• -ardi. Card C. Two of Diamonds side upward. The pinholed end of Cards B and A are inward while the pinnoled end of Cards D and C are outward (fig.2).

Square rhe packet and hold it face down in your left hand so the pinholed ends of the top two cards are

°utward. , BTi s |T° periorm' say. "This is a lirrle two-card trick. We have two cards here and both of them are red Jacks ^Pread over the top card with your left thumb. It will actualJy be a double card due to the roughing fluid lhJUr n0hl ^nd grasps the outer right corners of both cards and pulls them forward. Your left hand regnps T inner Ieft corner of the lowermost double card, while your right hand takes the upper double card. T It both double cards toward the audience (fig.5). Your fingers cover the indices of the black Jacks

Jn Doth cards.

>0Ur ,eit hand back to its original position. Your right hand, however, turns palm down and slips its c card beneath the cards in your left hand (fig.4).

co^r ^ Turn Vour right hand palm down and grasp the inner «d o, the hUmb beneath and fingers above Lift the cards out of your tum you g

<b"<nb -d fibers in opposite ^^^^^^^ redlacks gnin9 Huid. the cards will remain paired Turn your hand over a few tunes P

y°Ur "0ht hand * P^ "P Bend your right ^ .nwar^a. .hewret ^^ it is tUrned toward you as you place them into your left hand mediately squared.

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