Final aces

When Bro. Hamman was age twenty-five he was stricken with polio. He spent many months laying in a hospital bed. almost completely paralyzed. Though he had already been interested in magic for years, it was not untU he was unable to move that he began to create card tricks. The first of these was Final Aces." which he devised completely in his mind — he was not able to move his arms at the time (he still suffers from partial paralysis in one arm). For most, busy fingers are a liability when it comes to creating magic The mind often stops prematurely because the fingers are too eager to move. Bro. John was forced to formulate a way of thinking about card magic that put intellectual activity first. This manner of creation, of dreaming some new thing up and figuring it out completely in the mind, has stayed with Bro. Hamman. It is his way.

Though he devised the trick in 1952. he didn't perform it for anyone until 1954. Then. Gene DeVoe put it on the market in 1956. Not since Hofzinser's subtle uses of double-ended cards had anyone utilized these potentially miraculous "aid" cards in such an ingenious fashion. For those all too familiar with the many versions of the so-called "McDonald Aces" (actually one of Hofzinser's creations, as well). Final Aces" proved a new and potent routine with which to devastate fellow magicians as well as laymen.

The plot is the classic "Ace Assembly" with Vernon's T-Formation added. The four Aces are dealt to the table and three indifferent cards are placed on top of each. The Aces collect in one pile, leaving tour indifferent cards in each of the others. This is repeated three times. What makes Bro^ H^man s vers.on of this old-timer so thrilling is that there are no false moves and nothing to suggest subterfuge or sle gh of hand. Every other routine has some sort of fiddling, rearranging, maneuvering - somethmg that sullies it.

The handling that follows differs in two respects from e Ph^es instead of four (it's never wise to overplay your hand - Secon^ when ^ its

*ross this continent in a wave which has yet to subside alter thirty >ears. Bro. jon value and substituted it for a less graceful sleight already in the routine.

You need sixteen cards. Ten are ordinary spot cards, while the otherI. Three of them regular spot cards is the Ace of Spades. The exact gunmicked caras f card of the same suit at consist of Aces (Hearts. Clubs, and Diamonds) with the index: f om an ^ ^ (Hearts. club,. 0r one end. The other three are indifferent cards with an Ace while the latter will be gim-j^amonds) at one end. The former cards shall be known as gunmicked A

m'cked spot cards."

r where the Ace index is located.

* „, each „, the six picked cards has a pencU do, in the corn ^ ^^ ^ ^

„*« ■» packet, in this order from race to rear: Ace otSp^s- ^^ Diam0„d spot card (Ac end ,lam (indilfetent indexes toward you), three regular spot cards. .1 ^

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