • ^^^ f0 |he t0p j)rop (he deck on the tabled card at the r

" dca,m°posmon Tht "rs'stiec,,on k n<™ - •»«£

deck, with an Ace directly beneath It.

sav Notice that I will not yo anywhere near the bottom card I II churn up the top of the deck" Bro Hamman next does his RoUIng Control as a flourish revelation. During this you will say. The cream rises ro 'he fop Your left thumb pushes over about a quarter of the deck, and your right hand nips it over squared, back onto the cards in your left hand as you say. The cream..,.

Spread over all the face-up cards and the two uppermost face-down cards. Your right hand takes all of them, squared, and flips them over onto the cards in your left hand as you continue, "...rises "

Spread over the two face-up cards, and the two face-down cards directly beneath them. Your nght hair! flips all four cards, squared, over onto the cards in your left hand as you say. " the top." An Ace will t* seen face up on top of the deck.

Do a Double Turnover, flipping the double card face down and immediately deal off the top card Bro John does this with no getready as described at the beginning of the book. Table the dealt face-down card*: the right end of the row. It is, of course, the fourth selection.

Double Cut two cards from bottom to top, drop the deck on the face-down card second from the right and repeat the "cream rises to the top" series of rolling cuts to reveal a second Ace. Flip the double card face down and deal the top card back to the position second from the right.

Repeat the actions described in the preceding paragraph twice more. The first time, after Double Cutting two cards from bottom to top. the deck is dropped on the tabled card second from the left. The second time after the Double Cut. the deck is dropped on the card at the left end of the row. By the time everythwfl completed, there will be four face-down cards back on the table. The audience believes these to be theAce* when they are actually the selections In order from left to right.

Jiy /7 "TV f0Und y°Ur CUrdS yel- so lets churn UP the decfe some more. " Start spreading through the

^m ouTJrn1'J>U!L09ging ,hC SeC°nd' ,hlrd" iif,h- ninth cards. Once that's done, sir*

them out and place them on the bottom. This brings the four Aces back to the top iJoTaZZh'Ze tTnS T ^ iaCC ,h<* deck as you say. "The cream..." Spread ov£

face-upwards and the four far** " °m° ,hc' deck «>minue. '...rises " Spread overall left «himb moves beneath ^ direC,ly benea,h ^"g all of them with your right hand right hand Z flip th?wh J: 2? f T ^ ^ u<> them beneath the cards in ^

'P the whole thing face down into your left hand as you say. the top."

---- - ' f v » »X« w f m 0 mm ^ » - - ' f middle onfh V? ,he SUrpriSC °< 'he spectators, the four Aces face uP

card a, 1 he left end oMhe Tow ta ' ^ in *ht" ^ and ** him the name of his card- Turn over £ lesson in dairy products. h'S selecdon Repeat with the other three spectators to end the axes and the jaxes

One of Bro. John's current favorites is this routine, which grew out of his continued experimentation with his well-known trick The Underground Transposition." The original method for that will be detailed next

What follows is how Bro. John produces both the Jacks and Aces before proceeding, and also a revamped version of the transposition itself.

Set up by secretly culling the Aces and Jacks to the top of the deck (Aces on top of Jacks) The patter is based on the fact that many people mispronounce the word "ask" as "aks." by pronouncing the "k" before the "s." (They may also say "ec-scape" instead of "escape" and "ec-cetera" instead of "etcetera.") For convenience. "Aces" and "Jacks" will be written "Axes" and "Jaxes" so you know how to mispronounce them for the patter.

False shuffle and say. "This is a story about the most skillful guy I ever saw. He was really good He was from up north and talked a little funny. I went into a saloon up there one day and he was whipping the cards around and he said to me. Okay buddy, what do you want me to cut? I said. Don 't aks me! He said. Oh. you want the Axes — just watch this.

The Aces are produced one at a time, in three steps, using Bro. John s Rolling Control. Step One Place the deck into dealing position in your left hand. Move your left thumb to the center of the left long side and shove about a third of the cards to the right. They should spread somewhat as they move. Your right hand grasps their right long sides just long enough to tip them over, face up. back onto the deck. (They square as they turn over.)

Step Two. Your left thumb shoves over all the face-up cards plus a third of the face-down cards as well. Your right hand tips all of these over, back onto the cards in your left hand.

Srep Three. Begin the same action again, your left thumb spreading over all the uppermost face-down card (fig.l). Your right hand flips all of them over so £

thumb, which simply does not get out of the way as usual (fig.2). An Ace will be face P «p ot the packet. Your right hand lifts the packet resting on your left thumb and drops it on the table. Pick on the Ac, and drop it forward of the packet.

Repeat the same three-step process of cutting and Aces, one at a time. After each production, your ri^ hand hfts the pa ku r« J ^ ^ dropped Places tt onto the portion of the deck already on the t^I^ Then^e Ace i p ^ ^^ ^ ^

onto the other Aces. At the end. after the production of the fourth Ace asmau p^ left hand. The Jacks are on top of this packet, which you drop on top ot the ma,orit> of the

, vmi \rc sneaking as the strange person met by the narrator and so Vou good% huh buddy?" ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

- ^ , m{mtu. , iwiUu didn't osk for the Aces. You sold "Where do you wont mv ,0

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