v pinochle trick

t r^V^s arc show, - « «his flame. and obtain three ,ac,s or me spectator that some people have beer » ( js shovvn t0 conta,n these cards You continue by anil bu, one Queen of Spades^elr h^fl^ »^ fQur Quccns 0i Spades and the packet Is ,hown explaining «hat an even ^ore devious cr ^ you wouI(, simply "Meld my hundred Aces" and th, ,o contain just that. Finally, you explain

mm„„,„n ,„,„ mc mysteries of The Gemini Count, the only olher slel()hl used ,„

this routine Is The nushtrallon u,unr . - . Blanm„(ls. Ace of Diamonds, and Ace at Clubs w.. *,r red Ace Jack. Queen: Hold .he cards in face-down dealing position In your left hand and you re ready to begin.

Say. "Have you ever played Double Pinochle? It's a very weird German game in which you meld cards In other words you get certain points for particular cards and meld them together." Begin The Gemini Count, timing the patter so that each card appears just as it's named. Feel free to do the count very slowly, pausing on the show of each card. In this instance you are showing two Identical pairs of cards, exactly what the spectator is told he will see. Say. "A Jack of Diamonds and a Queen of Spades that's worth forty points in melding. (The first two cards have been shown and dealt to the table.) If you're lucky you can get a second lack of Diamonds and a second Queen of Spades (the third and fourth cards are shown and dealt to the table), and then you've got what we call Double Pinochle, which is worth three hundred points "

Pick up the packet and grasp it in Biddle Grip with your right hand. Reverse count the cards by peeling them off the top of the packet and onto your left hand one at a time as you say. "Iiut remember now. check these fellows out because some people cheat." Do a Block Pushoff and turn over the uppermost three cards nlZJ! ?flDthCm baCk °nU) 'hc single card raining in your left hand. Say. "Here is the lack of heZtrd t hi Bl0C" Push0fi 10 fl,p triP,e ™rd 'ace down onto the packet. Immediately deal card face down and deal the t^ first S^Ton * ^

SpaL"^^ ^ by W,th th™ l^ks of Diamonds, and only one Queen of and deal it onto the cards on the table 1" ml0n ,0 show a ,hird >ack Immediately flip it face down Queen, then turn it face down and tab^lt witlT.he ot^sremainln0 in your Ieft hand 38 >'ou men,lon

Say. "That's cheating " pjCk up th cards onto your left hand one a, a time re've^ ^^ ,f in B,dd'< Grip in your right hand, peel the SpaZsr.°nt' °U<*n °t Sp-fes ZtwoZ " ^ N°W' do Flush,ration Count and say

Brother Count ^ Sfal ZjtT"" Spadt*' bUt " '0Uf <>utm °

Brother Hamman s Final Twist." will show fo^,'et?n "escrlbed a"d ^own in ..lustra,.ons 5 and 6 of vuci. ns of SnaHoo

Say. if someone were to catch cheating. / would ¡us, me

The the were to catch me cheating -

Gemini Count to'shlT^' hundri'(l Aces," Aft T\°J T™ ' dont cheat ~ '>"' "someone caught P'le of face-down™ ^ A-s the card* are beln di T "n,8hed ,ht' P^eding sentence, begin dS dnd dr°P " onto the deck to end " ^ ^ "Th(" " <">" 0™* 1>,Ck "P Tht' Count h.s ,

-V Tighten yT^J^T book. then the final count In this 98 S arc Ofoundles« for a number of rca*>«» U«*

cover the conventional one first: the appearance of the first two Aces is such a shock that the details of the third and fourth cards shown (the same two Aces) fly by unnoticed. This is particularly true in this case since the rhythm of the count speeds up as the third and fourth cards are displayed. The spectator s jaw has descended the amount required to prevent all the circuits of his brain from functioning, and the specific identity of the two final cards are not perceived further than that they are just "Aces "

More interestingly. Bro. Hamman does not overstate his case. As usual, he says less and lets the spectator's brain, in the throes of great amazement, function as best it will. He does not name the Aces by suit. He does not even say "four Aces '! The patter line "meld my hundred Aces" is pleasantly ambiguous, serves the purpose of saying the requisite word "Aces" at the vital moment, but explains little else. The spectator is left to deal with what he sees entirely on his own.

What this means is that some spectators will see four different Aces, the so-called "four" Aces which they expect to see after the first two are shown, and other spectators will see two pairs of Aces. i.e.. two Aces of Diamonds and two Aces "of Clubs. Either image provides an amply shocking ending.

Assuming you've assimilated both "The Twins" and "The Pinochle Trick." you are ready for a jump forward in concept regarding The Gemini Count. In this mystery. for that's certainly what it is. a small packet of cards magically metamorphosizes itself when added to each of three selections. Just what happens is somewhat ambiguous, and not easily explainable on paper, because each spectator gets a slightly different impression. Some will think that the three magic cards turn into the mates of the selection, and assume they're seeing four of a kind. Others will think that they're seeing two duplicate pairs, one of which is the selection and the other a mate. And there will even be those who think that they see both of these situations at different times during the trick. You will understand instantly upon reading further. This routine, with a somewhat different handling of the force, first appeared in Richard's Almanac. issue 14.

You need three cards with red backs, assume these are the King of Spades. Four of Hearts, and Ace of Clubs. Place this packet, in the order given (from the top down), into your left breast pocket back outward. You can now perform this routine at any time by secretly culling three cards to the top of the blue-backed deck with which you are performing. They are. in this order from the top down. Ace of Diamonds. Four of Spades. King of Diamonds.

Begin by false shuffling the deck so the three setup cards remain on top. Extend your left hand, the deck resting on its palm, toward a spectator. The first thing you will do is force the three cards currently on top of the deck. No difficult maneuver is used. Ask the spectator to cut off about half the deck and flip it face up. placing it back onto the cards still in your hand afterward. Immediately turn your hand over and lower it to the table - this automatically rolls the deck. Without pausing, do a wide ribbon spread from left to right.

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